Friday, April 29, 2005

Going away...

Gosh, this doesn't feel good, man. Just drank a full mug of bittergourd juice (with some celery & green apple, but mostly bittergourd) and I dun feel that good. And it's not just any mug, ok. It like te one you see in F.R.I.E.N.D.S @ Central Perk. Yesh, that soup-bowl-sized mug.

In case you're wondering, I drink bittegourd juice AT LEAST once a week. Crazy, rite? Despite all that, my tongue has yet to go numb from all that bitterness. I tell you, sweet things will never taste the same again.

Yesh, my parents are slowly mutating into some health-freaks wannabe. I remember once my mum cooked brown rice for dinner one day and I freaked, "I am not some chicken to go around pecking on brown rice! Whatever happened to regular rice..!"
Next day, the rice on my plate is not as dirty-looking (it does look that way as compared to the regular rice's white & pure form) as yesterday. She actually mixed brown rice with regular rice. Oh well, she just won't give up.

Good thing is, there are more veggies on my plate. I LOVE veggies. Can't live w/o them. I love Mushroom Swiss but always ordered Whopper Jr. cos it has veggies.

Anyway, with all that bitter essence running in my bloodstream, those mosquitoes better stay away lest they wanna taste some bad blood (I heard mosquitoes only go for blood that is sweet) when I go back to the kampung over the long weekend.

Yeap yeap yeap. A distant relative is getting married and I'm gonna be there, somewhere in Selangor. And good thing bout' that place, veggies in abundance! Not just any veggies, ok. They're those you eat raw with some lip-smacking sambal belachan. What the malays call 'ulam'.

I remember last time we were there, I end up plucking them veggies from all over the compound but have to show my mum first, before consuming them, in case I picked some inedible grass.

My mum called me a goat, seeing how much I glorify the idea of munching these leaves. I would rather she call me a rabbit, though.

Anyway, guess I won't be blogging for few days, then. Enjoy the long holidays, peeps!

Goodness, I just remembered that I'll be taking a train to KL! Urgh! Better get the mp3 player fully loaded & a THICK book in hand.

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