Friday, March 17, 2006

food entry

food entry
Ok, ok. Food entry. My bro had his off day yesterday. He always had his off days on Tue but since the workplace is open for the whole week due to the school holidays, he got it on another odd day, which is good news cos' that'll mean that my parents & I can finally bring him to our new favourite haunt, Razack's Kitchen.

Not exactly new, lah. We've patronised them since they first started around 1995, when they're just a small stall in the Geylang Serai coffeeshop (under blk 3). Then they moved to Bedok. Then to Joo Chiat (or is it vice versa?). Then we lost track of their current location. I remember once, my parents ordered mooncakes from them. And it's not the regular, baked ones. It's the 'snowskin' version. YUM! Very delicate, in terms of both the texture & taste.

Then they came out on TGIF sometime ago. But I forgot to check their location. It wasn't until a friend mentioned about the place that I finally get to bring my parents there. Even then, I had no idea how to get there so I end up making 2 rounds at Changi Road-Kembangan (because the roads are 1-way). And we finally got to eating their food once again.

The owner is a Muslim from Hong Kong and they serve mainly Cantonese & Szechuan food. Cantonese food is mostly seafood cooked with a savoury, mild taste. Like those we commonly eat at seafood restaurants. They also serve superb dim sums like dumplings, paus & siew mais. Like those you see in H.K restaurants.

Szechuan food consist mainly of inland food like chicken, meat & veggie. And the food's spicy. I LIKE! Szechuan ppl have this 'Szechuan pepper' which totally spiced things up pretty good.

My family totally dig their Hot & Sour Soup.Consisting of mainly chinese mushrooms, sliced chilli & soft tofu in broth thickened with beaten egg (like shark's-fin soup). They mix in some chilli oil for that extra kick and some chinese vinegar, hence the 'hot' & 'sour' taste.

And THIS is why we wanted to bring my bro along. He's a fussy eater and like some guys, he like chicken & fried food. Like this Szechuan dish, Deep Fried Chicken with Hot & Sour Sauce.

The sauce is the killer. My bro insist that it taste like the Sweet & Sour sauce we eat with seafood (esp. fish) but I can swear it taste like homemade BBQ sauce. REALLY! Savoury & tangy at the same time.

The wantan is the reason why my family love coming here. The filling is 100% prawn. AND it's CHUNKY prawns. Not the paste kind. Unlike those outside, they mix the prawns with some chicken paste which create a pretty weird taste.

And we also ordered their recommendation, the Shanghai Fried Dumplings, which is rather similar to the Japanese Chicken Gyoza. Fabulous! The filling is so full that the dumpling practically bulged.

My parents had the Wantan Mee and I had the Braised Beef noodles (yup, they're good). My bro had the chicken, Chilli Kangkong (which is also a Szechuan dish, didn't know that!) with rice. Then there's the soup & dumplings. We had our own drinks and the bill actually came up to less than $35! Amazing! Will definitely be a regular here. The owner and his family is very friendly and they always make a point to see that everything's all right with the food.

The eatery's closed on Tuedays, though (which is my bro's day off, bummer!).

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