Friday, April 29, 2005

Going away...

Gosh, this doesn't feel good, man. Just drank a full mug of bittergourd juice (with some celery & green apple, but mostly bittergourd) and I dun feel that good. And it's not just any mug, ok. It like te one you see in F.R.I.E.N.D.S @ Central Perk. Yesh, that soup-bowl-sized mug.

In case you're wondering, I drink bittegourd juice AT LEAST once a week. Crazy, rite? Despite all that, my tongue has yet to go numb from all that bitterness. I tell you, sweet things will never taste the same again.

Yesh, my parents are slowly mutating into some health-freaks wannabe. I remember once my mum cooked brown rice for dinner one day and I freaked, "I am not some chicken to go around pecking on brown rice! Whatever happened to regular rice..!"
Next day, the rice on my plate is not as dirty-looking (it does look that way as compared to the regular rice's white & pure form) as yesterday. She actually mixed brown rice with regular rice. Oh well, she just won't give up.

Good thing is, there are more veggies on my plate. I LOVE veggies. Can't live w/o them. I love Mushroom Swiss but always ordered Whopper Jr. cos it has veggies.

Anyway, with all that bitter essence running in my bloodstream, those mosquitoes better stay away lest they wanna taste some bad blood (I heard mosquitoes only go for blood that is sweet) when I go back to the kampung over the long weekend.

Yeap yeap yeap. A distant relative is getting married and I'm gonna be there, somewhere in Selangor. And good thing bout' that place, veggies in abundance! Not just any veggies, ok. They're those you eat raw with some lip-smacking sambal belachan. What the malays call 'ulam'.

I remember last time we were there, I end up plucking them veggies from all over the compound but have to show my mum first, before consuming them, in case I picked some inedible grass.

My mum called me a goat, seeing how much I glorify the idea of munching these leaves. I would rather she call me a rabbit, though.

Anyway, guess I won't be blogging for few days, then. Enjoy the long holidays, peeps!

Goodness, I just remembered that I'll be taking a train to KL! Urgh! Better get the mp3 player fully loaded & a THICK book in hand.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Constantine gone...

HEy, no more Constantine in American Idol! Darn. Guess I won't be watching anymore. Not that I watch it regularly, anyway. The only times I watched is when Constantine performs. I'm really curious to see a rocker performing some mainstream music.

Yes, so what if I DO have a crush on him? He is rocker and I like that. He doesn't look good but his brooding persona is a drawing factor. And check out his lowered gaze. However, I never fail to be taken aback by the few times he performed like some hyped-up happy maniac which I guess, is showmanship.

Anyway, his band, Pray For The Soul Of Betty will release their their album and this time his music is just the way I like it. Some heavy rocking won't hurt, rite?

Image hosted by
Constantine Maroulis & his bandmates

QUESTION: What's up with Paula, crying like that when Constantine's name was announced as the one going home? Some ppl may say that she liked his performance week after week and that he dun deserve to go but I personally think that she may have a crush on him.

It doesn't help that earlier in the day, I heard reports that Corey Clark (from last season's Idol who got booted out for resisting arrest after assaulting his sis) revealed in his book that Paula had paid him to keep mum about some affair they had...? Even FOX tv wanna realeased that part but got stopped by her lawyers or something like that.

Is she not as clean/innocent as we tot' her to be? Hmmm... go figure.
Just dun' embarrass yourself the way you did yesterday, Paula.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Blood test

Had 4 tubes of blood taken from me today.

Ouch, you say?
If you think the prick of the needle is painful, try peeling the plaster from the crook of your elbow (where they drew the blood). Now, THAT's torture.

I know other peeps would prefer others to quickly peel the plaster for them in one fell swoop. Heh. Not me. I prefer peeling it little by little, looking closely at the tiny, tiny hair sticking to the elastic. I see my pores popping as the pain develop with each peel.

In case you're wondering, yes, I have a high tolerance for pain. I LIKE pain. You know like when your gums swell or when you cut your lips and you keep biting at the spot? THAT felt good.

Enuff of that.
--- --- ---
As you can see, I'm pretty unreliable when it comes to being meticulous or prompt in my updating. I may update regularly but they're often bout' things that happened in the days yonder.

So here's what I did last weekend....
--- --- ---
Paid my cousin a visit. Apparently she had given birth a few days back.
Forgot to charge the cam so I had to rely on my handphone....

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
That's my new nephew, Muhammad Khairullah :: Crybaby :: His niece, Aisyah :: Aisyah on my lap

HOLD IT. If Aisyah is HIS niece.... Wouldn't that put me on the same level as her.... GRANDMOTHER???! Erk!

Although Muhd. Khairullah came as a surprise to his parents and his 6 other siblings (yes, he's no. 7), he must have been a great blessing indeed. Aside from being the 7th child, he was also born on the same day as the noble Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, on 12 Rabiulawal.

TRIVIA: My cousin knew that she was pregnant ONLY moments before giving birth. Upon labour (which she thought was some excruciating abdominal pain), her hubby brought her to the A&E and she was ACTUALLY put under observation for a scan. No one mentioned childbirth.
Only when this cool nurse came by, took one look at her and exclaim, "Aiyoh, ini mau beranak, wo!"
Her hubby was registering her when a nurse tapped his shoulder to say, "You wife's given birth to a baby boy."
Imagine the look on his face.

After a attending a wedding that Sun, I went over to Sim Lim to purchase a larger memory MMC card for my cammie. After that, we were at loss as to where to go. My mum blurted, "Esplanade."
That got my dad all excited. He wanted to see the Satay Club (currently in hibernation). So off we go.
Did I also mention that it was like, 3pm and very, very hot?

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
At Esplanade (taken with timer) :: At One Fullerton :: At Merlion deck :: Merlion

We sought for shelter at the semi-renovated Marina Sq. Mall. More precisely, at the new Food Loft. Their balcony dining area has a superb view of the waterfront. Next stop is the newly opened GIANT supermarket.

My mum kept mumbling about the Merlion so I spontaneously drove into One Fullerton. Satisfy my mum with the magnificent Merlion (I began to feel like some tourist already) and we hung around Clifford Pier as my parents gave me a brief history lesson as to what that area was like back in the 70s.

A note to those who wanted to park at One Fullerton. Parking charge is a whooping 5 freaking $$ per entry. As such, my cashcard had only $4++ and I actually reversed my car all the way back to the parking lot before scrambling to top up the value.

Dun say I didn't warn you.

~ More peeks *here* ~

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Raihan's Beautiful Wedding

It's beautiful... Just so beautiful...
Image hosted by

Was hounoured to be at that grand event. A romantic couple made of a beautiful bride & her handsome groom, gorgeous setting, great food .... All things good, I'd say. Plus, it's a triple whammy. The wedding + Raihan b'dae + Azim b'dae. Cool, huh?

Glad to be able to meet Raihan (finally!) and during such a splendid occasion, at that. Thanks again, Raihan - for the invite. Saw the other bloggers but I was too shy, lah. It's been real - to be able to see them in person (as if finally convinced that they REALLY exist). Hee...

Anyway, we ( together with Tini, my pal who willingly accompanied me) missed the chance of dropping by the bridal suite 32-12 but there are the pictures uploaded by other bloggers to put me in awe. That was such a nice place to hold an akad nikah! It's like having your lover proposing to you in one of those gorgeous places with breath-taking sceneries. Sigh...

What did we do after gobbling down the impressive buffet fare? Armed with a camera, we set off on a photo-taking spree.

Image hosted by
Tini by the pool :: Me with the gorgeous water feature ::
And yes, the last bit was taken in the 'ladies' a.k.a the TOILET.

Ayy... Hotel toilets are nice, ok? Definitely nicer than my living room. And more private.
~ more peeks *here* ~

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Poly pals & April babies

My, my... This is soooo overdue.
I'll update anyway.

Image hosted by
A day with my ol' Poly pals.
That day didn't start that well for me. Was supposed to run errands for my cousin in Simei. Somehow or rather, at Tampines en route to Simei, I made a wrong turn. For that moment, I felt proud of myself, having known my route despite my dad's absence. Well, that's until I saw CGH on the OTHER side - meaning that I was on the PIE! To think I was >>this<< close to Simei...

Well, I dun call myself, "Minah Terbabas" for nothin. Needless to say, I got out of the driver's seat when fetching Kai. The ultimatum: "Either you waste your breath directing me around or we can have a peaceful one when you drive." He chose the latter.

We fetched Fendi & family at Far East Plaza. Had to make a second round because Kai is driving and me keeping a look-out is hopeless, cos' I'm not sure if Fendi & Yani have changed-physically. Reason being that it's been 2 years since I last saw them.

They look the same. Except for this new addition:

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
A cute little darling by the name of Shasha.

Sorry Fendi & Yani. You gave her a name that is so complicated by my books that I total forgot what it is by the time you told us to call her 'Shasha'. However, I do recall a certain 'Felisha' on that cap she's wearing, so I can safely assume her name to be 'Felisha' something-something. Once again, I apologise for my extremely poor memory.

Anyway we had quite a spread for dinner at Tg. Pagar Railway or better known as KTM. So much food that they can't all fit on the table & we had to combine some dishes to create space. Nice seafood, highly recommended!

I do recall a hilarious incident that end up with Bas wetting the right side of his pants & Khama having an obvious brown stain on his pink thank-goodness-it's-cheap polo tee. I dun mean to cackle but I was so taken aback that my first reaction was to laugh. Count your lucky stars it ain't a MANGO top, Khamz!
Oh, by the way, should anyone recover my black Esprit & green First Choice umbrella which I left behind, do inform me. My mum's been nagging.

I hopped into Khamz's car with Bas while Kai drove my car with Fendi & family. It's pretty weird & exciting to see from the outside, your car actually being driven by someone else.
Always, it's either I'm the driver or the passenger.

We went to the long-time-haven't-been-to favourite haunt of ours, Holland V. To think we always go there every week in the Poly days. We chose to chill at Coffee Club.
Khamz & I had decided to buy a Swensen's cake to celebrate the April babies - Kai & Bas (Meng, the other baby was busy mugging out for his exams). However, since we're chilling at a place selling an assortment of cakes, we went on a dessert-ordering spree which include Fresh-Fruit Fondue. Yum!

Image hosted by Image hosted by
April Babies & Fresh-Fruit Fondue

After sending Bas + Fendi & family home, us Easterners (Kai, Khamz & me) chilled awhile at East Coast. At the stroke of midnite, Khamz & I wished Kai Happy B'dae. So were we the first, Kai? He had been smiling from ear-to-ear eversince discovering Khamz & my plans for that mini b'dae celebration.

Came home late that night (meaning: early the NEXT morning). Thanks, bro for opening the door for me (we both didn't want to incur my mum's wrath should she know how late I came home).
I just need to show her Shasha's pics the next morning and all was forgotten bout' my coming home late...
So glad to be able to meet up again, guys!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Pissed Off


This is a note to the errant driver of the Red KIA Rio hatchback 1.5 that was heading for PIE(Changi Airport) on Clementi Ave 6 at around 8+pm just now.......

You, to whom I gave an early signal to filter to the right.
You, who was still far from where I was then.
You, who sped up upon seeing my signal.
You, who refused to give way.
You, who threateningly sidle up to my car after I got into the lane and posed immense danger to us.
You, whom I should have blasted my horn at but I don't because I was shocked + appalled at your audacity.
You, who cowardly sped off after that ridiculous action.
You, whom I should congratulate for successfully making me spew expletives in my parents' presence.
You, whose car registration no. I've taken note of.

Should anything had happened to us (esp. my parents) at that point of time due to your reckless, selfish and ridiculously stupid behaviour, I will not, I repeat, I WILL NOT hesitate to make a report to the police or even take legal action cos' I believe I have a strong case against YOU. You are damn lucky I braked in time and there wasn't any car behind me upon my sudden breaking or you sure will find youself in deep, deep s**t as of now.

I won't be the one doing everything. Oh yes, my father would so like to do something to obnoxious drivers like you. I don't think you are in any state of emergency upon that occurrence for anyone in a hurry won't bother to pose danger onto others or even themselves, for all that matter.

Besides, the ease at which you perform that stupendous action shows just how used you are to doing this. I bet I'm not the only one, eh?

You just watch out for I think someone else who will be in my situation shall do something to YOU! If you believe in retribution, you will have an inkling as to what I mean.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

MND Family Day @ Sentosa

Image hosted by

Very 'happening' occasion, I'd say. With a brood of 24 ppl (10 adults & 14 kids) , things can be pretty exciting....

With the exception of having to wait for more than an hour for some of my cousins, things went pretty well. Smooth journey, great weather (not too sunny or hot) and most importantly, there's camaraderie amongst all of us. Family day, what.

I remembered that during the agonizing 1 hr+ of waiting, the bunch of us ended up having a mini picnic at the Harbourfront bus interchange. The 2 loaves of choco bread & 2 containers of nuggets that my family brought (meant for the ACTUAL picnic in Sentosa) were kaput within minutes of offering them. The kids were almost no different from piranhas. 1 come 1 go. 1 come 1 go. Next thing I knew, food gone.

In case you don't know, MND stands for Ministry of National Development, meaning this family day involves families from various organisations like HDB, NParks etc. That means there are over 10,000 ppl on that Siloso Beach meaning, IT WAS VERY CROWDED!

My cousin queued for almost 1/2 hr at the toilet just to pee (only to realize there are rows of empty portable toilets nearby). Meanwhile, my cousin Sue and myself wore these matching Adidas slip-in shoes (which we bought together) only to realize that the Family Day is on the beach where the humble flip-flops would be much preferred. As expected, the shoes look like it's been thru' hell at the end of the day.

It was a bonus when it comes to entertainment. The highlights were Wicked Aura (the popular percussions band) and Wendi Koh (a very talented, versatile songbird). Best thing is that both have 2 sessions! In the late afternoon & at night.

Wendi started the occasion with some joyous-sounding numbers (to suit the festive atmosphere) and later in the evening performed some serious rockin' numbers like Gun & Roses, RHCP, Maroon 5, Evanescence etc. Her back-up band, The Uninvited were superb!!!!

Wicked Aura also started the afternoon with this great number (that got the G.O.H, Mr Mah Bow Tan shaking his legs) and the evening performance was more up-tempo that encouraged some boggieing. I had so wanted to boggie down esp. since the Talentime winner sang, "Play That Funky Music." He's good, man. Problem lies with the fact that my parents were present. I believe my mum would have been cool about it. As for my dad.... Hmmm... To add to the problem, my uncle was there and he has this 'strict-father' persona. Heck, even his daughter sat still. Sheesh!

Image hosted by
In the end, everyone from my brood remained in our seats while some of the others (even the aunties/uncles) boggie down at the front. Ada makcik joget zapin.The closest we got to boggieing is shaking our shoulders & tapping our feet which, by all means are PATHETIC. Boooriiiinnng....

Dying mousie

Been ages, isn't it since my last post???

No thanks to my dying mouse at home. Yes, I'm talking bout' that thing you attach to ur PC (not the pet!)

Maybe it's not dying. Not THE mouse. I think something's wrong with the USB cable.

I got so agitated just by surfing the net. Once the dreaded bubble appear at the bottom corner of the screen saying, "USB device not recognised...." I went into a frenzy of detaching the USB cable and reattach it to another port over & over until I detect some movement on the cursor on screen. Irritating! I have to resort to being oh-so-careful with the mouse, moving it gently around for fear that it might hang again.

Things got so bad that it became a habit. My office mouse got the gentle treatment, too. When I realized that the office mouse is 'A' ok, I start to use it brashly, a method that I will unconsciously bring home and caused the other mouse to screw up again. It's become a cycle, I tell you.

Now I can't work on Photoshop and the other what-nots and there are tons (an exeggeration here) of pics to upload- from the Sentosa Family Day & the Konsert Ribut Damai....

Erm... Any spare mouse, anyone????

Friday, April 08, 2005

Picture Montages

Due to the inevitable fact that there will be lotsa' interesting activities which may involve active photo-takings, I have finally decided (after much procrastination) to publish montages of pictures that are pretty overdue. One of which, sadly to say, is the East Coast BBQ thingy, for which I had a major mental block when it comes to reliving the memories of that eventful occasion.

In other words, I had forgotten pretty much of what I had initially wanted to say, the night when I got too tired and wrote only one part of that weekend. BIG MISTAKE, I'd say.

Tsk tsk . . .

The other 2 pics are just those moments captured on the humble 6230. One, when my family was checking out the just-renovated Bedok Corner Food Centre (the ultimate BBQ seafood haunt) and the other, of my 2 cousins & myself chomping down at Tj. Pagar Railway.

FYI, I'll be taking a freaking train to KL, end of this month. Can you believe it? Me, who can't sit still for a couple of hours will be spending almost 7 agonising hours on a train???! Even worse, I'm such a light sleeper that there's no way I will be sleeping amidst all that rickety-tat-tat-tat and ppl walking back and forth on the aisle (the sleeping compartments are expensive, ok?)

Hmmpf! All that rantings... Here are the pics.

East Coast BBQ

Image hosted by

Bedok Corner
Image hosted by

Tj. Pagar Railway

Image hosted by

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Old Office..

..... And I was wondering, why is it that my entries from the last few days aren't appearing on my blog?

Finally checked and noticed the posts snugly settled in Green and labled, 'Drafts'.


That means that my birthday wish for a dear friend was already kinda' overdue. But hey, it's the thought that counts, so I published it anyway.. Sorry, Shyba. I didn't forget your birthday.. Just forgot to publish, that's all....
This post was dated 6th April, actually.
Penny for my thoughts....
Come to think of it, should I get a penny (or 5 cents) for my every thoughts, I would have been a millionaire a few times over....

Looking out at the rainy weather, I was suddenly reminded of my old office (same company, just that we shifted location).

I remembered my first impression of it... Had brought my brother along in my search of my new office (I dun' wanna get lost on my 1st day...) After much snucking around the stretch of Joo Chiat Road, a kind apek pointed out the location to us.

"Looks like a haunted house..." my brother exclaimed.

My sentiments exactly. Another point to show that we came from the same womb. Similar way of thinking...
That building was definitely old...previously a walk-up apartment... peeling paint... creeper plants weaving up the pipes... crummy drains... overhanging trees...

And the stairs... Bless 'em. A straight flight that goes all the way up to my office on the 3rd storey.... *pants*

Here's my list of nostalgic moments there, both good and bad:
- Had the toilet to ourselves (also with the other single tenant). ALWAYS knock before attempting to turn the knob. Some people (note: my boss) sometimes forget to lock.

- A single, non-controllable air-conditoning. Switching it on every morning means squeezing behind the shelves or using a ruler to reach the switch.

- The shrivelled up lizard that died after being squashed behind the door hinge (a case of bad timing) that is STILL there when I last visit the building. Except that it's more shrivelled.

- The huge and airy pantry located in the kitchen (previously an apartment, remember?). Funnily enough, there's nothing much in there. Besides, we need to walk out of the office room to get there.

- The buildings in the area are of such close proximity to each other that whenever I overtimed and walked to the pantry in the evenings, I can actually see ppl walking half-naked after their shower in the neighbouring apartment block. You should hear them singing while in the shower. Oh, the best part is when they start hanging their underwear (of both genders) at the windows facing OUR office. Sheesh!
Voyeuristic, you say? I call that disgusting!

- And that uneventful occasion when my collegue & I came back from lunch to discover that some idiot had locked this stray dog inside the building stairwell and NO one wants to release it after that. Turns out the 'idiot' is this courier guy sending something to our office and got chased by this dog. In his panic, he locked the dog IN and in the process, locking us OUT. We were stranded outside in the hot sun for for goodness-knows-how-long because of that...

- What about the time when we came in that morning to see that the front gate which rolled open/close got stuck cos' the wheel was out of its track?
Good luck no. 1: My boss came early and took it upon himself to open the darn gate.
Good luck no. 2: My boss is a combat engineer in the army. Combat engineer or not, it was another 1/2 hour before he got the gate opened.

- Talking about the gate... It was wrought iron and VERY heavy when we rolled it.
The last person out locks it: that's US. The first person in opens it: that's US, again.

Phew! That's really fun, to recall all those moments... Well, that's just the building. I've yet to mention the neighbourhood that it's located in....

However, knowing myself, it will take me AGES before I will write a sequel. Which reminds me that I've yet to continue with the BBQ saga at East Coast... Heh.

PS: Sri, my dear collegue. I bet you must be smiling like the cheshire cat after reading this. Memorable, isn't it?!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Happy Birthday, Shyba!

Image hosted by
Happy Birthday, Shyba!!!!
I know you're going thru' a messy phase with all those lecturers-from-hell, exam topics unknown and a school located in the almost-netherworld and all other what-nots.
It's just another challenge, another obstacle. I know I wouldn't know much, not when I'm not in this mess myself but the best I can do is to cheer you from the sidelines and urge you on.
A year older is nothing when it proved to be of no significance. Let's just cherish each day as it comes. Remember, Everything Happens For A Reason.
Best of wishes in your future endeavours. May you and your family be blessed with good health, happiness & success. May you be guided into the right path, always.

Beautiful...So beautiful

All you mothers, mother-to-be and mother wannabes, do go here>> and read that oh-so-beautiful entry.

Leta, Dooce's 14-month old baby girl.

I was swooning by the time I'm done. Sigh, the joy of motherhood.....

PS: I am NOT a mother. Not yet anyway.

Friday, April 01, 2005

East Coast Picnic:Camp:BBQ

East Coast Picnic:Camp:BBQ
260305 - 270625

Should have done this days back...

Well, better late than never.
Moi cousins and myself have never really mastered the art of sitting still during long holidays. We planned here and there before settling for some overnite camping at EC. I took the initiative to book a pit, considering that my dad's side has pretty large-scale families.

It started well, despite me coming home late the nite b4, yet having to wake up in the wee hours of morning to prepare sandwiches. Dun' understand what enthusiasm came over me that day. Previously, my idea of preparing sandwiches was bringing cans of tuna w/ mayo, a bottle of chilli sauce, bread and plastic forks. You want to eat, you prepare yourself.

I know, I know. That cursed character-trait. LAZY.

And THAT same trait is kicking in my system rite now. Guess I'll just make comments alongside the pics that I'm dumping in here....

Image hosted by Image hosted by
The day started well - sunny weather, fairly high tide and enough space to pitch 4 tents...
That's my 2 cousins (2/3 of the food-catering team).

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Well.... That's until it started to rain. Heavily. For almost TWO hours!

Within the 1st hour, the bored kids were actually playing with water INSIDE the tent. Yeap, water was seeping thru' the not-as weatherproof-as-expected tent material...

Oh, did I mention that during that 2hrs, my tent was was the only one standing UPRIGHT throughout? Yeap, you guessed right. The other 3 ACTUALLY collapsed.

Kinda' funny, actually. One moment my cousins were sitting still, the next thing I knew, the tent took after the outline of their form.

Image hosted by Kids being kids, my nephews/nieces/cousins all splashed back into the sea as soon as the heavy rain ceased to be a slight drizzle.

...Soon after, I changed into what's left of my dry clothes and rushed home to fetch my parents (logistic officers) and my other cousin (remaining 1/3 of the food caterer).

Then comes the BBQ.

However due to that it's a pretty unearthly hour for me to con't blogging on a weeknight, I shall take my leave and goodness-knows-when I'll continue with what happened next.
I would like to take this opprtunity to thank the fella' who looked like a dark Chinese man and spoke Malay like he is one and yet is actually a Eurasian (no wonder!). He, with his rain-coat and hammer, helped to re-pitch our tents-despite the heavy downpour and later, help us move ALL 4 tents to a higher & more stable ground. He even offered us the hooks at the back of his tent should we wanna go fishing.

If you wanna see him, his tent is pitched on the beach outside the toilet block at Area 'C'. He worked at the toilet block in the day & a nearby pub at night. He's lived on the beach for 7 months...

...Don't as me why....Anyway He Rocks!!!!!