Thursday, April 06, 2006


jusco j.b.

I wanna gripe about something here. Just who is it that told me about "this new Jusco place that is very BIG". Big my foot! Maybe to you but not to me. Walk, walk, walk and I already reached the other end. My bro thought it's as big as Suntec but I think it's more like Ngee Ann City.

Shopping wise? Erm.... Stick to S'pore. Believe me. Their goods tax really hike up the prices of most popular brands there. Not worth it. A place like Jusco is meant for you to enjoy their clean & new facilities. Oh, and the much classier subsidiary of Popular bookstore, Harris. Love it!

Oh ya. Went with my bro & my 2 favourite cousins, Sue & Nor.

My bro (the one sitting like a British India model) had his off day on Tuesdays and the rest of us ACTUALLY took leave just to accomodate him.

Cos' I just suck when it comes to driving/navigating around an unfamiliar place. And for safety reasons also, lah.

After covering the supposedly huge shopping area, we pondered over the destination for lunch (was raining cats & dogs outside, se we stick to this building still). The variety of restaurants are pretty all right.

We decide on a place not yet seen in S'pore.
The Chicken Rice Shop.

Got the set meal for 4. It cost RM48.90.

Guess what it consist of?

4 rice, 1/2 chicken (roast/steam/broiled), Honey BBQ chicken (ala char siew), Mango Salad (Thai style) ...

...Wait there's more.

Steamed Tofu, Pie Tee, Stir-fried Beansprouts AND a jug of soft drink.

On the right is the fried wantan (add-on). Each wantan is wrapped in such tiny pieces, you can eat them like popcorns.

In case you're wondering... Yes, the food's delicious.


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