Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mon An's Tumeric Squid

Tumeric squid set ~ $7

I can't say enough, just how much I LOVE this dish. I keep seeing the words 'Tumeric Squid' in their menu and wonder why it cost $7, as compared to the $5.50 for the other dish sets (comes with plain rice & stir-fried veggies).

When I ordered this dish, the (very) friendly assistant offered to make the veggie side dish more soupy. I can't figure out why but I agreed to it anyway. Usually the veggie side dish is of similar consistency the the everyday 'chap chye'. Minimal gravy.

Tumeric squid set

When this finally arrived, I was like, *WHOA!*

I was seriously expecting a plate of squid rings that are stir fried with some onions and peppers and tinted slightly yellow, due to the tumeric but this was another thing altogether!

This is similar to those 'Butter Sotong' served at Zhi Char places. Crispy battered squids. Wait... it's crispy squids, with SEASONED batter.

Served piping hot, very crispy and the seasoning is just AWESOME! So good that I literally want to eat it on its own. And the portion is just so generous!

Now I know why I was offered a more soupy side dish. The squid was a 'dry' dish after all. Such a thoughtful act!

I dare say, that I recommend this dish, should you drop by Mon An. My new fave dish, definitely!

Mon An Vietnamese Muslim Food
Blk 7 Eunos Crescent

(behind the bus stop)

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