Friday, March 31, 2006

j.b. lunch

(big) j.b. lunch

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My bro hadn't got his leave approved and my dad refused to go. Somehow, that sibling of mine suffered a physical mishap and got 3 days MC. Meanwhile my dad, I think he got the idea as to why the 3 families are planning the trip.

...Like duh, his birthday just passed and my cousin's bdae is coming. Their birthdays are 5 days apart and the trip falls right smack in between the 2 dates.

So I guess my dad was flattered by that initiative. SO flattered that he decided to give everyone a treat. Lunch. All 13 of us. At Puteri Pan Pacific. And I had no inkling of that. I guess most of the others don't, too. Cos' most of us are togged in mere SLIPPERS. Heh.

Nothing beats eating buffet with your chums.
Lunch for 12 1/2 pax: RM381.25
All that fun: Priceless

Monday, March 27, 2006


a p m

Regional/Malayan Music Awards organised by the 2 malay-language 'sister' stations of Mediacorp Radio.

Got pretty good seats despite paying only $40 bux for it ('somebody' bought them for me). Actual price is $48. Got seated behind the sponsors, facing the centre stage directly. Not bad, huh?

Went with moi 3 paternal cousins Sue, Ate & Nor


my longtime pal, Tini (her 1st time)

The star-studded line-up sorta' impressed me. I think the M'sian singing phenomenon, Mawi has pretty much improved his singing. He sure got the voice to match that big lungs. Trust the music maestros like M.Nasir to take him in despite others saying that his voice kinda sucked.

The small kids during the Ahli Fiqir performance were uber-cute and I am so glad I get to hear Jaclyn Victor sing live. That and Gigi's energetic performance? Worth.every.cent.

Any gripes?

You bet. And it's all about the venue. The air-con got pretty cold 1/2way though the show. But I dun really have issues with that. It's the bloody SOUND SYSTEM. If you think Indoor Stadium is bad, try HERE. The main speakers blasting mostly noise from the front of the stage and the blardee sound technicians can't seem to prevent the music from the instuments from 'swallowing' most of the singers' voices. And they're making Max Pavilion the main venue for concerts?? Bleargh!

Another thing. Have you any idea how far it was to walk to Hall 9 from the main road/drop-off point? Or even the car park. The poor poor old ladies limping all of the... lets see... 400 metres?? I kid you not. It's THAT far, ok?

Next year on, can we just have the APM at the simple & accessible Singapore Expo hall? Pleaseee???

qi ji

qi ji

Halal Chinese hawker food served in a contemporary setting. They've had quite a number of branches all over S'pore. I guess they do catering too (saw their lorry on the roads).

They're well known for their popiah. I tried that at some branches but I totally dig those made at Qi Ji Gourmet located @ Century Sq. Guess it all depends on the person making it.

Their Chee Cheong Fun is also the authentic kind. Plum Sauce, Chili (with a strong hint of dried prawns) and sesame. Plain & simple but nice!

Oh and don't forget their Soon Kueh while you're at it.

Their Laksa is also pretty good (with cockles). And don't be surprised if you end up liking their Mee Siam & Mee Rebus too.

Not to mention their Nasi Lemak. If I'm not wrong (not too sure here) the rice comes in a slight greenish colour. And there are various sets that have many options for the choice of side dishes to go with that rice and sambal.

Now they have this promotion where they bring out this new dish (dunno if this is permanent or not). Chicken Lasagna. You must be thinking, "Huh, 'lasagna' in a Chinese eatery?? You've gotta be kidding."

They served it with tobasco sauce & parmesan cheese on the side. And the dish is like a combination of lasagna & potato gratin/sheperd's pie. Yeap, they have mashed potato at the bottom of the dish.

Another thing, you gotta try their home made drinks like Chrysenthemum Tea, Barley, Lime Juice etc. Worth it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

morning post IX

morning quote:

It's my dad's b'dae tomorrow and I have yet to buy anything. Gah!

Better still, on his b'dae, instead of having a lovely family dinner, both my mum & I are scooting off to attend the APM. Heck, my mum even took leave to attend THAT (she works permanent night shift).

Too bad, what I intend to buy, needs the presence of my bro. And he's got outrageous working hours. What a bummer...! -_-


Friday, March 17, 2006

food entry

food entry
Ok, ok. Food entry. My bro had his off day yesterday. He always had his off days on Tue but since the workplace is open for the whole week due to the school holidays, he got it on another odd day, which is good news cos' that'll mean that my parents & I can finally bring him to our new favourite haunt, Razack's Kitchen.

Not exactly new, lah. We've patronised them since they first started around 1995, when they're just a small stall in the Geylang Serai coffeeshop (under blk 3). Then they moved to Bedok. Then to Joo Chiat (or is it vice versa?). Then we lost track of their current location. I remember once, my parents ordered mooncakes from them. And it's not the regular, baked ones. It's the 'snowskin' version. YUM! Very delicate, in terms of both the texture & taste.

Then they came out on TGIF sometime ago. But I forgot to check their location. It wasn't until a friend mentioned about the place that I finally get to bring my parents there. Even then, I had no idea how to get there so I end up making 2 rounds at Changi Road-Kembangan (because the roads are 1-way). And we finally got to eating their food once again.

The owner is a Muslim from Hong Kong and they serve mainly Cantonese & Szechuan food. Cantonese food is mostly seafood cooked with a savoury, mild taste. Like those we commonly eat at seafood restaurants. They also serve superb dim sums like dumplings, paus & siew mais. Like those you see in H.K restaurants.

Szechuan food consist mainly of inland food like chicken, meat & veggie. And the food's spicy. I LIKE! Szechuan ppl have this 'Szechuan pepper' which totally spiced things up pretty good.

My family totally dig their Hot & Sour Soup.Consisting of mainly chinese mushrooms, sliced chilli & soft tofu in broth thickened with beaten egg (like shark's-fin soup). They mix in some chilli oil for that extra kick and some chinese vinegar, hence the 'hot' & 'sour' taste.

And THIS is why we wanted to bring my bro along. He's a fussy eater and like some guys, he like chicken & fried food. Like this Szechuan dish, Deep Fried Chicken with Hot & Sour Sauce.

The sauce is the killer. My bro insist that it taste like the Sweet & Sour sauce we eat with seafood (esp. fish) but I can swear it taste like homemade BBQ sauce. REALLY! Savoury & tangy at the same time.

The wantan is the reason why my family love coming here. The filling is 100% prawn. AND it's CHUNKY prawns. Not the paste kind. Unlike those outside, they mix the prawns with some chicken paste which create a pretty weird taste.

And we also ordered their recommendation, the Shanghai Fried Dumplings, which is rather similar to the Japanese Chicken Gyoza. Fabulous! The filling is so full that the dumpling practically bulged.

My parents had the Wantan Mee and I had the Braised Beef noodles (yup, they're good). My bro had the chicken, Chilli Kangkong (which is also a Szechuan dish, didn't know that!) with rice. Then there's the soup & dumplings. We had our own drinks and the bill actually came up to less than $35! Amazing! Will definitely be a regular here. The owner and his family is very friendly and they always make a point to see that everything's all right with the food.

The eatery's closed on Tuedays, though (which is my bro's day off, bummer!).

Thursday, March 16, 2006

morning quote VIII

morning quote:

I've had Jason Mraz's 'GEEK IN THE PINK' playing in my head since the past week. And I DID try to sing along to the song with the aid of the lyrics and BOY! was it difficult.

That guy sure can sing fast. Hello, he's not Mr A-Z for nothing. And you should try reading the lyrics. Words jumbled up together that seem to kinda make sense, somehow *surprisingly*. The first few times singing along had been such a futile attempt cos: fast singing+weird words strung together=a struggle to sing the darn song. REALLY!

But I'm determined to conquer that song, no-matter-what. I can sing along with him now. Yeah! What?! Memorise?? Naaahhh... Too difficult. Too toublesome. Anyone going to his gig at The Esplanade??

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

2 1/2 dates

2 1/2 dates

That Satuday night, the 3 of us planned on a 'girls-nite-out'. We tot of our routine shisha-session but decided to skip it for a movie instead.

Maybe it's our choice of movie but a date meant for 3 girls became a '2 1/2 dates'. Both of Tini's & Deanna's other 1/2 insist on watching "The DATE MOVIE" together. So there I was, sandwiched between ....

... these 2 couples.

After which, we chose to just chill at Yishun Dam. But girls being girls, I guess it's their responsibility to 'feed their guys' and bought some rojak mamak at this 'Teh Tarik Korner'.

Not bad, leh. The gravy similar to the Waterloo Rojak sauce.

Left at 4+am. Deanna & Azari were filling in the M'sian arrival cards when we left. They still can head for J.B, ok? I'm bushed.

So was it weird moving around with 2 couple whiile I'm still 'flying solo'?? Heh.

I'll tell you what's MORE weird. Reaching home at 5am and yet, having to drive around by noon, with your grandparents in the car. And my grandma shall 'accompany' me in the front seat. Goodness gracious me!

Monday, March 13, 2006

date movie

date movie

After all those oscar-nominated heavies, I watched Date Movie. Heck, I dun even know this movie existed! Watched it because my girlfriends want to (afterwards, their respective other 1/2s insisted on watching it too & I got sandwiched between 2 couples, haha!).

This movie is seriously full of crap, lar. Go if you wanna have a good laugh. It's weird watching this movie on the big screen cos' this is the kinda movie where my bro & I will watch in the wee hours on a Friday night-DVD of course. And laugh our ass off in the dark living room with midnight snacks of grilled cheese sandwiches, chips and Milo Dino... Mmmmm....

morning quite v

morning quote:

The racing season has started!!!!! At last, something else to watch on ESPN Star Sports besides soccer! Woweee!

Anybody watched the Bahrain Grand Prix yesterday?? Intense! I totally dig those occasions where they let us listen to the conversations between the techie guys & the drivers. U figure out their strategies and u know what they had in mind. I figure out the Kimi Raikonnen's 1-stop plan and the timing strategy the Renault team had in mind for Alonso (which eventually led him to the win, yee ha!).

Now, where's MotoGP??! Gimme Rossi. Gimme Pedrosa!

Friday, March 10, 2006



Had been darn sick on the 4 days preceding this picnic. Considering that we've been planning this since eons ago, I believe it's not fair of me to just back out.

But I dun regret it. The fresh air and nice surroundings sure did me some good. But not the heat. Nayyy.

For I come back with a fever higher than the past few days. Thank goodness my parents ain't home so I hurriedly tried to bring the fever down before they come back. I dun wanna risk getting an earful from them for insisting on going despite my condition.

I just had to go there again. When I'm all well and dandy.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006



Those around me will know just how much I love Brokeback Mountain. And when that movie was trumped by 'dark horse', Crash - I tell you, I could not be happier.

On one of the days that I was on mc sometime last week, I manage to catch Crash on DVD and boy, was I blown away! I remember, I was only 1/2way thru watching it and I already sms a fellow movie buff about how good it was.

"...Crash is superb! There are no good or bad guys. A lot of grey areas. Great acting, nice soundtrack..."

I dunno how many times I cried towards the end. You can almost feel the hurt each character felt; spaced-out in society.

"....It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something..."

GO. Watch it!