Monday, April 24, 2006

after the weekend

after the (shiok!) weekend

It's 6, my boss's gone and I can't leave. And my collegue's on MC. So I'm cold, alone and STUCK here in the office. The rain outside, gosh. No way am I trudging around in this bad weather. I can't see anything. Visibity: 4/10

To think that it didn't rain over the weekend. Where I was, that is. Bless the fair weather on the chilly mountain-top that is Genting Highlands (yeap, my 5th time there). So worried was I that the wather forecast could have been accurate- having predicted that thunderstorms will come thru in the afternoon; that I actually hurried my mum & cousin through most of the outdoor games.

But it didn't rain of course. In fact, it did get quite a tad too warm to wear sweaters sometime around noon. But the chilly winds still blew in, nonetheless.

Having been placed at the First World Hotel's new Tower 2, I expect something much better than the existing Tower 1. If the rooms on Tower 1 were satisfactory, the ones herewere sorely disappointing. Worse, the view from my window was that of OTHER windows. Also, the lifts were much further down from the Main Lobby. And the hotel breakfast buffet spread pretty much sucked.

Other than that, everything else is randy-dandy. Makes the 2D1N trip feel much too short. But that's another story altogether. As for the pictures, yet to upload them. Heh. Till then...

On another note: The rain's not letting up so I guess I just have to get out there for home. Or else I'll miss 'So You Think You Can Dance'. It's stage time!

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