Monday, March 27, 2006

qi ji

qi ji

Halal Chinese hawker food served in a contemporary setting. They've had quite a number of branches all over S'pore. I guess they do catering too (saw their lorry on the roads).

They're well known for their popiah. I tried that at some branches but I totally dig those made at Qi Ji Gourmet located @ Century Sq. Guess it all depends on the person making it.

Their Chee Cheong Fun is also the authentic kind. Plum Sauce, Chili (with a strong hint of dried prawns) and sesame. Plain & simple but nice!

Oh and don't forget their Soon Kueh while you're at it.

Their Laksa is also pretty good (with cockles). And don't be surprised if you end up liking their Mee Siam & Mee Rebus too.

Not to mention their Nasi Lemak. If I'm not wrong (not too sure here) the rice comes in a slight greenish colour. And there are various sets that have many options for the choice of side dishes to go with that rice and sambal.

Now they have this promotion where they bring out this new dish (dunno if this is permanent or not). Chicken Lasagna. You must be thinking, "Huh, 'lasagna' in a Chinese eatery?? You've gotta be kidding."

They served it with tobasco sauce & parmesan cheese on the side. And the dish is like a combination of lasagna & potato gratin/sheperd's pie. Yeap, they have mashed potato at the bottom of the dish.

Another thing, you gotta try their home made drinks like Chrysenthemum Tea, Barley, Lime Juice etc. Worth it.

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