Monday, January 25, 2010

spontaneous brekkie

In my eagerness to do some serious shopping at This Fashion Post Centre (which to me, is the largest outlet), I end up getting there too early. 1/2 an hour, to be exact.

So I made my way to the only place which I deem to be cool enough to hang out - alone. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) on the ground level.

Hot Double Chocolate (Regular)

I thought of ordering the Ultimate Ice Blended and cake. Suddenly cake doesn't seem too appropriate to have so early in the morning and I also remind myself that I'm still breastfeeding so I settled for double shots of cappuccino. The cashier apologetically pointed to the coffee bean dispenser and told me that it's out of order - can you believe it?!

So I settled for the Hot Double Chocolate. I glanced at the menu and saw they they're still serving breakfast. Thinking of a blog entry that I read recently, I hastily ordered the Egg Benedict. It did cross my mind that the price was pretty steep, amongst the other available dishes on the menu. $7.50, if I'm not wrong.

The CBTL outlet was sparsely filled with little groups of people having business meetings. Looking, behaving and feeling like a lost tai-tai, I felt a little out-of-place so I seek refuge at the table right behind a teenage boy working on his laptop.

Egg Benedict

Ever since I saw of the video of that cute chef preparing Egg Benedict on ieat's blog, I got tempted to have a plate of it.

I remember the first time I had it, it was at CBTL Holland Village, eons ago during the school years. My mates and I, we made our way there early morning, during lesson time. We simply took our attendance and left, only to come back in time for the next attendance taking, in the late afternoon, right before going back.

One of my mates worked part-time at CBTL and had been so fascinated by this that he got us to try it too. I have to admit that right then, it had been my most expensive breakfast ever.

But I can never forget that first taste. The soft poached egg with its runny yolk and the rich hollandaise sauce had been so delightful on my young tastebuds. I was pretty disappointed (I still am!) that the portion had been kinda small.

A quickie brekkie - Egg Benedict & Double Chocolate

That regular-sized glass of Double Chocolate seemed a tad big so the drink turns out to be pretty filling on its own. I'm honestly surprised to see that it set me back all of $2.50 only.

As soon as I down the last of my double chocolate drink, the clock struck 11 and I made my way down to the This Fashion outlet below.

I can't disclose the damage done to my wallet. All I can say is that it's enough to prompt the cashier to ask me why I bought so much. "It's our (Chinese) New Year, yet you're the one doing the major shopping."

I meant to say that I'm revamping my wardrobe (which is the truth) but I end up replying her with just one word, "Bonus." Well, that's part of the truth, anyway. Oh, geez!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

of circumcision & kacang phool

So the baby had his circumcision just now.

The 5 minutes that it took sure wasn't worth the anxiety that the daddy went through. At least I come prepared, considering I managed to go online the day before and read another mother's account of her experience when she sent her infant son for his circumcision at the same clinic. Heh.

The baby before us had his nervous parents seated right outside the room (parents not allowed inside) and the child's shrill cry was very much audible to us seated outside. I was pretty worried for my boy cos' right at that point, it was his feeding time and I only just started feeding him when I was stopped by the nurse (makes a lotta' sense, since there's a chance that he might just pee on the doctor during the procedure).

I was more worried about him crying because he's hungry. Not really because of the pain. I have that much belief that my son takes after me - with regards to his threshold for pain.

Truth to be told, till then, I have NO freaking idea about circumcision. Only when I see my own son's little weewee, do I know what the term 'garlic' and 'mushroom' is about.

Anyway, the clinic was located at Eunos Crescent, very close to the hawker/food center that sells this pretty good plate of 'Kacang Phool' (Ful Medames). Given that there's a Malay name for this dish, it is of course, very much localised.

The mashed spiced fava beans was supposedly cooked with ghee instead of olive oil and topped with red onions, green chilli, a squeeze of calamansi juice and half-cooked sunny-side up egg. Oh, to have the runny egg yolk flowing all over the whole dish and lapping it all up with lightly toasted baguette....

Just a look at the picture below, of someone's home-cooked plate of Kacang Phool.

Honestly speaking, I have not eaten this for close to 10 months. Apparently, I was forbidden from eating this by the nurses at the polyclinic, for fear of the baby getting jaundice at birth. I wish I could brush that off as some old wives' tale but it was even listed in a medical pamphlet (of things that are prohibited during pregnancy) that they gave me!

Anyway, my mum-in-law also ordered a plate but being the small-eater that she is, she naturally still had half her portion uneaten and she asked that I help her finish it up.

"You need to satisfy your craving don't you?" Oh, the things she say just so I'll help her...

So I had 1 1/2 plates of Kacang Phool with 3 huge slices of baguette just now. Needless to say, I'm very much satisfied... *burp!*

Friday, January 22, 2010

home foods

Guess I got nothing better to do... Naturally I took these pics when the mum-in-law (MIL) was out of sight, or she'll be out to tease me again.

Anyway I noticed that they've been having the pot on the stove a little longer than usual so I took a peek and saw that oxtail soup is in the works. Yumz!

Oxtail Soup

Why settle for the smaller end of the tail when you can get the big, fat ones?

Ahh.. it's meals like these that make me NOT miss those served at restaurants. Especially when they've slackened on the quality and portions (yes, I'm referring to a certain eating place here)..

This go well with sweet soy-sauce infused with onions, chili padi and a squeeze of lime (sambal kicap)...

Sambal Balado

The pride of the Minang folks, this is often available at home. My MIL may be Javanese but since my dad is Minang, she have to learn to prepare this, as taught by her own MIL.

MIL did mention that I should learn to prepare this too but I guess I don't see that happening anytime soon...

Onions/shallots, garlic, red chillies (even chili padi) and tomato - coarsely grounded and fried... You can opt to make the green chilli version too.

This sauce can be used to easily whip up any dish, when its fried with thinly sliced meat (dengdeng), prawns, chicken, fish and veggies (long beans and brinjal).

Hmm... I think I REALLY should learn to prepare this.. So useful!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my first meals out

...when on my own, that is.

Why isn't it a surprised that they're both from fast-food joints?

**both pics courtesy of the iPhone

McD's Prosperity Burger meal - taken with 'Hipstamatic' application
(photos look like they're taken w/ the ol' skool plastic toy cams)

I saw the ad on the newspaper and have been dying to know when I'll be able to get my hands on these.

Year after year, I've never failed to feast on this Prosperity meal come CNY period. Maybe it's the black pepper sauce, maybe it's the twister fries (which still can NEVER replace A&W's curly fries). Or maybe it's the raw onions on the patty. I dunno what drew me to these but I enjoy them - A LOT!

Given that I'm under confinement, I shouldn't be able to go out on my own till the 28th. However, I got somewhat sneaky and took the chance to make way to White Sands, with the excuse that I need to buy the baby bottle detergent, which ran out.

My mum-in-law not only allowed, she even ask me to run errands for her at NTUC supermarket.. Coolness!

The only difference when I made my order this time, was that I requested for mineral water, NOT cold (I'm still breastfeeding).

Cheesy Bacon Spicy Tendercrisp
- comparing the real burger and the promo pic

Ever since I saw the ad for this one, I've been salivating. Burger King's promo burgers are my definite weakness, don't ask me why.

What more this one here has ALL my favourite things coming together to become a burger.

Corn-dusted buns - check
Greens & tomato - check
Cheese - check
Crispy turkey bacon - check
Spicy Tendercrisp patty - check

How can I not insist on getting this, tell me?!

BK's Spicy Tendercrisp may not be a match for KFC's Zinger patty but imho, it's definitely better than McD's McSpicy patty. Despite the fact that it can get a lil' greasy sometimes...

This burger, to me, is worth going back for. Wonder when this promo will end...

And yes, I got a bottle of mineral water with this one too. Uhuh, it's NOT cold.

In case you're wondering why am I being so sneaky when eating these.. Well, my hubby kinda restrict me from eating these calorie-laden foods, to encourage me to get back into shape.

And the fact that I ate all these when there's a proper meal at home.. well.. it kinda' add on to the guilt, you know??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hospital food!

Oh yeah... As I've promised before.. Hospital food! Exciting, isn't it? :P

Anyway, I checked into a private hospital to deliver my baby and honestly speaking, at the back of my mind, I'm very much aware that the food in private hospitals are supposedly wayyyy better than...well... *ahem* government ones.

It's already a good sign when they show signs of being generous with hot Milo, that choco-malt drink.

And when I receive their menu, I was flabbergasted. Holy smokes! They've got Western, Chinese and Malay cuisine! But I was apprehensive as to whether their Chinese & Western offering are halal.

The nurse eventually assured me that the food are halal so I did not think twice about ticking the Western set for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

The Muslim food offering is decent, with the likes of Assam Pedas, Rendang etc. Thing is, those are the kind of food I ate everyday at home. Needless to say, I want something different.

The Chinese food, well... They seemed.. boring. Almost bland.

Breakfast - Apple juice, hash brown, chicken patty & wholemeal bread.

Fried hash brown for hospital food? That sure is a good sign!

Breakfast - Half-boiled egg & Milo

If only they gave 2 eggs instead of 1....

Lunch - Creamy veggie soup

I honestly think that the name sounds disgusting... But it turn out to be pretty decent. If only there are mushrooms in that..

Lunch - Chicken stew w/ boiled veggies & rice

This was pretty decent. There was more of the stew than rice so I can't help lavishing it. And me LOVE boiled carrots and broccoli.

Dinner - some tomato/veggie soup

Now, this tasted very much like a diluted minestone.

Dinner - Fried seafood platter w/ french fries

Oh yeah, this is hospital food alright. DEEP-FRIED food with french fries even.

IF ONLY they were served hot and (still) crispy. These were pretty cold and soggy by the time they were served.. Just too bad.

Anyway, that mini-baguette in the background, taste a whole lot like it came from Delifrance. Considering that they have an outlet downstairs.... I won't be surprised.

And that chickpea/kidney bean salad in the background totally rocks!

Anyway.. by the next day, I was kinda tired of Western food.

They gave me the menu but since I was already to be discharged, I just chose what I want for breakfast - sunny-side up & sausage.

I don't think I'll get to eat lunch so I don't bother ticking my choice. However, I was eyeing the Chinese set. I can't remember what was being offered but I was pretty intrigued.

Little did I know that the bill will come late and the nurses took pity on me and served me lunch anyway. Seeing that I seemed to be fond of the Western meals, they naturally gave me that by default.

But it was pretty disgusting, that one. A roll of steam/boiled whitefish (cod, maybe?) that tasted soooo bland that the juice from the given lemon wedge and a whole pack of pepper failed to uplift the flavour.

However, I appreciate the gesture, for I was really hungry by then.

So there, hospital food for you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


guess what, my new card reader's been acting up so I cant get my photos uploaded from the SD card.


sooo many many photos! what if I forget their details???

nooo that doesn't include that of the baby.. JUST FOOD, ok?

Talk about food, I'm supposedly avoiding spicy foods and cold drinks.. boo hoo! Well, it's for the baby... guess 'll just bear with it for a while.

Ok, that's all....

Oh yeah.. pssstt..!!

I'm still in confinement but the peeps here are pretty cool above me moving around on my own so I think I'm gonna get me hands on McD's Prosperity burger tomorrow. The real reason I'm out is to get the baby bottle detergent, actually but since I'm out, might as well take the chance, right??

Friday, January 08, 2010


I looked through my camera and saw a lot of food photos yet to be uploaded...

Especially the ones taken in the hospital!

Hospital food... How exciting!

Coming soon.. (dunno when) but definitely coming!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

day 15 or 16???

Such is the dilemma when the child is born soooo close to midnight. 14 mins shy, to be exact.

Oh.. guess I forgot something...

I'm now a mother!!! hurrah!

17th December 2009 @ 2346hrs, my son, Hadi Sufi Bin Hirman, was born, after more than 7hrs of labour.

Not to worry, I'm not gonna delve into my birthing story here so guys don't need to shy away. All I can say is.. yeah.. through VAGINAL birth.

Anyway, that night also coincide with the New Year of the Islamic Hijrah calendar, 1 Muharram 1431.

Need to add something here. Do you know that the last time I ever held an infant was soooo long ago that I can't recall exactly when. Maybe it was my cousin's kid and that girl is now a teenager.

I don't know why I've always shied away from holding an infant. My parents used to tease me, whenever we visit someone who's just had a newborn, by (almost) forcing me to hold one. The most embarrassing moment must be the time when I just got married and was paying my uncle a visit and my hubby took to the newborn girl that my aunt was babysitting.

The best part was that she peed so much it trickled out, down my hubby's arms. I just watched and giggled, and it did not even cross my mind to take the infant from him while he get cleaned up. Because, well - I don't carry infants, remember?

Needless to say, I somewhat got reprimanded by the hubby after that.

Guess it's safe to say that my own son is the first infant I've held in the longest time. I admit that it had been awkward initially, especially in the hospital when they wheeled the baby in before visiting hours and I'm left to handle the kid on my own.

But all's well now. I can even hold him in one hand and make formula in the other!

Such is the beauty of motherhood. Maternal instincts rock big-time!

I salute all the mothers who do total breastfeeding. Cos' my baby can breastfeed for almost 2 hours and still want more. He sure is a guzzler. My hungry monster.

Ok.. baby crying. Gotta go!