Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's them....Them who caused that war...Oh ye people...They caused the death of great warriors Achilles and Prince Hector...Yet, they lived...

Ironic..that's the first word that comes to mind after I finished watching the Troy DVD. I know, I know..it's super late to catch up on such a good movie...
Why "ironic"? Well, let's see. Throughout the whole movie I was rooting for the city of Troy (and whoever associated with it...)
1-Paris stole the Queen of Sparta & made her Helen of Troy. Because of that, 50, ooo men came after them. Darn those invited guests!!!! How dare they invade Troy!
Hello..??! Who stole the queen in the first place????
2-Paris(again) stood his ground about winning Helen fair & square by challenging the King of Sparta. When he is on the losing end, what did he do? He crawled(shamelessly) to his dear brother, Hector. Coward. Yet, I still wanna Paris to win. What did Hector do? Stab the King of Sparta, thus killing him. Rejoice!
Hector wasn't even part of the challenge. The killing is super-unfair!!!
3-Hector ordered the Trojan soldiers to attack the Greeks who camped by the beach in the dead of the night, thus taking them by surprise. Easy victory-for that moment. Rejoice again!
That's dirty play!
4-Hector killed Achilles cousin, thinking his opponent to be Achilles. Achilles seek revenge & kill Hector. I was furious at Achilles.
So what if it's by accident? Achilles deserve that revenge. There's no such thind as 'accidental death' in a warrior's vocabulary.
5-The Great Horse. Troy was eventually brought down & burnt. I was horrified.
Now do they deserve that? All because of Helen??? The face that launched a thousand ships...

Whoever wrote the story & Wolfgang Petersen himself must have done this on purpose. To twist the audience's mindset on visualising Troy as protaginist and the Greeks at antagonists. As a whole - yeah, Greek had the right to launch the attack despite the King's greed..But the Trojans are potrayed as being more human. Close family bonding..Unity..Intelligence and down-to-earth..Yet they are the ones who are shrewed. While the Greeks are potrayed as more barbaric and cold. . .

Right..? Right..? So much for the phrase, "All's Fair In Love & War.."

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