Monday, October 25, 2004

Boy, am I still pissed. Why, oh why...Of all teams to break Arsenal's record, it has to be Man U? At Ol' Trafford, even. Before that match, I was trying to be fair, ok... Hoping for a mere draw. As long as Arsenal maintain their unbeaten streak (esp. the fact that it will be their 50th.)

List of what may lead to the disastrous loss when contending Man U.
1) Match is held at Ol' Trafford. Homeground advantage. Those blardee fans sure have really strong throats. The noise they make througout the match, (esp. the BOOS)... Whoa, amazing!
2) Man U desperately need the 3 points. Heck, did you see their last 2 games? And their position on the table?
3) They were traditional rivals. Since Wenger took over on '96, the Premiership Cup goes between only these 2 teams. An ego-booster will be nice.
4) Lastly, wouldn't it be nice to be THE team to break Arsenal's 49 unbeaten matches record? Hmmpf!

Ruud van Nistelrooy celebrates his penalty goal

Cristiano Ronaldo (r) tussles with Ashley Cole

For more info on the match, go to the Premiership website.

Oh, hell hath no fury like the fan of a team lost.
I'm a mild-tempered person but only sports can do this to me. Both racing & soccer. I'm like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. That's why, my soccer watching should only happen at home. Should I be fated to watch a match outside(esp. any Man U or Arsenal match) man-am I an embarrassment to my parents or what??!

Doesn't help that other fellow Arsenal fans are too pre-occupied. My dad slept even BEFORE the game. Another one slept 1/2way thru' the game. Another has no cable TV. So I practically have to update these ppl.

When I wake up for 'sahur' I did not even mention the match to my dad (I think he forgot). Then my bro (who by the way is a Man U fan) cheekily told my dad, "How come sis never tell you bout' yesterday's match?"
Oh, you should see my face then. I can just stomp on his foot there & then. My dad was so convinced, the Arsenal fan that he was, "Of course Arsenal won, rite?" he said, looking at me. Suddenly the food is more interesting that this silly conversation. Grrr...Everytime my bro talk bout' the match, I have something sinister to reply with, "It's a penalty...Oh do you know that this refree gave 8 penalties to the 8 matches he had with Man U???" (which, by the way, is true)

Finally, to appease myself... After this win, Man U went up to 5th position on the table, a whole 8 points behind leader Arsenal. Peace-for now.

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