Thursday, August 30, 2007

teh tarik ice-cream

teh tarik ice-cream...yum!

Island Creamery
Serene Centre #01-05

This is what you indulge in when the boss is away. When it's raining cats and dogs outside. And your collegue happen to be in the Bt. Timah vicinity.

I can't say their ice-cream is the best but their teh tarik flavour is superb! I gotta drop by there one day. I heard they have milo and horlicks powder in what is usually the salt & pepper containers.

That's what I always do with my brother back when we were young. Sprinkle milo on our ice-cream. Hmm... Nostalgia.

Flavours tried:
Teh tarik (power! like any good 'teh peng' out there)
Nutella (good, check out those nutella chunks!)
Chendol (ok, la. But I prefer the brand 'Coolen')

Flavours to try:
Apple pie
Green tea & red bean
Bubor pulot hitam

I heard their mud pie is a killer!

I think it's cheaper to buy 3 tubs. Cost only $24 (I think). Each tub is usually $9.50 (I think). One scoop $2.50. 2 scoops $4. I can't say cheap, la. But affordable!

Maybe I should discard bubor pulot hitam and buy another tub of teh tarik.....

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