Tuesday, August 21, 2007

wake-up song

wake-up song

Do you always encounter the "post-lunch syndrome"...? Happens usually between 3-5pm. Where your eyes start getting heavy, the attention span decreases and your focus is anywhere but at work. What more, given the weather nowdays, you'd wish you can snuggle up somewhere cozy and zzzz...

Here's something to wake you up. It works for me cos' it bolted me up from my slumber when my bro accidentally played this song w/o his earphones, late one night (oh yeah, he got one good smack on the back for that dimwit stance).

Be sure to PLUG IN YOUR EARPHONES before putting the volume on high. I mean it, or you'll end up waking up the WHOLE office. Even your boss in his room.

This guy's voice was sooo high (octave-7, maybe) that the level was almost unlisted. Talk about dynamic. Powerhouse. Fwah!

If his voice didn't wake you up, maybe his hairstyle will. I fell like putting my hand thru' the screen and flick his hair off his face.

By chance, I saw a lot of Korean names amongst the list of "Steelheart-She's Gone" videos. Most of the got their pitch at almost decent level while some had me wincing from the sheer horror of their forced over-strained vocals. I remember one Korean guy singing this song during the Asia Bagus! contest.

And this one here is the best. His voice was smooth, natural and the pitch. Almost there. Almost there, all right. Comparable to the original. But pardon his korean-accented English though.

Double dose of wake-up songs. Freshened up??

Should really consider using this song as my alarm clock.....

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