Sunday, July 20, 2008

ZingDo Effy

Effy's belated birthday treat

This is my cousin Effy. Her birthday was on 9th July. She lives in Jurong. She loves ANYTHING Korean.

And yet, she's never been to ZingDo before. And ZingDo's in Jurong East.

And I, who live in faraway Bedok, had been there at least a couple of times. AT LEAST.

So I guess it's apt that I bring her here, right?

Brought my family along, cos' they've often drooled at the food highlighted on KBS so I want them to have a taste of what they've been ogling at all this while.

1 jar with regular (Korean) chilli sauce and another with bean paste chilli sauce (kochujang), which I so so love.

My cousin Dzul's order of Seafood Bibimbap. Even him, one with a considerably hearty appetite, had to sit back after having this. Portion too big, he said.

I agree. Whenever I have my fave, Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap for lunch, I have to make do w/o breakfast. I ordered that for my parents to try and they shared it with Effy.

They wished there could have been more of the vegetables though, especially the mung bean sprouts.

One that I've been dying to try. It's pretty new on the menu. Fried Spicy Rice Cakes (Duk Bok Ki)!

Despite it tasting pretty good, I was pretty disappointed that the rice cakes are sliced pretty thinly. Despite it looking pretty reddish, it was hardly spicy! And a tad sweet.

Check out the amount of garlic used, man. Love it, despite it being the definite cause for the major case of dragon breath, which remained even after my pre-sleep tooth brushing.

Seafood Kimchi Tang Hoon. Something that Effy & I shared.

The seafood was pretty generous here. We kept scooping up prawns after prawns and the couple of mussels here are of the pretty big kind.

The Korean tang hoon, which is thicker than the regular Chinese tang hoon that we're used to, can easily fill one up so don't assume it's a pretty light dish.

Maybe the both of us had such high tolerance for spicy food (we're the kind who need cili padi on the side) that this one also didn't even reach our level of expected spiciness.

Yes, despite that scary-looking reddish tint of the soup.

Side dishes: Deep Fried Assorted Mushroom (yes, I order this EVERYTIME I'm here) and Deep Fried Chicken Meatball.

And Kimchi Soup. An accompaniment to the bibimbap, actually.

Deep Fried Spinach.

My family, we're used to eating the Javanese spinach crackers and we're glad that this one here, despite being really crispy (not crunchy) was more light and less jerlak.

My bro had ordered the Deep-Fried Chicken w/ Rice Balls and finished the dish in no time. He had ordered just the rice balls later on just so that we can try cos' he loved the taste so much.

"Just like the Lucky Bin Bin rice crackers!" he said. Ermmm... Close but no really there, dude.

Something I ordered towards the end. I thought that everyone might want to eat more but we ended up being so full that this plate of Deep-Fried Breaded Prawns had to be pushed from one person to another.

Oh, see that yellow strips in the corner? Those are pickled radish that I often see the Koreans eat (in huge, round slices) with Jajangmyeon (짜장면), the famous black noodles. I was pretty excited to eat that though the pretty mild taste was nothing much to rave about.

I just realised that I had forgotten about my dad's order of Yah Chay w/ Rice Cakes which he really loved. Delightfully light yet full-flavoured soup filled with vegetables & mushrooms. Just the way he like them.

Wow, looking back, we sure ordered a lot. 6 main dishes, 5 sides. That's what eating with many people is about, right? We can order many different varieties to try out. It all come to about $84++. Used the NTUC Link card to get 10% off and it came down to almost $75 instead. Which comes to less than $13/pax.

I wished that I have time to try the desserts. I always end up being too full to try them. The Korean mochi used in the desserts looked pretty interesting....

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