Monday, October 25, 2004

Boy, am I still pissed. Why, oh why...Of all teams to break Arsenal's record, it has to be Man U? At Ol' Trafford, even. Before that match, I was trying to be fair, ok... Hoping for a mere draw. As long as Arsenal maintain their unbeaten streak (esp. the fact that it will be their 50th.)

List of what may lead to the disastrous loss when contending Man U.
1) Match is held at Ol' Trafford. Homeground advantage. Those blardee fans sure have really strong throats. The noise they make througout the match, (esp. the BOOS)... Whoa, amazing!
2) Man U desperately need the 3 points. Heck, did you see their last 2 games? And their position on the table?
3) They were traditional rivals. Since Wenger took over on '96, the Premiership Cup goes between only these 2 teams. An ego-booster will be nice.
4) Lastly, wouldn't it be nice to be THE team to break Arsenal's 49 unbeaten matches record? Hmmpf!

Ruud van Nistelrooy celebrates his penalty goal

Cristiano Ronaldo (r) tussles with Ashley Cole

For more info on the match, go to the Premiership website.

Oh, hell hath no fury like the fan of a team lost.
I'm a mild-tempered person but only sports can do this to me. Both racing & soccer. I'm like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. That's why, my soccer watching should only happen at home. Should I be fated to watch a match outside(esp. any Man U or Arsenal match) man-am I an embarrassment to my parents or what??!

Doesn't help that other fellow Arsenal fans are too pre-occupied. My dad slept even BEFORE the game. Another one slept 1/2way thru' the game. Another has no cable TV. So I practically have to update these ppl.

When I wake up for 'sahur' I did not even mention the match to my dad (I think he forgot). Then my bro (who by the way is a Man U fan) cheekily told my dad, "How come sis never tell you bout' yesterday's match?"
Oh, you should see my face then. I can just stomp on his foot there & then. My dad was so convinced, the Arsenal fan that he was, "Of course Arsenal won, rite?" he said, looking at me. Suddenly the food is more interesting that this silly conversation. Grrr...Everytime my bro talk bout' the match, I have something sinister to reply with, "It's a penalty...Oh do you know that this refree gave 8 penalties to the 8 matches he had with Man U???" (which, by the way, is true)

Finally, to appease myself... After this win, Man U went up to 5th position on the table, a whole 8 points behind leader Arsenal. Peace-for now.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Watched the Australian motor GP just now... Very intense, I tell ya. It's the final round so today's the day when they announce the world champion for 2004(even though it's obvious who the winners are...)

250cc World champion is this 19 yr-old Spanish boy....'Boy'-because he's only 19, 'boy'-because he's all of 158cm and only 43kg...'Boy'-because he still looks like one!!

He's going to be world champion as long as he got 2 pathetic points..So he kept it cool and became comfortable at 3rd position almost throughout the race, until the final 3 laps when he fell to 4th placing. Who cares??! He's the World Champion anyway... His 1st for 250cc.

What did I tell you..? Very boyish, isn't he???

But, when the race starts, you can forget about him being a 'boy'. He's the 2004 250cc World Champion! Well...Until he took off his helmet, that is.

Then it's the super, super intense battle between World Champion Valentino Rossi and the runner-up, Sete Gibernau in the 500cc race. Apparently both of them decide to make it personal. Rossi has vented his frustration at the Moivistar team during the Sepang press conference in regard to his accident at Qatar. Gibernau got so frustrated and managed only a 4th position in that Sepang race.

Rossi, despite being confirmed the World Champion, insist on making it to the 1st position knowing that Gibernau will aim for it. Gibernau meanwhile, is bent on giving Rossi a hard time. And boy, what a race it's been.

They were head to head all the while and the last 7 laps was so intense, I almost forgot I was fasting. By the last round I was screaming at Gibernau to maintain his 1st position. What the heck, Rossi beat him to the finishing line, anyway. Not that I don't like Rossi, but I think he has won enough...

Valentino Rossi...Until now, I still tell myself that he looked scary. Do you see why???

Not when he's in full gear, all action packed. Heck, you wouldn't even know it's him!

All the screaming while I'm fasting... Boy, my throat is soooo sore..!

The royal couple on a pair of gilded seat, no less...

I finally got to watch a full length documentary of the recent royal wedding of the crown prince of Brunei...Very O.T.T, I tell ya. It's interesting to see how ppl with lotsa' lotsa' money use the dough for such occasions.
A wedding celebration that last a long, long time(must have been the longest ever!) The patriotism showed by the Bruneians, standing in the rain to see the newly-wed couple in their full glory (the gilded Rolls Royce, included) despite the heavy downpour.... Amazing.
Ceremonies after ceremonies, one 'costume' after another. Hundreds of VIPs (I manage to spot S'pore's own LKY!!) and should have seen the gift of jewelleries given to the bride. Real gems, no less. Not to mention that huge rock of a diamond on her finger! At least 10carats, I'd say....

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Oh, ya...Before I forget...

May this holy month of Ramadhan bring much blessing to all and do make use of this opprtunity to bring ourselves closer to Allah s.w.t. May we be guided into the path of the followers... Insya-Allah.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Went to J.B. last Saturday with...who else..? My 2 paternal cousins-without whom life will be less fun.. Rite..? Rite???

Breakfast at Coffee Bean (finally, we did it!!) Footwear shopping..(you gals should check out Padini & Mixit @ City Square Shopping Ctr.) Then shopping stuff for my bro at Angsana shopping Centre. Lunch @ Kenny Rogers (which sux to the max..) and more shopping. Sigh..Great day isn't it?? Not forgetting our favourite past-time...People spotting. There's much to see in the ppl across the Causeway, I'd say...

Remember the customs officer at Woodlands checkpoint?? Haa haar..Funniest one that day... Took some pics in bus 160 to Jurong East. Also had pics dated a couple of weeks back... J.B. Happy (click here)
Here's a sneak peek.

3 of us, few weeks back after a certain wedding at Taman Jurong...

My 2 cousins. So tired, still can smile..

Trying to get my face into the shot despite my hand being the one doing the clicking... In SBS bus no. 160 ...
Crazy gals...
Eversince I got this new phone, I led myself into some photo-taking frenzy. My clicking-happy fingers set to work almost immediately. My first target?? The Office + The Balcony Garden (click here).
Here's a sneak peek...

One view of the balcony garden.

This orchid's vibrant colour makes it a clean favourite..

I love this Reception/Waiting Area. Gives the office a homely look.

Wanna see more?? Go to the link yourself.

Friday, October 08, 2004

I finally load pics of what happen on the week of my b day. Sorry it kinda took so long.. Birthday Week (click here)

Went out with Shyba on the night of 1st Oct. She gave me this really cutesy bottle with a very mysterious shade of blue. Really nice...

Nice, rite???

The next day Caca treat me to luch at Swensens. We head for the most convenient un' in town, PS. Then it's coffee @ Starbucks Millenia. One of the greatest days, I must say. I also walked around Orchard Road with a 'certain something' that Caca gave me. I sure got the stares....Hee...

Cute, rite?? See how big it is. And it's the Children's Day weekend...Kids practically gaped at this thingy that was in a TRANSPARENT plastic bag...

Thursday, October 07, 2004

What goes on during the b'dae dinner @ BREEKS! Amk...
My bro, acting as Mr Paparazzi took candid shots of us during dinner. Warning: The shots, being candid, carried really expressionless faces comparable to that of zombies in the movie 28 Days Later...
Gotta thank him thou, cos' these shots are also what will remind me of my 2* b'dae...

B'dae girl finishing the last bits of her seafood marinara..I know I looked silly..Hello??! Candid shot, remember??!

My mum's gonna freak out. She detests candid shots. Always said that they're a waste of film (personally I think she just wanna look good in fotos..)Now that we go digital...Wat will it be..? Waste of kilobytes..?

My dad reaching for some food across the table..

Bro came late. However all is forgiven when he gave me this.Eeeeek! Cute, rite??!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

28th Sept`04
I kinda miss out something...Yeap..My 20++(bleep!..bleep!) Birthday. Dun even bother asking how old I am. I'm still THAT young.
Anyway, called my dad at the office to ask where we're goin later. He told me to decide. Shucks! Yar..yar..It's the bdae girl's choice, I know. But in case you dunno, I am sumone who finds decision-making a chore. Not surprisingly, I asked this when I reach home in the evening, "So, where are we goin?" (I had a very strong feeling my dad was pretty infuriated by now. It sure dun help tat my bro is now somewhere else..) I was so looking forward to them fetching me at work...And yet, I have to drive...Boo hoo!
My dad's pretty pissed that he may miss the grand-finals of the 'dangdut-idol' contest. We leave it to my mum who took the opportunity to say, "BREEKS! Ang Mo Kio branch." What the..??? AMK? My dad & I were grumbling bout' having to go so far. Heck, I dun even noe how to get there...
In the end, kinda' easy to find the place but reaching there is not. There was a major jam on the CTE...Yikes.!..I'm hungwee..
Reaching there, I wasted no time making the order. Grrr..More choices. Lost. The fact that Zingdo served Korean food is a dbl bonus. Mum & I ordered our fav. Unagi and stuffed squids (which are a meagre 3 pcs.) Hearing that the deserts are at 50% off, she ordered 2 brownies. My dad mentioned 'meat' so I recommended the sirloin steak. Myself..? Lost again.. Settled for Seafood Marinara.
Bro came when we're like 1/2way thru' our meal. Dad was pissed before that. "This should be a family thing." As always, when my bro arrived, he kept mum. I was pissed at him to but all was forgiven when he gave me...a MASHIMARO h/p pouch!!! And it's not the flimsy cloth type. It's the leathery one with a real strap. Not those strings. And it's blue! Yayyy!!!
He ordered a meagre Fish & Chips. The dish arrived. I chose to take back that word, 'meagre'. The fillet is super-huge! Like Gurame fish.
The brownies are topped with ice-cream with whipped cream on the side. Sinful, I know but it's not often, rite??

I'm glad all went well. Thanks mum for the suggestion. The AMK branch was not only spacious, it's bright enough, convenient parking location and the food's food. I guess mum knows best, huh?

Moi nu fone.

Didn't use it much except that I've been goiing crazy bout' the camera & mp3s. Not to mention the polyphonic ringtones. But...heh..all rock songs, lah. Except for one Justin T's Cry Me A River. I didn't even use the video function. Yet to read the user manual. I dunno if it's a case of pure laziness or just lazy...Wait, it's the same. Sheesh.
Switching from the humble 8310 to the uber-chic 6230 is a super-big jump for me such that I'm struggling with the directories 1/2 the time. Takes time and looootsa' patience.

Now.. Breathe innn... Breathe ouuut.....

It's them....Them who caused that war...Oh ye people...They caused the death of great warriors Achilles and Prince Hector...Yet, they lived...

Ironic..that's the first word that comes to mind after I finished watching the Troy DVD. I know, I's super late to catch up on such a good movie...
Why "ironic"? Well, let's see. Throughout the whole movie I was rooting for the city of Troy (and whoever associated with it...)
1-Paris stole the Queen of Sparta & made her Helen of Troy. Because of that, 50, ooo men came after them. Darn those invited guests!!!! How dare they invade Troy!
Hello..??! Who stole the queen in the first place????
2-Paris(again) stood his ground about winning Helen fair & square by challenging the King of Sparta. When he is on the losing end, what did he do? He crawled(shamelessly) to his dear brother, Hector. Coward. Yet, I still wanna Paris to win. What did Hector do? Stab the King of Sparta, thus killing him. Rejoice!
Hector wasn't even part of the challenge. The killing is super-unfair!!!
3-Hector ordered the Trojan soldiers to attack the Greeks who camped by the beach in the dead of the night, thus taking them by surprise. Easy victory-for that moment. Rejoice again!
That's dirty play!
4-Hector killed Achilles cousin, thinking his opponent to be Achilles. Achilles seek revenge & kill Hector. I was furious at Achilles.
So what if it's by accident? Achilles deserve that revenge. There's no such thind as 'accidental death' in a warrior's vocabulary.
5-The Great Horse. Troy was eventually brought down & burnt. I was horrified.
Now do they deserve that? All because of Helen??? The face that launched a thousand ships...

Whoever wrote the story & Wolfgang Petersen himself must have done this on purpose. To twist the audience's mindset on visualising Troy as protaginist and the Greeks at antagonists. As a whole - yeah, Greek had the right to launch the attack despite the King's greed..But the Trojans are potrayed as being more human. Close family bonding..Unity..Intelligence and down-to-earth..Yet they are the ones who are shrewed. While the Greeks are potrayed as more barbaric and cold. . .

Right..? Right..? So much for the phrase, "All's Fair In Love & War.."