Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rogue Assasin/War

Rogue Assasin/War

Jet Li as Rogue
Jason Statham as Crawford
John Lone as Chang
Devon Aoki as Kira

Why was I disappointed with the tag, "action movie of the year" for this one? I have expected more, seriously. I mean, it's Jet Li and Jason Statham! I admit, their previous collaboration in "One" wasn't that much spectacular, anyway.

Maybe I've been watching wayy to much action movies lately. I mean, did you watch the 2 HK movies, Invisible Target and Flash Point? Even Bourne Ultimatum, despite being more of an action/thriller gives a more adrenaline rush!

Federal officer Crawford loses partner to assasin, Rogue.
3 years later Rogue comes back and turned against the Yakuza to work for the triad boss, Chang.
He was like the devil/satan. Seeking to destroy. Harm the Yakuza when potraying as the triads, harm the triads when potraying as Yakuza. They eventually declared war on each other.
So on whose side is he on? What are the motive for his actions?

And where does that leave Jason Statham's character, Crawford in all this? He seemed like some extra, playing this cat & mouse game.

Devon Aoki's Kira can never be so fake. Like, hello? She's supposed to be the daughter of the Yakuza for goodness sake! Her japanese has this weird, distinct accent, meaning she has just managed to grapple the language! Jason Statham spoke better Japanese, believe it or not.

Let's not go into the acting, shall we?

The plus?

Check out the bevy of gorgeous, gorgeous, super hot cars on display. Yes, even the Lambos. The highlight has got to be the car driven by Rogue. That silver Spyder C8 Spyker. The roar of the engine... Ouwh!

And the scene at the teahouse. And all scene involving the samurai swords.

And the twist(s) at the end. I can proudly say I figured out one of them halfway through the show.

This movie was released with the title, "WAR". I dunno why, here in S'pore it's changed to, "Rogue Assasin." Like, is the name "War" a tad too sensitive, somewhat?

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