Saturday, August 30, 2008

quirky quotes

quirky/queer quotes

Ok, all these are 'quotable' quotes that I either overheard, partake in or ... well, either way, I find them pretty light-heartening... Provided you get the drift.

I have to warn any homophobic to deter from reading this for this entry is more about those flying the rainbow flag i.e. queer.

Ok, NOT all the quotes are quuer. Maybe some.

Quoted from an exasperated girl:

"Well, hello..! It's not as bad as being in a cab, sitting in between two guys RAVING about Sex and The City The Movie...!

Oh, and they then proceed to discuss the series. All SIX seasons of them!"


Guy 1: We conclude that most gays could be civil servants because the (gay) clubs would usually be empty at month-end and packed during mid-month.

Guy 2: And the poor SDU had been working their ass off to get these people to hook up and make babies..

Guy 1: *chuckles* ... And they eventually blame all the women.


Overheard at Terminal 3 one night, at the viewing mall- looking at the passengers loitering in the transit area.

"It seems like 'M' Travel** is making some good money. Maybe they have a promotion or something.

Saw quite a number of (queer) couples. Prolly traveling together."

**This travel agency is pretty known to cater to the queer folks.


Vivo City on Friday nite:

Girl: Oh lookie..! That guy in green!

Guy 1: Oh yeah. We saw that one just now. Today there's quite a number of nice guys.

Guy 2: We saw quite a lot before you arrived.

Girl: What??! Not fair! And you never tell me!

Guy 1: Come here on Sun nite. You'll hyperventilate.

Friday, August 29, 2008

THE birthday

his birthday

You won't believe it but for my other-half's (MOH) birthday, I took leave to drive us to JB to go SHOPPING.

Just one of those things in my 'detest-list'.

Such is the sacrifice I made.

I played safe and drove straight to Jusco-Tebrau and remained there.

I insist that the meal this time shall be covered by me, seeing that it's his special day and should be spared from forking out for lunch.

Knowing his penchant for steaks, I got him just that.

Anyway, I realised that he's just another guy who can get my 'motorised' shopping mood up and running. Him and my brother, both.

Cos' he caused me to splurge on East India Company, of all brands.

Both of us, we spent more than RM600 in that boutique alone. With him hoarding most of the loot, naturally.

The 2 tops I bought already set me back RM250.

But oh, gorgeous tops they were. One was what he chose for me and I loved it. And it comes with 10% discount!

The other was something that I held back from purchasing because of the price tag. But it was in my fave colour, my fave design and my fave fabric. How can I resist?!

And when I asked for a new piece, they remarked that there was none cos' what I tried was the NEWEST there is for it was the stock for the latest season which they just unpacked and hung and I purchased it soon after.

And believe me, we love the clothes there so much that MOH even tried to plan buying over it. I told him that I''ll gladly marry him this year even if he do just that.

Know another reason why I love Jusco-Tebrau...? It's the bakeries. I love, love, love all the confectioneries there! The floss buns, the choc-almosd crossaints, the ganache bun and the daily specials from Bread Talk. And the pizza buns from Lavender. There's also Dunkin Donuts.

Like my bro, I adored the cooked food section and the frozen pizzas sold at Jusco, too.

Anyway, MOH can't find the shoes he wanted there so I brought him over to OG Bencoolen, where we've spotted the shoes previously (and incurred $2 worth of ERP charges, darn!).

Not before dropping buy his place to greet his mum. It's only right to show our appreciation for the very person who gave birth to our future husband on his birthday, rite?

That and to pass some cakes and buns and other goodies for his nieces & nephew. Just to pass on the joyous mood since their shy uncle refused a celebration.

Anyway, guess what? Despite finding the shoes that he wanted, he decided on a pair of Dr Martens instead. Which he had never EVEN thought of buying previously. Aaargh! So fickle, right?!

Had I known this, I wouldn't have roamed through the whole of Aeon-Tebrau, looking for his shoes!

Luckily it's his birthday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

midnight cycle

midnight cycling
(yet another thing to note as: 'things i've done before I die')

Ok, how do I get about starting this...?

Organised by the gym where I'm a member. Apparently this is an annual event and this is already their 3x doing this.

I pulled in these 2 for company.

Sue & her niece, Fiqah

Waiting for others to arrive at Pasir Ris Park.

Fri 2300hrs to Sat 0630hrs
Pasir Ris Park - Mt. Faber - Pasir Ris Park


Check out the map HERE (thanks ya, Kak Mai!).

Tell me if that isn't almost 30km (1-way). And yes, nearly 60km for that loop (egad!).

That distance for novice (long-distance) cyclists...? I swear I didn't know what I put myself into.

The route:

Pasir Ris - Tampines - Bedok Town Park - Bedok Reservoir - Kembangan - Siglap - East Coast Park - (approx. 20mins break) - Fort Road - Nicoll Highway- (5mins break) - Padang - Raffles Place (5mins. break) -Chinatown- (lost) - Kg. Bahru - Mt. Faber (approx. 20mins break)

Mt. Faber - Kg. Bahru - Keppel Road - (lost) - Shenton Way - Esplanade - (5mins break) - Nicoll Highway - Fort Road - ECP - (10mins break) - (secret route) - Siglap (end) ** (Xilin Ave for the front batch) **

The 1st leg had us riding through the park connectors (PC). Which I think to be a fairly bad incredulous idea.

The whole time on the PC, I was grumbling under my breath cos' I know of a far easier and shorter route which could have easily shaved off more than an hour's worth of time and energy that could have been conserved. Not to mention, cut off at least 5km from the (soon to be) arduous journey.

I'm aware though, that the ride through the PCs was meant to be a 'warm-up' before we hit the roads after ECP. But seriously, the roads we really no big deal.

Eventful things to note:

- The leader made a wrong turn at Bedok Reservoir PC, that saw us back at the same point after 10mins of cycling and carrying our bikes down the stairs.

- Pushing bikes up and down overhead bridges (hellholes!).

- Any part of the journey on uneven pavements (other hellholes!).

- Other cyclists in front who panicked upon seeing any inclines and braked instead of speeding up. Do you know how tiring it is to accelerate on any inclines..?!

- Separated by the traffic lights and got left behind. Pfft!

- The long and seemingly un-ending stretch, that is East Coast Park.

- Riding up Merdeka Bridge on the concrete slabs instead of the road (super hellhole!).

Thought I couldn't make it, then. Half my energy sapped and seeped through the gaps between those slabs right then.

- Encountering drunks along Neil Road. Thankfully they're pretty harmless.

- Stuck at junction when light turns red and got separated from the 1st (faster) batch and losing view of them eventually, along Kg. Bahru Road.

Had to wait more than 10mins for the 1st of the following batch to come by before we can proceed (so many junctions, dunno which way!).

- Eventually getting down and pushing bike up Kg. Bahru flyover (another super hellhole!).

- Pushing the bike up Mount Faber (THE ultimate hellhole!).

- Encountering Merdeka Bridge again. But ride on the road this time. Road almost vehicle-less, thankfully.

- The final leg which made me really apprehensive (no, I'm not telling why).

Resting at bus stop along Kg. Bahru Rd, after we got lost.

I gave up on taking photos after I deem my hands too tired and shaky for nightmode.

Oh, but those are just the downers. There's always a silver lining at every cloud, right..?

- The joy of cycling through Memorial Park in the wee hours.

- Having a view of the city from Mount Faber at the quietest time of the night. Seeing the twinkling lights in the distance, it ease off part of my exhaustion somewhat.

- The thrill of whizzing down Mount Faber at breakneck speed.

- Cycling through the CORRIDORS of financial centres like DBS & SGX Towers and other prim and proper bldgs along Shenton Way, which brought to mind, scenes from those teenage movies. Like some crazed teens gone out-of-hand on bikes.

Should see the look on the security guards' faces. I even (gleefully) waved at them.

- Seeing the Esplanade shrouded in darkness, all quiet and peaceful.... sigh.

- Whizzing down Merdeka Bridge.

Cycling thru' the drizzle in the coldest part of morning. Dark, cold and wet. Maybe that's what London is like! :)

The aftermath..? Oh you know.

- That throbbing, painful sensation between the legs? -check
- That numbness at the butt which instantly morphed into this awful, jabbing pain when you sit? -check
- Palms sore and (almost) blistered because of hours of grabbing on the handle bars w/o gloves -check
- Pain at the knees? -check
- Backache? -check

- Having done something at the last leg of the journey which I know many out there weren't able to do. -check
- Forged a closer bond with other gym members. -check
- Attaining sense of achievement. -check
- Bragging rights. -check
- Toned thighs and butt! Oh yeah! -check
- The glory of being able to snuggle in and sleep through the cold, rainy day that is SATURDAY. -check

Resting outside the bike rental kiosk, while waiting for breakfast.

Glad that the ordeal is over.

Ouwh..! My butt! Now where's that cushion...?

Friday, August 22, 2008


bugis junction

Something tells me that title is so lame but I can't find anything more apt. Well, I did spend time at Bugis Junction yesterday...

First & foremost, I shall make it official here on this blog:

**Congratulations to Tini & Odi for the oncoming 2nd bundle of joy!**
(pops confetti)

Ok, yeah. Yesterday, I finally managed to meet up with the said friend, Tini. Oh wait, correction. Make that: Long-time friend.

The main reason for our meet-up being THIS:

Fries doused with Nacho Cheese - small-size (Tini's)

Fries doused with Nacho Cheese AND Wasabi-Mayo - regular-size (mine)

I thought I have landed in heaven with this kick-a** combi.

Yes, acquired taste, indeed. That sharp, tingling sensation that goes up from the tongue to the nasal passage and cause that little-little tingles on the hair roots, is the type of heady rush that I sought after.

Anything wasabi, I like! I always have a tube of it in the fridge. I've tried wasabi peas, wasabi potato chips, wasabi prawn crackers, wasabi seaweed, wasabi rice crackers... All except the ice-cream. No, not the ice-cream! Eugh!

Anyway.... hey, I initially tot' of dumping my fries with FIVE different sauces ok? Like what Tini have said, I'm just 'so saucy!'.

I love my sauces and it won't be long before I come back here to try out yet another 2 varieties.

Double Chocolate Crunch

I had wanted to get an éclair from Beard Papa and yet I got pretty intrigued by the queue that formed at Chewy Junior.

I was much taken in by the varieties that they offer. And check out the variety they had for chocolate alone. Oh, they're Halal, too.

I was bent on trying at least 3 flavours and as I moved on in the queue, I quietly reduce my option.... just ONE. Hmmph!

But it's a damn good choice at that! I like crispy/crunchy bits and I also like chocolate. So there!

The chocolate has this semi-sweet taste to it and the cream inside is light ala Beard Papa (which is next door btw).

But I was taken aback by the fact that the puff is chewy - literally. Ok, fine. I should know that the shop ain't called "CHEWY Junior" for nothing but I had quite a time adjusting to a crisp yet chewy puff instead of a crisp and soft one.

But it's nice! I saw a lady in front buying almost 2 dozen of in various flavours. Maybe she knows they're good, that's why.

Comes at $1.30 each. 6 @ $7.00 and a dozen @ $13.00. A warning: It's much smaller than the puffs from Beard Papa.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


ZingDo (yes, I know) - again..

Was nursing a sudden bout of cold so I thought that something piquant will do some good.

And my cousin Sue (yes, her again!) and I, we might be embarking on a 'secret party' and had been exchanging tentalising photos of various Korean dishes the whole day (no, it doesn't really distract me off work).

Naturally, I couldn't hold back any longer and pleaded for her to join me for dinner that night.

I voluntarily took the arduous train ride (I hate taking the MRT!) from Paya Lebar all the way to Jurong East. That really was some sacrifice!

I tell you, the combination of having a cold and mondays blues just dun gel well together. It makes me really famished. And the balmy weather after the rain fueled that anguish further.

Right from the office, we had been planning on what we'll be getting for ourselves and yet, over there, when holding the actual menu, we hemmed and hawed about what to order.

We ended up ordering the same thing. I REALLY shouldn't be surprised by now (read my previous entry to know why).

....Librans! pfft!


I can't believe that after my many visits here, this is the first time that I finally remembered to get the kimchi (on its own).

It was the first to arrive, and we took one morsel for a taste. Kimchi's not new to us but it's the 1st time we taste the one served here. One followed by another and very soon, we were having it like some sorta' appetiser.

When in fact, I meant to have it with the mushrooms and noodles.

Needless to say, I asked for another portion.

Deep-fried mushrooms (again!)

I never fail to order this with every time that I'm here.

Dip the mushrooms in the chilli sauce and bean-paste chilli sauce (kochujang) mix. Tastes even better when the watery residue at the bottom of the kimchi bowl was poured in.

Beef Kimchi Myon

I love the beef sold here. Most likely marinated with bulgogi sauce. So far, I've had the hot plate and bibimbap versions and I enjoyed them both.

This is the first time I had the myon (Korean for noodles). Previously, I've had the korean tang hoon.

The myon here is just like the ramen noodles, albeit it being thicker and more springy. Definitely more filling.

Stir-fried rice cakes (again!)

What? It's not me being greedy. Just that my cousin wanna try it.

I don't know if it's me, but the portion seem smaller this time.


They are pretty generous with the prawns (as always) . But that mussel you see above, was the lone one in the dish.

Whoever prepared this dish must have had the Monday blues, I assume. Pfft.

--- --- ---
So much for relying on the food here to be spicy enough to help alleviate my cold. The food here don't really trigger any fiery alarms at all!

I should just snort some wasabi up my nose.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken

My cousin Sue, she told me that she was craving for Korean food.

Naturally, first thought was Zingdo. Fresh Bulgogi will be out of our budget range, seeing the comments made about the pricing there to be a little on the pricey side.

That's when I realised that BBQ Chicken does fall under the 'Korean' food category, seeing their label as: "Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant".

I was eagerly anticipating the cushy sofa seats like the one I sat on at E-Hub! but was met with
only regular restaurant seating at the Cineleisure branch.

The niece and Sue (cut-off)

Sue brought along her niece. This girl, ah. Really small appetite, you know (she's in her teens)! Cannot bring her to buffets, seriously!

Golden chicken strips

On promotion. We just grabbed it. No harm trying out, right?

They drizzled some sweet-tasting sauce on top. If they stay true to their Korean taste, this could be made from, 'doen jang', the Korean soy bean paste.

Or it could have just been sweet mustard.

Teri-Q wings

No points for guessing that 'Teri-Q' is just another cool way of spelling, 'Teriyaki'. They accentuate the Korean flavour by adding 'doen jang' to the teriyaki sauce for the marinade.

Will be a hit with the kids, definitely.

Jerk BBQ chicken

Excerpt from their website: "High quality chicken whole leg cooked over charcoal fire with no additional oil used then spread with authentic Korean style barbeque sauce made of more than 20 flavorful natural seasonings and red pepper grain giving it a little tinge of spiciness."

It's reqlly nice! You can taste a slight hint of spiciness in this juicy piece of meat. I can't resist those charred bits!

Hot hot drums

When they say 'hot', it means 'spicy'. When they say, 'hot hot', it's REALLY spicy!

I'm the sort who eats chili padi on the side and I find this spicy! I can still feel the burning sensation in my belly hours after that.

The crisp outer layer, when it has totally absorbed the sauce... Whoa!

Hot hot sauce

Check out the sauce.

It's really red, no? I love it so much that I dip my fries in this, instead of the bottled sauce on the side.

--- --- ---
They played Tohoshinki's Japan concert tour dvd on the PROJECTION SCREEN in the restaurant.

I thought that I'm wayy over them but I guess wrong. Got so delirious that I got oft-distracted whenever my darling fave member came upfront to sing, or when my fave songs came on or when they got down to make groovy dance moves.

I had my head bobbing to the tunes, humming the rhythm and trying to focus on the food all at the same time. And there's the occasional head-turning to catch bits of their concert on screen.

Not to mention the excited yelps once in a while.

Post-dinner gelato

Not before working some of the dinner off, of course. By walking a fair bit.

Sue and I, we always have a knack for liking the same things. It was weird at first but I'm learning to get used to it, over time.

So, when I let her choose her gelato flavours first, I wasn't surprised when she got the combination that I tot' of having for myself.

Dark chocolate & Durian.

I got the Dark chocolate (I can't resist!) and Raspberry.

Should have gotten the Belgian Chocolate flavour to go with the sour Raspberry instead. The much richer taste would have matched better.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Devendra Banhart - Carmensita

Cheesemax! But I love it!

When I see Natalie (portman) & him together, I had wondered, "What the heck was she thinking??!"

Now, it's more like, "You go guys!"

Friday, August 15, 2008

office lunch

office lunch

Struggling to keep awake during the last 1/2 hour before my lunch at 1pm, I turned to my ever reliable saviour,


Well, have you even gone to that page? That's what I call, 'eye-opener'. Literally.

Having been greeted by that gorgeous sight of pictures captured with such passion that they are pieces of art themselves, can you still remain sleepy?

And seeing that that I'm alone (Sri, my colleague is on leave, others out for meeting) and super-bored (despite the amount of work stacking up), I decide to put myself on a mission.

Do what they did on tastespotting. With my LUNCH.

I just love giving myself challenges, sometimes.

So here's my lunch. A 3-course meal, ok?

Green salad.

I LOVE this. Reminds me a lot of the now-defunct side salad at MacDonalds.

Fish burger.

Ok, the burger I bought was the plain ol' crumbed fish patty with mayo and lettuce.

I jazz it up by heating a slice of cheese (from the office fridge) and pepper on the fish patty. Then drizzle the melted cheese with sauce and bits from the green salad.

I admit, food that looks good sure whets the appetite. I walloped this thing as soon as I'm done with the photo-taking.

And lastly, dessert.

Chocolate-cheese muffin.

Muffin - cross-section
(I later realise that there's more cheese on the other 1/2!)

Contrary to popular assumption, I am not pelahap (greedy). This baby, I'm saving for later. It shall feed my carbo/calorie fix before I head out to gym after work.

I know! Such irony, right? A CHOC and CHEESE muffin before a gym workout? Hey, at least it's better than some cupcake!

Muffin's always the 'healthier' option, no?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

men of my life

the 2 men in my life

Imagine this is spoonful of dark chocolate gelato going into YOUR mouth.

And that cherry?

You'll be taking a bite of it prior to that, letting it hover it above your lips by the tip of the stalk, as you savour the soft cream, its gentle sweetness at the tip of your tongue, indulging on the slightly bitter & robust chocolate taste at the back, as it slide down your throat, and the cold from it all seep into and mingle with your gums and tingles at your teeth.

And the tartness from the cherry, only complement it all further.....

. . . . .

. . . . OKAY! Yeah, that what I had just now. Heh.

Let's get back on track.

So, continued from that crazy cashcard mishap.

We took a cab back from Bedok North to Simpang Bedok and head to Spize Supper Club for dinner. All that distressing adventure made me really hungry!

We thought of waiting for my bro to arrive and order together but there were so many staff on duty that they must have been sooo worried about coming across as being so free that quite a number of them came by our table to get our order despite us NOT calling them over.

I decide to text my bro, asking if he's reaching or we'll just proceed to make our order first if he'll take some time to arrive.

We finally gave up on holding back our order by the time the 5th guy or so (I lost count!) came by like as if we've called him over, his notebook in his palm and pen poised, ready to take down our order.


I chuckled on seeing M.O.H's exasperated face. He went ahead and made our order anyway. Cannot take it, la! It's like, if we hold back again, by the time the next guy came by, we might just slam the menus down on the table and tell the poor fella off.

Irritating, you know!

Only then did my bro text-ed me back saying that he has yet to get a cab.

Luckily we ordered already. Or we would both be starving by his arrival. And knowing guys, 'A hungry man, IS a cranky man.'

Hey, guess things happen for a reason after all!

I ordered the Fajitas.

I had pointed out that I want the Steak(Beef) and the waiter even asked if I want it medium or well-done.

And they served me the chicken.

I don't know you can choose to have the chicken thigh done 'medium'. Pfft!

M.O.H remarked that it's such a waste to have a dish where 1/2 the portion is made of onions only.

Haha! He just found out how much I relish in eating them! I actually emptied out the whole (hot) plate. Oh, but the dragon-breath post-dinner sure leave much to be desired.

He had the Bullet Pepper Steak which looked and taste so good, I would have chosen this over the one at Eatzi, if not for the fact they don't served whole baked potatoes like the latter.

After making the order, I observed what other people had on their tables. We were seated at the far back so we had a view of all the other tables in front.

I had contemplated on ordering their burger (I LOVE burgers!) but I guess, these kinda' burgers are not those that you can eat with your partner around and NOT look like a sloppy mess, seeing that they won't be wrapped (note: BK) for a much neater consumption.

I'm sure M.O.H could hear my loud gulps as I kept myself from drooling when I saw the burger being served elsewhere.

Then there's their chicken wings.

I don't know if I've written about their wings previously, but the first time we (my family) caught sight of it, we got enticed into buying it immediately.

I can only yearningly look at a basket of those being served to the table nearby, all the while thinking, "I'm SO coming back here for those.."

My bro arrived soon after our orders arrived and he took his time making his choice. He remarked that he wasn't hungry. Hah!

When he finally made his order, I eagerly looked at what he had chosen. He then pointed at THIS picture.

I was made dumbstruck by his apt choice!

If that wasn't enough, he then asked the both of us, "You want chicken wings? Got 3, right? Enough for each one of us."

And he also pointed to that one to the waiter.

I tell you, there and then, I could just go over and give him a bear hug.

But I didn't of course. Crazy, ah?

Now, that is precisely WHY, I love, love, love my brother! We may have differing interests, but the way we think can be much similar sometimes. It just blew me away!

Well, he IS my brother after all. DUH!

Anyway, the night actually ended well. A stark contrast to the harrowing experience earlier on.

I'm glad. I'm so glad. Both the men in my life (excluding my dad) got along well. And there's no awkwardness that stemmed from the fact that my bro's adik-ipar (young bro-in-law) is actually OLDER than himself.

And M.O.H had no qualms in addressing my bro with proper respect despite the fact that his future abang-ipar (elder bro-in-law) is younger that he is.

Things REALLY happen for a reason, doesn't it? If I had managed to purchase the cashcard, my bro wouldn't have to come down and have dinner with us. And goodness knows when well eventually meet up!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

cashcard sold out

sorry, cashcard sold out

Imagine being told that not once, not twice but FOUR freaking times!

At 4 different 7-11 branches.

And you already parked your car. And parking attendant m.i.a from the booth.

In other words, you are desperate for the cashcard.

I was at Simpang Bedok and those who's been there knows that there are TWO 7-11 there. Sold out at both branches.


My other 1/2 (M.O.H) and I actually took a cab down to the petrol stations at Bedok North. SPC doesn't EVEN sell cashcards. The 7-11 at Shell, well.... yes. You get it. SOLD OUT.

And I walked some 400 metres or so to get to the other 7-11 near the police station. By now I was really exasperated.

And I'm sure you know by now what the cashier at the next 7-11 said. I'm surprised I managed to keep my cool still.

I'm even more surprised that I didn't even scream into the phone when I asked my bro to take a cab down to Simpang Bedok with the cashcard. In fact, I even promised to pay him back the cab fare and treat him to dinner.

Come to think of it, I'm not even the type to blow my top, much less scream around. Guess I was being hyperbolic, there. Heh.

My bro had kept the cashcard inside his wallet when he sent the car for servicing. And I picked the car up (
yes, sans cashcard) in the afternoon because he was busy.

So much for securing it. It only had less than $3 value inside!

All this while, I mumbled my favourite mantra under my breath, "This happens for a reason.. this happens for a reason.. this GOTTA happen for a reason...!"

And when it dawned upon me that my bro will be having dinner with us, I looked at M.O.H, face grave with an eyebrow raised (seem fierce or not??) and remarked, "Next time, be careful what you wish for..."

He was flabbergasted. "What did I wish for..?!"

"You always wanted us to go out with my bro don't you..? Now you get that. But not before having to go through all this mess."

I then proceed to explain my 'personalised theory' on how we may consciously (on purpose) or subconsciously wish for things, even in passing. And these might just be granted. It's just a matter of WHEN and HOW.

So we should never take for granted, what we wish for. Cos' in getting them, you might just have to make certain sacrifices, whether big or small.


Things proceed to look up after that. This post has gotten pretty long. Will get to that part later. Ciao!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Alaturka Turkish Restaurant

Seriously felt like kicking myself for leaving the camera behind in the car. Geez!

Therefore, I decide to reduce the pic size in order to minimise the less-than-enticing effect of the grainy pics from the handphone cam.


Ok, I don't plan to head here intially. I had wanted the Waterloo Street Indian Rojak. I can't never get over the fact that we bumbled the attempt previously and ended up at the Bencoolen Street food centre, instead.

And this time, we got the right location but wrong timing. It was past 3pm and when my dad had a look, there wasn't that much stuff left on display. Besides, the parking there is incorrigible.

In my disappointment, I drove around without any specific destination. Only upon coming to Beach Road, did I decide to head for Arab Street and get something mediterranean instead. I was already thinking of Al-Tazzaq, by this time.

It's closed. As in, not open yet. Yet another case of bad timing.

Exasperated, I got my parents to venture into Baghdad Street and see what's there to try out. But I insist on REAL mediterranean food.

We saw a restaurant where I had my birthday dinner last year but I lamented that their food was a bit too 'localised' for my preference right then. I was already eyeing their neighbour by then.

Upon stepping in, I know that I've come to the 'real-deal' what with the 'Evil-Eyes' (Nazar Boncuk) that greeted us. Heh.

The artifacts on display, were no doubt from the Anatolian Peninsula. And whatever is on the menu pretty much impress me with what came across as authentic.

I had the Meze Tabagi (3rd pic) for starters. Simply because it had a little of almost everything. Just so typical of me.

We got some dollops of Hummus, Cacik, Patatessalata, Saksuka, Dolma, Haydari. Served with the freshly baked, piping hot Lavash bread.

My mum has the lamb Mussaka (2nd last pic). The taste was fine, albeit the gravy being a bit on the watery side but the flavour was definitely retained. But whats with them not using real lamb meat? I'm sure it's some meatloaf of sorts being cut into cubes.

I had this dish that isn't in the online menu (not updated). Hunkar Begendi. It's this beef stew served on this creamy eggplant paste (3rd last pic) which I really loved (the eggplant, not the stew).

Don't get me wrong, the stew is fine. I'm just so crazy about the eggplant! Its whitish, thick and sticky, a consistency much similar to a bowl of cooked oats. Having watched a lot of AFC, I know that they grilled the eggplant and peel off the charred skin before mashing up the softened flesh.

Aahhhh..... I still can't forget that taste.

My dad had Ispanakli Pide - spinach & cheese stuffing (last pic) which goes really well to balance out all those meat dishes.

Washed it all down with a pot of Mint Tea shared among the 3 of us.

Seeing that we come at a non-peak hour, the service was pretty much polite, yet not intrusive. I don't know what it'll be like when it's packed, though.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

french kaya toast

err... french kaya toast..?

Confusing, no?

My mum and I stumbled upon this coffee shop, Hainan Kaya Toast, located at the edge of the Malay Village (closer to Joo Chiat Complex).

Tired and hungry after our gym session, we want to grab something 'light' because we have a function later in the day.

Okay, please note that 'light' here doesn't mean it's any less sinful (there goes my workout!).

They have an option: The typical brown bread like Ya Kun , or the french loaf.

..What, french loaf?? Wah, must try!

Seeing there's only the 2 of us, we just go for 1/2 loaf. Man, should have gone for the WHOLE loaf instead! So syiok, this kaya toast.

So we made a point to bring my dad AND order the WHOLE loaf next time. Which was when these photos were taken, eventually.

She asked, "Mau margarine biasa atau cold-storage butter?" (you want regular margarine or cold-storage butter?).

Okay, those unknowing, "cold-storage" here doesn't refer to that supermarket chain and no, they don't have their own brand of butter.

You have to take it to mean literally. It's simply butter kept in the fridge (cold storage) which will be cut into small, square slabs and put in between the bread that's already slathered with the sinfully good kaya.

Since it's cold, it will take some time to melt, therefore you'll be able to taste the butter as you take a bite.

And here, the bread is toasted over a charcoal grill so the taste is simply different from those using electric toasters. It's crispy outside and really soft inside and yet the warmth is retained.

Oh, such delight! I can take in the WHOLE loaf for myself! And proceed to work out at the gym like some crazed hamster prior to that.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

bing bang new mv

big bang's new mv (finally!)
haru haru (day by day)

I got the english subbed vid. Somehow it makes the storyline all the more understandable..

Oh, yet another drama-esque MV from them (the other one is for their mega-hit, 'Lies').

As always, it's very cliched. You know, the one about a dying (pretty) girlfriend who planned a big, fat lie, just to create a rift between her and the dear bf, just so he can forget her when she's gone (or hopefully not be around during her last days)...?

Ok, something along that line.

No worries, video is so simple, you won't lose the plot.

Just wish that G-Dragon (the 'deceived' boyfriend) will cool it on the eyeliner. Man, it sure don't smudge much! Wonder what brand he used...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Lau Pa Sat dinner - post fireworks

Night scene.

Post fireworks, we finally trooped down to Lau Pa Sat.

After all, that was our intention in the first place wasn't it?

Until we got distracted by the idea of watching the fireworks BEFORE dinner. Well, that's a good suggestion actually, considering the huge éclair puff we had (each), we may not be able to digest regular food properly prior to that.

Satay. What else?

I'm pretty much disturbed by the fact that the people there were quick to find you a place (outdoor), something I'm very much grateful for- considering we might not easily get a table for 7 pax.

Somehow, they will get you a table that's very close to the stall they manage. So are we inclined to order from there? I'm talking about the satay stalls here.

It's weird right, to sit close to stall 2 (for eg.) and being passed their menu, yet we ordered from stall 3 instead?

That wasn't what I did but it's what I'm much tempted to do.

BBQ Tiger Prawns.

Mum, I ate the prawn heads (sans the eyes)!

I don't know what made me do it. Maybe those carcinogen-inducing charred ends?

I don't know if I should be embarrassed about this (especially when eating course-meals in hotels) but I'm one who eat prawns together with their shells. Imagine when plates were cleared and mine was the only clean one while other had heaps of prawns shells on it?

I used to attribute it to plain laziness, but recently my mum watched a documentary where it's said that eating prawns with the shell (esp. the head & tail) can lower the cholesterol and minimise the cholesterol intake from that prawn being consumed.

I can't vouch for that because I didn't watch it myself but hey, what's there to complain for me? Besides, the shells are the one that's coated with the sauce or whatever the prawn is cooked with.

Especially that heavenly dish - Cereal Prawns. In fact, it's because of this dish that I learn to eat prawn heads. Because most of the crispy bits end up getting stuck at the heads, that's why.

BBQ Honey Chicken Wings.

These chicken could have stayed a little longer on the fire. Was a little on the soggy side. Luckily the meat itself was cooked through.

Oh, can't they be more generous with their chili sauce on the side?


This is what greeted me after I came back home.

I have been yearning for this since months back. However, since the day my dad and I almost choked/fainted in the car when we brought durians back, we totally shunned the idea of bringing some home.

And no one (especially myself) seemed free enough to go eat it elsewhere.

I even bought durian puffs but hey, you know that it's never the same.

Thank goodness there's a stall selling this King of Fruits at the temporary night bazaar right across the road. So my parents had no qualms about buying these fruits back, shells and all.

And then left the WHOLE fruit for me to enjoy. At 11pm that night, no less.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

ndp 08 rehearsal

a day out in town

Since Fri, I've been asked by my cousins if I wanna join them- just mucking around. And after a strenuous day in the office that Saturday (yes, I worked over that weeekend), I decide to grant myself a break and join them.

Being the stressed-out person that I am that day, it wasn't long before I started yearning for something sinful to indulge in.

J.Co had a long queue (as always). Donut Factory no longer looked enticing. But the huge puffs next door seemed to draw me. And they have a 5+1 promotion, just nice for the 6 of us.

Beard Papa éclair puffs. Buy 5 + 1 free. Yes, chocolate cream for all, thank you.

There's something about the way she eats. You just feel tempted to get some.

Love is in the air.

One of the highlights of NDP 08, the heart formation done by the Black Knights fighter jets.

Esplanade Bridge.

We told the police cordoning the area that we just wanna pass through to get to Boat Quay. The pedestrian walkway on the bridge was full and there just NO way we can access that.

Somehow, when walking down this empty road on the bridge (a rarity indeed!), we decide, "Hey, we an get a good view of the fireworks from here!"

And very soon, that area was filled up with others who thought likewise.

And view the fireworks we did. I realise that everytime I viewed the fireworks, it's always from a different spot. And this time, I dare say it's the best experience I had. WOW!


We troop down to Lau Pa Sat for dinner next. More on that later.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

from Turkiye

Goodies from Turkiye

I bugged Shyba, who just came back from her Turkey getaway, to meet me last Fri.

She has yet the recover from the bug that's been plaguing her throughout the trip and yet she agreed, lugging her laptop and all.

Man, I totally had no idea that she's still unwell. Geez, felt so bad bout' it.

Because, me being me, I'm just sooo curious to see the pics she took of the country that we've dreamt of venturing to - together.

Thousand apologies for backing out of our plans. And more advanced apologies for the possibly-not-going-to-happen NZ trip, too. Oh, include the Moroccan one as well (yes, we planned for a lot!).

Souvenirs from Turkey - A diary with handwoven fabric cover, a purse looking like a carpet replica, olive oil soap, coffee and sweets.

Turkish sweets

I've never really fancied overtly sweet stuff (candies especially). However, having tried these mid-eastern type of gummies (I dunno if they are, just felt like one), I've kind of taken a liking to them. Especially those with pistachios.

What's inside the box. Cubes of candies dusted with flour icing sugar to prevent them from sticking to one another.

Up close.

These are the 'natural' flavoured ones. And no, far from being bland, it's more of an eye-opener, being able to taste the original type. Besides, it's not that cloyingly sweet, a trait that I much appreciate.