Sunday, April 17, 2005

Pissed Off


This is a note to the errant driver of the Red KIA Rio hatchback 1.5 that was heading for PIE(Changi Airport) on Clementi Ave 6 at around 8+pm just now.......

You, to whom I gave an early signal to filter to the right.
You, who was still far from where I was then.
You, who sped up upon seeing my signal.
You, who refused to give way.
You, who threateningly sidle up to my car after I got into the lane and posed immense danger to us.
You, whom I should have blasted my horn at but I don't because I was shocked + appalled at your audacity.
You, who cowardly sped off after that ridiculous action.
You, whom I should congratulate for successfully making me spew expletives in my parents' presence.
You, whose car registration no. I've taken note of.

Should anything had happened to us (esp. my parents) at that point of time due to your reckless, selfish and ridiculously stupid behaviour, I will not, I repeat, I WILL NOT hesitate to make a report to the police or even take legal action cos' I believe I have a strong case against YOU. You are damn lucky I braked in time and there wasn't any car behind me upon my sudden breaking or you sure will find youself in deep, deep s**t as of now.

I won't be the one doing everything. Oh yes, my father would so like to do something to obnoxious drivers like you. I don't think you are in any state of emergency upon that occurrence for anyone in a hurry won't bother to pose danger onto others or even themselves, for all that matter.

Besides, the ease at which you perform that stupendous action shows just how used you are to doing this. I bet I'm not the only one, eh?

You just watch out for I think someone else who will be in my situation shall do something to YOU! If you believe in retribution, you will have an inkling as to what I mean.


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