Friday, March 31, 2006

j.b. lunch

(big) j.b. lunch

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My bro hadn't got his leave approved and my dad refused to go. Somehow, that sibling of mine suffered a physical mishap and got 3 days MC. Meanwhile my dad, I think he got the idea as to why the 3 families are planning the trip.

...Like duh, his birthday just passed and my cousin's bdae is coming. Their birthdays are 5 days apart and the trip falls right smack in between the 2 dates.

So I guess my dad was flattered by that initiative. SO flattered that he decided to give everyone a treat. Lunch. All 13 of us. At Puteri Pan Pacific. And I had no inkling of that. I guess most of the others don't, too. Cos' most of us are togged in mere SLIPPERS. Heh.

Nothing beats eating buffet with your chums.
Lunch for 12 1/2 pax: RM381.25
All that fun: Priceless

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