Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Open Crumb Cafe


Accompanied my colleague to settle some admin issues at her child's new school and we visited this pretty new cafe in this quiet neighbourhood.

Open Crumb Cafe is an offshoot of a pretty well know bakery, The Bread Project. Apparently helmed by a Le Cordon Bleu graduate?

Should I keep my expectations high…? πŸ€”


The sight of freshly baked loaves greet you at the entrance... Mmmmm...!

Interestingly, they use baby pictures to adorn the walls, much to our amusement.


More baby portraits. Ladies will definitely loove this! πŸ’–πŸ‘Ά


Knick knacks, condiments and confections filled the shelves at the counter.


More confections and chilled cakes on display.

The free-flow of water and syrup is a plus! πŸ‘πŸ½


More baked goods. Pastries like croissants, danishes, tarts...

On the lower shelf, there are traditional Christmas goodies like Panettone (fruitcake loaf),Stollen (another type of fruitcake loaf), gingerbread man/woman and Pepernoten.

I got one of the Chocolate Croissants. Can't resist!


Our table with cutleries readily available on the table.


Pasta menu

My drink order

My iced coffee with milk and a couple of pepernoten ('pepper nuts'; super crunchy Dutch spiced cookies). Curious me asked what those pepernoten are and they kindly let us have a taste.

These babies are super crunchy (bordering on hard) but I think they will go oh-so-well with hot drinks.

And I love my iced cuppa (with milk)! Right balance of coffee and milk and thankfully I poured just the right amount of syrup! πŸ‘☕

Pink Cream pasta

My lunch mate's order. Basically, chicken in creamy tomato sauce.

My 'Messy Beef' sandwich

Slow roasted beef doused with gravy on soft brioche. Ermm… 😐

Maybe I've been seeing to many of those 'Cubanos' pulled beef sandwiches and got my hopes high for this. Beef strips are dry (where's the gravy??) and brioche is soo reminiscent of generic white, sliced bread.

Cassava chips, cranberry salad and sauerkraut served on the side.

Gingerbread cookies

Got a pair of gingerbread cookies for both my kids who totally adored the Gingerbread Man story on that Pink Fong app.

Hope they like this!

Key Lime Pie

Shared this delish Key Lime pie with my colleague.

We both adored Key Lime Pies and will try to buy whenever we saw one.

This one here is not too sour, maybe the tartness got offset by the nib sugar on the rim. Love the base, too. Nice! πŸ‘

My kids and their gingerbread cookies

I let them savour their cookies while watching… The Gingerbread Man on the Pink Fong app.

Felt almost… morbid. :P

Naturally, the cookies weren't to their liking. Gingerbread is really an acquired taste. Munchkin ate off all the limbs and left the torso for me.

Kiddo meanwhile, was more sadistic. Pretended to be the crocodile (who ate the gingerbread man) and broke off various parts of his Gingerbread man.

... Didn't even take a bite.

And who eventually finished up the cookies?? *πŸ–πŸ½hands upπŸ–πŸ½* Who else…??

PS: I had the chocolate croissant for breakfast the next day. Warmed it up. And it tasted sooo heavenly! The buttery, flaky pastry and the generous chocolate fillings. Sorry, no pic. Super hungry!

Gonna go back there for their baked goods. That chilled chocolate ganache tart on display and the danishes!

Open Crumb Cafe
342 Ubi Ave 1
Singapore 400342
Tel: 67450649

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 9am to 8pm
Sat: 9am – 3pm