Thursday, September 20, 2007

ma Arsenal boys!

A tale of 2 teams

Ma boys neva fail to impress. All ye, come to momma!

Man, I feel like hugging them! Who would have thought that the average age of that team is around (only) 20 years old?

Number 3 never looked so sweet. Be it last weekend's match and this morning's. Beautiful game!

Managed to catch the game, thanks to having to wake up in the wee hours for sahour.

Like what the TNP reporters rate, 5/5 entertainment value.

All ye Gunners (yes, including you, Wenger). Keep up the great work and (do) wait till' I've saved enough to go watch you play at the Emirates grounds. THAT's my lifelong dream.

Hopefully, Fabregas is still playing there. And Wenger still alive (he looked so darn frail).

And erm.... Goodbye Jose Murinho.

You'll be sorely missed in the Premiership, glum face or not.

You've changed the way the game is played and you've shone. I'm not sure about the spate of lacklustre games recently.

It's difficult, I know. Having a boss that's breathes down your neck, thinking money really makes the world go round. And new buys made not by you but the boss himself and eventually screw up your tactics and dressing room scenes.

I hope you can still stay in the Premiership. There IS a team in need of a new manager if you noticed. It's be nice if you can spruce them up.

Then make sure they got SO good that you kick your ex-boss's A**!

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