Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ecuador Dark

dark-chocolate ice-cream on stick

I remember, as I look yearningly at the more 'upmarket' ice-cream back in primary school.

By being 'upmarket', they supposedly cost at least a dollar. Going by the amount I received for pocket money back then, such ice-creams were way beyond reach.

When I got into secondary school, I was able to save up and buy that particular ice-cream I crave for by the end of the week or so.

Erm... Let's skip the part between then and now because that's when...

Okay, how do I put it...?

...When I actually made the transition (will get into this topic later).

Cos' right now, I don't even bat an eyelid when paying almost $4 for an ice-cream. On a stick.

Yup, it didn't even come in a tub.

Tub, huh? I remember begging, then crying, followed by some rolling on the floor before one of my embarrassed parent (usually my dad) will relent and buy one.

And that one tub of joy can last a whole month, okay? Not surprisingly, going by how we (my bro & I) gingerly scoop a little a little at a time (with that bright yellow wonder-scoop that tend to collect dust, seeing how 'often' we get to buy that tub of ice-cream) and dunk some milo and horlicks powder to give the measly portion more kick.

Anyway, I've been aiming this ice-cream for quite a while but since I was a little under the weather then, I held back (agonising, I know!).

Darn that Eva Longoria! If she eats ice-cream that's readily available in regular marts, then I wanna get my hand on it!

I mean, it's E-V-A Longoria, man! I doubt she EVEN eats ice-cream, going by the petite frame of hers.

And she's endorsing ice-cream, now..?

This $4 ice-craem, it's pretty affordable actually, for ice-cream of such quality. I got myself the Magnum Ecuador Dark, which supposedly boast 62% cocoa content. Whoa!

I am one who has a pretty low tolerance for overtly sweet stuff, which is why I love dark chocolate cos' the bitterness of it easily balance whatever sweet stuff it's paired with. Which in this case, is the vanilla ice-cream.

I dislike vanilla. But I notice that magnum's vanilla ice-cream has these dark specks in them. Which immediately comes to mind, vanilla beans.

Readily over-the-counter, mass-produced ice-cream used vanilla beans for their ice-cream..? Hmmm..... not bad!

I guess this will be a cause to push my current favourite, Magnum Almond to take a back seat. Dark chocolate is ALWAYS first in my list.

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