Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Han Ga In

Han Ga In

She's gotta top my list of fave Korean actress right now. Ain't she gorgeous?!

Currently watching KBS's reruns of her 2004 hit drama, Terms Of Endearment/Conditions Of Love and man, I'm hooked on that perky nose and big, big eyes. I remember, she got the Best Couple award for her superb on-screen chemistry with Song Il Gook in that drama.

You can see from her school yearbook pics, the features that make her look as she does now are already existent. So that nose and eyes? They're natural (you can't really trust the Koreans with 'natural' beauty).

Sorry guys. She's taken. Taken; as in m-a-r-r-i-e-d. To another actor. 2 years ago.

She's so pretty, pretty, pretty!

Man, I feel so shallow somehow.

Friday, September 21, 2007

gemelli & the sweet stone parad'ice

gemelli & the sweet stone parad'ice

Broke fast with Kai & Khama yesterday. My 'good-food' kakis. The theme yesterday could have been: 'Atas' food in not-so-'atas' locations (read:hawker centres).

First stop is Bedok Food Court/Centre, a.k.a Bedok 'Corner'. Near the army camp, there. There's this stall selling Italian food. Gemelli Pasta & Pizza. Tucked in a corner. The variety is quite impressive. Starters, Soups, Pastas & Pizzas.

Yes, it's Halal.

I can't really comprehend what the dishes really are, seeing that they retain their Italian names. Thank goodness they have these short descriptions. And thumbs up to the service given by the lady for answering our queries regarding the varous dishes and making recommendations.

Each of us got a pasta and decide to share a small pizza, just to have a taste.

Khamz had the Salmon in Cream Sauce.

Kai had the Ham and Cheese Penne.

I had the Crepe with Spinach, Chicken & Mushroom Filling. Yes, with Cream Sauce.

So much for variety...

Guess, no one is game for any spicy or tomato-based dishes after starving the whole day (acidic!).

And we shared this Pepperoni & Triple Cheese Pizza. The base is soft, yet crispy. Just the way I like it.

As you can see, I'm never able to quote the actual names of the dishes. I forgot them as soon as I made my orders.

In fact, I didn't even say out their names. Just point to the pictures.

Not that I know much Italian to start with....

It's nice too see how they try to keep everything authentic - from the names to the ingredients used. Nothing much is localised here. And the price - VERY affordable. Pastas come at a range of under $10. Our bill came up to only $25. Each dish was an average of $6++. Cool!

I dunno if they prepared the food in a hurry or what. The food centre wasn't even packed. The cream sauce was not as rich as we expected. A little bland if I may add. Khama doused his pasta with more parmesan cheese while Kai & I, the chilli flakes (available at the condiment corner). We stopped short at the tobasco cos' there's only one bottle available.

To be fair, I think I'm gonna drop by again and try something non-cream based. Hopefully it'll be better. At least Singaporean muslims have another location to hit when they crave for something Italian.

Next stop - Dessert!

After all that, we were worried we wouldn't be able to stomach this. But I was so determined. Kai too. Both of us had been reading soo much about this place online that I threatened to kick them if we don't go there.

Kai was already showing signs of gastric flu so Khama took over the wheel and I sat in front while the poor guy slept at the back. But he still insist on checking the place out.

The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice stall was inconspicuously tucked amongsts all other regular foodstalls at Golden Mile Food Centre (Beach Road/Army Market). Quite a queue when we got there but we seemed to be the only one to order the 'Royal Claypot Fondue' set. Upon hearing our order, we got the thumbs up from the old guy and lady manning the place (the ang moh was absent).

Kai chose peppermint flavour for the gelato and left Khamz & me (the bimbos) to choose the other. Being our bimboitic self, we chose perppermint and the choc chip flavour. Happy that for once we made up our mind within a short period of time (both of us were known to take ages to make decisions).

Then the uncle asked, "One more?" Huh? "Uncle we chose peppermint and chocolate chip, what.."

"That one is peppermint-chocolate chip flavour..."

Ouwh! It's one and the same! Being homemade, the peppermint gelato is white in colour, unlike the others sold outside. So we choose this new flavour, the 'Speculoos' (I called it 'Superloos'). The uncle said it's some European biscuit taste. Worth trying.

Here's the set.

Belgian chocolate in a claypot fondue bowl. 2 scoops of gelato. A plate of fruits (grapes, strawberries, honeydew {erk?!} and marshmallows. 2 Liege/Belgian waffles.

Ahh... the waffles. That's another thing altogether. Soft and thick, yet crispy outside. And the sugary granules in the middle... YUM!

You see just how dark the chocolate dip is? That'll attest the quality of the chocolate used. Dark and slightly bitter. Slightly runny. Just nice for a good dip.

The set cost only $14.80. Though it's said to be good for 2 I'd say, share it amongst the four of you. Just add more waffles.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

ma Arsenal boys!

A tale of 2 teams

Ma boys neva fail to impress. All ye, come to momma!

Man, I feel like hugging them! Who would have thought that the average age of that team is around (only) 20 years old?

Number 3 never looked so sweet. Be it last weekend's match and this morning's. Beautiful game!

Managed to catch the game, thanks to having to wake up in the wee hours for sahour.

Like what the TNP reporters rate, 5/5 entertainment value.

All ye Gunners (yes, including you, Wenger). Keep up the great work and (do) wait till' I've saved enough to go watch you play at the Emirates grounds. THAT's my lifelong dream.

Hopefully, Fabregas is still playing there. And Wenger still alive (he looked so darn frail).

And erm.... Goodbye Jose Murinho.

You'll be sorely missed in the Premiership, glum face or not.

You've changed the way the game is played and you've shone. I'm not sure about the spate of lacklustre games recently.

It's difficult, I know. Having a boss that's breathes down your neck, thinking money really makes the world go round. And new buys made not by you but the boss himself and eventually screw up your tactics and dressing room scenes.

I hope you can still stay in the Premiership. There IS a team in need of a new manager if you noticed. It's be nice if you can spruce them up.

Then make sure they got SO good that you kick your ex-boss's A**!

Sunday, September 16, 2007



My mum booked this package for 4 when they came down to S'pore Expo eons back. And my mum being the 'kelam-kabut' person that she is, insisted we utilise the package before puasa starts even though it's valid till year end.

I remember when i told my bro about this trip, he was like, "What's there in Melaka?"

He asked his friends and they asked him back, "What's there in Melaka?"

After all that, I also ask myself, "Ya, hor. What's there in Melaka?"

Now, don't go telling me about all those historical sites and other whatnots. My family ain't the explorer types.

The only places-of-interest we go to are the Taman Mini M'sia/Asean because we have the free tix. And The bee museum because my grandma asked for some pure honey. Oh, how practical!

The only things I enjoyed there are the food and shopping. I know I'm not a shopper but my bro, he influenced me somewhat. Our hotel was a stone's throw from Mahkota Parade and the new Dataran Pahlawan S.C. And the M'sia Mega Sale was still on! And most schtuffs in the Quiksilver boutique were going at 50% off!

And the food... despite tasting a little different from what we've always consumed, the Asam Pedas Melaka is not bad, eh? And the BBQ fish.

The hotel package includes a free dinner and I had assumed it to be buffet-style. Boy, who would have expected to be served a 6-course dinner (family-sized) including desserts?

All Melaccan fare. Just the way I like them. Though the foods there are not as spicy as I would preferred them to be. For lunch the next day, the taxi driver brought us to this popular eatery, some Sri/Selera Kampung place. Fwah! It was teeming with locals. I trust their tastes.

Here's some of my fave pics, with my bro as the model.

More pics here

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rogue Assasin/War

Rogue Assasin/War

Jet Li as Rogue
Jason Statham as Crawford
John Lone as Chang
Devon Aoki as Kira

Why was I disappointed with the tag, "action movie of the year" for this one? I have expected more, seriously. I mean, it's Jet Li and Jason Statham! I admit, their previous collaboration in "One" wasn't that much spectacular, anyway.

Maybe I've been watching wayy to much action movies lately. I mean, did you watch the 2 HK movies, Invisible Target and Flash Point? Even Bourne Ultimatum, despite being more of an action/thriller gives a more adrenaline rush!

Federal officer Crawford loses partner to assasin, Rogue.
3 years later Rogue comes back and turned against the Yakuza to work for the triad boss, Chang.
He was like the devil/satan. Seeking to destroy. Harm the Yakuza when potraying as the triads, harm the triads when potraying as Yakuza. They eventually declared war on each other.
So on whose side is he on? What are the motive for his actions?

And where does that leave Jason Statham's character, Crawford in all this? He seemed like some extra, playing this cat & mouse game.

Devon Aoki's Kira can never be so fake. Like, hello? She's supposed to be the daughter of the Yakuza for goodness sake! Her japanese has this weird, distinct accent, meaning she has just managed to grapple the language! Jason Statham spoke better Japanese, believe it or not.

Let's not go into the acting, shall we?

The plus?

Check out the bevy of gorgeous, gorgeous, super hot cars on display. Yes, even the Lambos. The highlight has got to be the car driven by Rogue. That silver Spyder C8 Spyker. The roar of the engine... Ouwh!

And the scene at the teahouse. And all scene involving the samurai swords.

And the twist(s) at the end. I can proudly say I figured out one of them halfway through the show.

This movie was released with the title, "WAR". I dunno why, here in S'pore it's changed to, "Rogue Assasin." Like, is the name "War" a tad too sensitive, somewhat?