Sunday, September 16, 2007



My mum booked this package for 4 when they came down to S'pore Expo eons back. And my mum being the 'kelam-kabut' person that she is, insisted we utilise the package before puasa starts even though it's valid till year end.

I remember when i told my bro about this trip, he was like, "What's there in Melaka?"

He asked his friends and they asked him back, "What's there in Melaka?"

After all that, I also ask myself, "Ya, hor. What's there in Melaka?"

Now, don't go telling me about all those historical sites and other whatnots. My family ain't the explorer types.

The only places-of-interest we go to are the Taman Mini M'sia/Asean because we have the free tix. And The bee museum because my grandma asked for some pure honey. Oh, how practical!

The only things I enjoyed there are the food and shopping. I know I'm not a shopper but my bro, he influenced me somewhat. Our hotel was a stone's throw from Mahkota Parade and the new Dataran Pahlawan S.C. And the M'sia Mega Sale was still on! And most schtuffs in the Quiksilver boutique were going at 50% off!

And the food... despite tasting a little different from what we've always consumed, the Asam Pedas Melaka is not bad, eh? And the BBQ fish.

The hotel package includes a free dinner and I had assumed it to be buffet-style. Boy, who would have expected to be served a 6-course dinner (family-sized) including desserts?

All Melaccan fare. Just the way I like them. Though the foods there are not as spicy as I would preferred them to be. For lunch the next day, the taxi driver brought us to this popular eatery, some Sri/Selera Kampung place. Fwah! It was teeming with locals. I trust their tastes.

Here's some of my fave pics, with my bro as the model.

More pics here

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