Monday, July 21, 2014

Manhattan Fish Market Coupon promo

First and foremost, I feel the need to apologise for the poor quality of photos. My phone got water-logged right on the day when I gave birth and I had to borrow my cousin's iPhone 4.

Another thing; after a couple month of staying home, I've somewhat lost my food photo-taking mojo. Most of the pics below… well, they're taken after someone's already dug into them. Hmpf!

Well, It doesn't help that we were breaking fast during Ramadhan and were naturally hungry. Especially after a queueing for a table.

Anyway, my brother excitedly told me that he purchased some discount coupons for $10. It's meant for dine-in at certain Manhattan Fish Market branches.

Discount coupon (click on image for a closer look)

It seemed that many have purchased this coupon too. When we were in the lift with 2 other families, we saw that thay have this set of coupons in ther hands too. No points for guessing where they'll be dining!

We took the 50% off deal for the Fried Giant Platter & Spicy Seafood Olio, $55 off deal for Fish For 4 and a free Chowder of the Day. Yes, a lot. Well, there's actually 9 of us, so pretty worth it. We simply tore off and present to the server, whichever coupons we wanted to use.

Gave the 1-for-1 deal for the Small Grill and another portion of the Chowder of the Day a miss.

Part of the 'Fish for 4' deal

This set comes with 2 sets of the Manhattan Fish & Chips, 2 sets of the Grilled Dory Fillet, the Quad Delight, 4 bowls of Chowder of the Day and 4 glasses of 'Gummy Bear' drink (Curacao syrup + tropical fruit mix).

There SURE is a lot!

Manhattan Fish & Chips (at least $9.95)

Their ever-popular item. One of the better Fish & Chips around, I'd say.

Grilled Dory fillet with Garlic Herb rice and veggies
Lite - $10.95

My relative from Indonesia, who cannot have a meal without rice; totally appreciate this. And that spicy sauce on the side taste like some salsa with a fiery kick. So delightful!

Another person who had this was my dad. This dish was also right up his alley. Especially with the blanched veggies on the side.

Quad Delight - $13.95

This is also part of the 'Fish for 4' deal. This platter has fried country mushroom, fried calamari,
cranberry coleslaw and chilled seafood mix (baby squid, mussels & imitation crabmeat).

Comes with 2 sauces: salsa & honey mustard.

Ok, fine. Here's how the platter really look like:

pic courtesy of

Fried Giant Platter - $19.95

This platter comes with grilled tiger prawn, calamari and dory fillet with a side of chips, veggies and Garlic Herb rice. Fried food galore!

AND this is how it really look like:

pic courtesy of

Didn't manage to snap pics of the Chowder of the day and the Spicy Seafood Olio.
Will input the pic from their online menu instead.

Free Chowder of the day (that day we got the Clam Chowder) - $4.90

Spicy Seafood Olio (it's really delish, with generous seafood portions and a nice fiery kick!) - $15.95

All in all,I can say that for $10, he got pretty good deals, actually. The food is nice to share amongst the targeted family crowd. Worth the money- many times over.

(The quality of the photos are just so inferior… Sigh.)