Monday, April 03, 2006



Went to the branch @ Far East Plaza... I've read reviews bout' the food served there and..ermmm... well, it's not as impressive, lah.

Their variety or ramen is pretty interesting but basically the base is the same. It's just the ingredients used that varies.

My cousin ordered the Oyster Tempura Ramen. The oyster tasted good, despite being deep-fried. Personally speaking, I'd prefer my oysters raw but that another thing altogether.

The base has a pretty strong hint of miso (and maybe bonito?) but the noodles do come off as a tad soggy. Otherwise it's allright, I guess. Those wanting some spice can just sprinkle some Japanese chili flakes for that extra kick.

They also have rice bento sets that come with 2 dishes & a bowl of miso soup. I got the Salmon Sashimi (3 THIN slices only?!) & Chicken Cutlet set.

Just too bad that their selection of sashimi is limited only to salmon. Even their sushi. Pfft.

Another of my cousin got the bento set that comes with Miso Chicken & Prawn Croquet. Very interesting combination, huh?

Miso paste is generally the Japanese version of our local 'tauchu' so I guess you'll have an idea as to how it taste like.

We also ordered the Steamed Gyoza (not bad!), Chawanmoshi & drinks for the 3 of us. The total bill comes to be $64++++... My verdict?? Affordable but not necessarily cheap.

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