Saturday, September 25, 2004

Whooo!!!!!!!!!! Finally did this! G-MAX Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay.

The best part??! It wasn't even planned. Just a spur-of-the-moment decision. Now, that's what makes most plans work...Hmmmm...
My collegue was pretty reluctant but we drag her along anyway. We believe it to be a once-a-lifetime thingy (after all, it will only feel different/less challenging the next time round).
I wore a long skirt. Shucks. Was pretty worried about that while waiting for my turn. But then, the lady before me wore a Marilyn Monroe-style dress and she did ok. The safety belt kinda' go in between the legs...
People got the jitters when waiting for their turn. My collegue's mate(who wore a tudung) and myself, we were more worried bout how we will appear. After all, there's a camera attached. Gotta look ok, baby. Image...Image!
The whole thing was ok, I guess. The only G-Force (the thing that ppl fear) was felt only at the split-second when we were at the first (and highest) jump and we start going down....Whoo! After that it start to boink up and down..Oh, did I mention that it rotates too? That's what makes it soo cool.
What's not cool is that there's suddenly a large crowd below. Why? Here's what I assume.
1) We are an all girl team. Malays, even.
2) There's someone who wears a tudung. Ppl always assume tudung-wearing girls to be pretty conservative. So they're curious.
3)This may be during the jump itself..Cos' we screamed the LOUDEST!!! AAArgh!!!

Heh..Just for fun. It cool! Gotta try, guys!

Good tip: It's best if there's a student amongst you(who has a student pass). Discounted from $30 to $25 and the vcd, $10 instead of $15.

This is an early birthday treat for myself. Last few days as a 21-year old. *sob...*sob...Uwahhh!

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