Friday, April 28, 2006

congrats, tini

congrats, Tini!

Before I forget (how can I ever?), here's some heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS from me to a very dear fren that I've known since... what? K2? That's like.... A LOT of years ago (I dare not say the actual no. of years, there. Make me feel old. I dislike feeling old)!

Anyway, to Suriatini & Odi, who will be getting hitched over this weekend:

All the Best of Wishes for your big step into another phase in your life. May your marriage be blessed by Allah s.w.t with marital bliss that will last for the rest of your life. May both you and Odi have kids who will bring added happiness & joy. And most importantly, have a positive outlook in life. Insya-Allah, you'll make it through.

Can't wait to see the both of you with your big, big smile, sitting on the dais!

that trip

oh ya... that trip


How about this?

And espcially THESE? Ouwh!

Lamborghini Gallardo & Bentley Continental GT seen in the VIP (reserved) parking lot. Betcha' their owners are in there gambling in the high-rollers dept. S'pore plates, ok?

More pics **HERE**.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


how blissful is that?

Just another family outing.... And just look at the kids playing. Like any other (normal)kids, they enjoy the frolicking in the sand. You know, like in a sand-pit? Except that this one is really, really huge. The Sahara desert, to be exact.

Guess that's the dig when you have such great (read: rich, popular & good-looking) parents. "You want to play with sand? Ok, let mummy & daddy bring you. To the biggest sand-pit ever." Now, that would have been more fun, wouldn't it? Hah! Geez, I'm sooo shallow.

ahh... family. Such bliss.

Monday, April 24, 2006

after the weekend

after the (shiok!) weekend

It's 6, my boss's gone and I can't leave. And my collegue's on MC. So I'm cold, alone and STUCK here in the office. The rain outside, gosh. No way am I trudging around in this bad weather. I can't see anything. Visibity: 4/10

To think that it didn't rain over the weekend. Where I was, that is. Bless the fair weather on the chilly mountain-top that is Genting Highlands (yeap, my 5th time there). So worried was I that the wather forecast could have been accurate- having predicted that thunderstorms will come thru in the afternoon; that I actually hurried my mum & cousin through most of the outdoor games.

But it didn't rain of course. In fact, it did get quite a tad too warm to wear sweaters sometime around noon. But the chilly winds still blew in, nonetheless.

Having been placed at the First World Hotel's new Tower 2, I expect something much better than the existing Tower 1. If the rooms on Tower 1 were satisfactory, the ones herewere sorely disappointing. Worse, the view from my window was that of OTHER windows. Also, the lifts were much further down from the Main Lobby. And the hotel breakfast buffet spread pretty much sucked.

Other than that, everything else is randy-dandy. Makes the 2D1N trip feel much too short. But that's another story altogether. As for the pictures, yet to upload them. Heh. Till then...

On another note: The rain's not letting up so I guess I just have to get out there for home. Or else I'll miss 'So You Think You Can Dance'. It's stage time!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

beach road

beach road

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It was my 1st time y'noe. Eating bone steak. At Beach Road itself, that is. The infamous spot to consume the ridiculously bright red delicacy (as if the bones are not gross enough..).

I've eaten those home-cooked ones and those served on Saturday nights at weddings but coming here...? Never really crossed my mind. Those times I ate there, it was just those typical mee goreng/nasi goreng stuff.

And Tini hadn't ate there for a long, long time. What luck. The only person we can rely on came late. Thanks, D. Tini & I, these 2 poor souls got lost amidst the many, many stalls selling the same delicacy. So it wasn't a surprise when D said that we're sitting near the wrong stall.

Thank goodness we eventually sat between two rows of stalls, where it's pretty secluded. Apa lagi, lantak lah! Ate like barbarians. Slobbered the bones like nobody's business. Thank goodness for the auntie & blind man touting the tissues. We bought 6 packets. Worth. Every. Ply.

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Head down to Samar to ease the mabok kambing. I thought I came prepared with a bottle of minty gums for some post-mutton 'mouth cleansing'. D was even more well-prepared. She brought DENTAL FLOSS. Can't beat that.

Yah, nothing beats some scented smoke to rid us of the stinky effects of mutton. Plus a steaming pot of mint tea. And soulful, LIVE Arab music from above. Oh, and a cute, friendly waiter. Ahh....

Then we end it all with a midnight show. FIREWALL.... The show... ok ok lah. The pace is not consistent and admit it-Harrison Ford is OLD, ok. And he looks it. Geez.

Anyway, that shall be the last time the 3 of us went out before Tini's wedding next week. After that, someone with have a big, fat 'M' to put as her 'status'.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

changi chicken

changi chicken

What? No lah, the speciality here is the food. Really! What were you thinking?

After reading sooo much about it in your respective blogs, I managed to bring myself (plus my family & collegue) to Changi Village to eat THIS.


Not that I never ate at Changi Village before. It's just that I always end up eating at the hawker centre instead of the market area (where this stall is).

There's no mistaking the popularity of this dish. The whole bunch of us were amazed at the many uncleared tables cluttered with the stall's signature wooden bowls. And I soon realise why. The Ayam Penyet is sedaaaap! Power kedemak! I totally dislike drumsticks but in this case, I relish it. I dun even eat KFC that way, ok?

When I ask the fussy-chicken-lover brother of mine, which one he preferred: this Changi version or the Ria (Lucky Plaza/Joo Chiat) version, he replied, "That one is Indonesian style, this one different..." a.k.a No Comment. Cheh! If you ask me, I guess I'll answer the same way, too.
Later on when we were chilling out at Changi beach, something pretty strange happened, lah. It wasn't what I'll can a breezy night. It was only occasional that the sea breeze blew in.

Yet, suddenly there this really strong gust of wind coming in FROM THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Yes, where the carpark is. And it's not the kind of wind that everyone can feel, cos' the only things I see that's affected were this 2 coconut trees near us. The night air remained warm and still, otherwise.

The first tree only had it's leaves rustling-hard (luckily the coconuts never toppled down). The second tree was hit so bad that ALL the leaves actually bent over to the other side. And the noise it makes... Ugh! And with that, one of the leaves snapped off and got blown ACROSS THE SURFACE of the water all the way till it disappeared into the night. All of us at in that vicinity were staring at that ruckus, wide-eyed.

After it's over, I looked at my dad knowingly and he acknowledged that with a little shrug, saying, "Well... you know this place..." Hah!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


jusco j.b.

I wanna gripe about something here. Just who is it that told me about "this new Jusco place that is very BIG". Big my foot! Maybe to you but not to me. Walk, walk, walk and I already reached the other end. My bro thought it's as big as Suntec but I think it's more like Ngee Ann City.

Shopping wise? Erm.... Stick to S'pore. Believe me. Their goods tax really hike up the prices of most popular brands there. Not worth it. A place like Jusco is meant for you to enjoy their clean & new facilities. Oh, and the much classier subsidiary of Popular bookstore, Harris. Love it!

Oh ya. Went with my bro & my 2 favourite cousins, Sue & Nor.

My bro (the one sitting like a British India model) had his off day on Tuesdays and the rest of us ACTUALLY took leave just to accomodate him.

Cos' I just suck when it comes to driving/navigating around an unfamiliar place. And for safety reasons also, lah.

After covering the supposedly huge shopping area, we pondered over the destination for lunch (was raining cats & dogs outside, se we stick to this building still). The variety of restaurants are pretty all right.

We decide on a place not yet seen in S'pore.
The Chicken Rice Shop.

Got the set meal for 4. It cost RM48.90.

Guess what it consist of?

4 rice, 1/2 chicken (roast/steam/broiled), Honey BBQ chicken (ala char siew), Mango Salad (Thai style) ...

...Wait there's more.

Steamed Tofu, Pie Tee, Stir-fried Beansprouts AND a jug of soft drink.

On the right is the fried wantan (add-on). Each wantan is wrapped in such tiny pieces, you can eat them like popcorns.

In case you're wondering... Yes, the food's delicious.


Monday, April 03, 2006



Went to the branch @ Far East Plaza... I've read reviews bout' the food served there and..ermmm... well, it's not as impressive, lah.

Their variety or ramen is pretty interesting but basically the base is the same. It's just the ingredients used that varies.

My cousin ordered the Oyster Tempura Ramen. The oyster tasted good, despite being deep-fried. Personally speaking, I'd prefer my oysters raw but that another thing altogether.

The base has a pretty strong hint of miso (and maybe bonito?) but the noodles do come off as a tad soggy. Otherwise it's allright, I guess. Those wanting some spice can just sprinkle some Japanese chili flakes for that extra kick.

They also have rice bento sets that come with 2 dishes & a bowl of miso soup. I got the Salmon Sashimi (3 THIN slices only?!) & Chicken Cutlet set.

Just too bad that their selection of sashimi is limited only to salmon. Even their sushi. Pfft.

Another of my cousin got the bento set that comes with Miso Chicken & Prawn Croquet. Very interesting combination, huh?

Miso paste is generally the Japanese version of our local 'tauchu' so I guess you'll have an idea as to how it taste like.

We also ordered the Steamed Gyoza (not bad!), Chawanmoshi & drinks for the 3 of us. The total bill comes to be $64++++... My verdict?? Affordable but not necessarily cheap.