Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ungu live

Ungu Live in SG

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Taken during Ungu's showcase at Singapore Expo on 100807. Pretty small scale, actually.

Definitely not a full-blown concert, although I hope there's one in the works.

Opening acts by this talented instrumental guitarist, Rosli Mansor & the 'not-as-talented' New Boyz (did i get the spelling right?).

The show's was supposed to start at 745pm but they screwed-up the sound test/check and the first performance started only at 855pm. Made to queue for almost 1hr. That sucks big-time!

Despite the fuss about the sound, it still kinda suck doesn't seem good.

Anyway, I've watched a lot of live feeds of Ungu's concerts on the Indonesian tv channels and I know that Pasha's (the singer) voice quality kinda' dwindles towards the end and this one was no different.

But kudos to him for having good interaction wirth the crowd (though with the bad sound, accent and the speed at which he talked - I hardly understood what he said).

Good performance, nontheless. More showcases in S'pore please (not in Hard Rock, ah). Maybe by Nidji? Radja? Letto? Samsons? Or another one with PeterPan? Or SO7???

A short video I took when they perform the song, "Andai Ku Tahu". I spare you the agony of watching my other videos, where my hand got cramped up and shook so bad, I got giddy watching them.

However, if you insist, I got one other vid uploaded on multiply: Tercipta Untukku

**warning: vid taken with a pair of unsteady hands!**

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