Monday, May 20, 2013

Spatula Bakery

For some time now, I've been following Spatula Bakery on Instagram, after my cousin told me to check out their 'Rosette' cakes, which she contemplate ordering for her bro's wedding.

Then I later saw that they also make these gorgeous cupcakes. Further on, these young Muslim ladies also open their own little shop along Joo Chiat Road. How can I not get excited, tell me?

The varieties of cupcakes were pretty interesting. Luscious flavours with quirky names. Got me really keen.

They have this 'cake in a jar' that's similar to the one I had in KL and also those from Wondermilk. I think those are available only on weekends. They also do custom cakes. You can check out their Instagram page.

One afternoon, during lunch, we happen to have our meal in that area so my colleagues and I cajoled our other colleague (the driver), who is the type of male who's doesn't give much care for desserts; to drive us there.

Almost missed their black & white signage with cute & whimsical 'bric a brac' at their display window. Mostly decorative cakes display & tiers.

Cupcakes display

Tempting you much…?

The flavours available that day was: 'Jazzy' Jaffa, 'Rockin' Red Velvet, 'Saucy' Salted Caramel, Cookie Crunch, Strawberry Sundae, 'Pure' PB, 'Mischievous' Milo Dino, 'Bouncy' Butterscotch & 'Charismatic' Caramel Macchiato.

…Don't say that I didn't warn you about their quirky names!

We got all agog when seeing all these varieties and decided to get 1/2 dozen, meaning each of us will choose 2 flavours.

The packaging

Inside the box

'Saucy' Salted Caramel -  'Rockin' Red Velvet -  'Jazzy' Jaffa
Cookie Crunch - 'Bouncy' Butterscotch - 'Charismatic' Caramel Macchiato

Closer look

My colleague Sri had the 'Jazzy' Jaffa, which is actually Chocolate-Orange cupcake. 'Jaffa' refers to a variant of orange. She also chose the 'Rockin' Red Velvet.

Another colleague, Roza chose the Cookie Crunch - 'Bouncy' Butterscotch.

I chose 'Charismatic' Caramel Macchiato - which must have been like a tribute to that popular coffee flavour… coincidentally a favourite of mine (esp. from Starbucks!). And 'Saucy' Salted Caramel. Argh, what do I do about my penchant for anything Salted Caramel??!

Ready to attack

Yes, we had our tea break amongst rolls of paper and paper cutter…

In the foreground is my Caramel Macchiato, then it's Sri's Red Velvet and lastly, it's Roza's Butterscotch cupcakes. 

'Charismatic' Caramel Macchiato

My personal take on these cupcakes?

Well… It's best that you try them out yourself. Everyone have their preferred type when it comes to cakes and my opinion doesn't really go for all. 

All I can say is that the cake seem a bit denser that what I'm used to. Or maybe we got them on a bad day. I guess this warrant another visit? Maybe to also check out their 'cake-in-a-jar'? 

Spatula Bakery
216 Joo Chiat Road
12pm-7pm, closed on Wed & Thu
Tel: 64447243

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mon An's Tumeric Squid

Tumeric squid set ~ $7

I can't say enough, just how much I LOVE this dish. I keep seeing the words 'Tumeric Squid' in their menu and wonder why it cost $7, as compared to the $5.50 for the other dish sets (comes with plain rice & stir-fried veggies).

When I ordered this dish, the (very) friendly assistant offered to make the veggie side dish more soupy. I can't figure out why but I agreed to it anyway. Usually the veggie side dish is of similar consistency the the everyday 'chap chye'. Minimal gravy.

Tumeric squid set

When this finally arrived, I was like, *WHOA!*

I was seriously expecting a plate of squid rings that are stir fried with some onions and peppers and tinted slightly yellow, due to the tumeric but this was another thing altogether!

This is similar to those 'Butter Sotong' served at Zhi Char places. Crispy battered squids. Wait... it's crispy squids, with SEASONED batter.

Served piping hot, very crispy and the seasoning is just AWESOME! So good that I literally want to eat it on its own. And the portion is just so generous!

Now I know why I was offered a more soupy side dish. The squid was a 'dry' dish after all. Such a thoughtful act!

I dare say, that I recommend this dish, should you drop by Mon An. My new fave dish, definitely!

Mon An Vietnamese Muslim Food
Blk 7 Eunos Crescent

(behind the bus stop)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mad Jack (Parkway) again

Seriously, eversince Banquet at level 4 went defunct, I find that we Muslim's aren't left with much choice to eat (esp. when it comes to cheap/local fare). Even Kartini Indonesian Restaurant & Siam Kitchen somewhat disappeared from their store listings. What's available, tell me?

- Pastamania
- Swensen's
- Coffee Bean Tea Leaf
- Mad Jack


Guess we're resigned to chomping at the nearby hawker centre before coming by here, should we prefer local fare. Tough luck.

That's why you've been seeing a whole lot of Mad Jack entries in here. And here's more.

Came by with the 3 guys in my life. My hubby, brother & kiddo (my dad should have completed the picture). Running errands here. Otherwise, we wouldn't have bothered with Parkway Parade (anymore).


Fried, battered mushrooms. Very nice to eat but I realise that whatever gave these their round shape (self-raising flour??) also make them pretty greasy.

Linguine Carbonara

With chicken ham & fresh button mushroom. Ordered this to share with my kiddo.

In the background is hubby's Turkey Bacon Beef Burger & Chips.


I mentioned in passing, to my bro about the Pavlova that they have in the cakes display area. I know that he had always been curious about meringues and their likes so I bet he'll feel the same about this one.

He excitedly left his seat to take a look and disappeared for sometime. He later came back, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Pretty soon, this was served to us. Even BEFORE our mains arrived. That's how curious my brother was.

Needless to say, he LOVED this. Sweet meringue, crispy outside, marshmallow soft inside with bland whipped cream and tart fruits. What's not to like...?


Next up is what I had during lunch with my colleagues, one day. Coincidentally, all of us seem to be in the mood for some burgers. 

Turkey Bacon Beef Burger & Chips

I admit to some food envy the previous time I was here. Burger King's Turkey Bacon double has always been my favourite and when my hubby ordered this previously, I vowed to have this the next time I come here.

In the background was my colleague's Mad Cow Burger & chips set, which is a part of the lunch set and cost only $9.90 (with soup & soft drink).

Blue Mountain Burger & chips

My male colleague must have be hungry when he ordered this. 3 beef patties with tomato, pineapple, cheese & caramelised onions.

If you think that is is crazy, there's also the Extreme Blue Mountain burger, which comes with FIVE patties!

Anyway, all of us were initially excited at the prospect of eating homemade beef patties but we realise that they used wayy too much fillers with the meat (which also explain the weird UFO shape). And they cooked this with too much oil, hence the patty appeared a lil' over-fried. Even crispy outside.

Taste a lot like beef nuggets...

I guess, I've had my expectations too high with their burgers... I'll stick to Botak's Favourites, next time.

I'm running out of ideas as to what I want to eat when I drop by Parkway Parade. I guess Swensen's fare better, after all. Especially when the pasta craving sets in....