Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fireworks Aug

fireworks celebration @ Marina Bay

For the sake of my poor arms (nopes, no tripod), I took vids of the fireworks in parts. And this one here is the last one, which includes the (grand) finale.

I tell you huh, during the fireworks display, there was this ONE voice to stood out above the crowd. And WHAT A VOICE! I was the most SHRILL and FLAT voice I've ever heard coming from A MAN! And he was carrying his daughter going, "Waaaah!!!"

An the most irritating one has got to be, "Wahhh... Look like shooting star! Quick, Make a wish! Make a wish!"

WHAT THE....? "Make a wish..???!" Oh, gimme a break! And he repeat that over and over!

The best part...? My camera actually captured his voice!!!
Arrgh! All my earlier vids have his unmistakable voice, la!

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