Saturday, May 31, 2008

bro 29th bdae

happy 29th bdae bro!

Oops, did I just release ur age, there?

Nvm, guys shouldn't worry about how old they are. Unlike us ladies who're eternally obsessed about how young we'd rather be.

The cover of his birthday card(s).

Since he started skimming, he's been a crazy about these surfing dudes champions, Kelly Slater & Andy Irons.

I made 2 of them cards cos' I have my own, personal words for him on this special day.

Something... I'd rather that my parents not read.

This is inside the card to be signed by my parents.

A family photo taken during our Langkawi trip last year.

Here's the card I prepared for him.

It starts with, "Hola, Birthday Boi!"

Followed by:

"Sigh. This is the last time that I'll be celebrating your birthday as ur little sister, huh?

So weird, you know..."

Something in those words sounds sad, somehow. But it's the truth, isn't it?

I hope he won't cry.

Wait till' he get the letter that I'm gonna write him right before my nuptials....

So bro,

I'm glad you're in a career path that garnered your interest, somewhat. Although I know that ma would prefer that you work somewhere more....

...I dunno. I bet she'd rather that you stay away from the sun. Your complexion reminds me of the unagi I love to eat!

Anyway, wish you much success in you career, aite? Take care of your health, ok? And please, lah. Time for you to get yourself a decent girl. Gimme' a sis-in-law!

And take care of our parents ok?

much love,
your little sister



What I got my bro.

Since it's what he wanted, and now that he got a new (hopefully better) job much further west, that'll wararnt some pretty excruciating travel time on the nightmare called the MRT.

(ok, fine. MRT IS a 'nightmare' for the likes of me who simply detests it)

Just something to keep him occupied...

Friday, May 30, 2008


Tini & Matin

My first outing with the mother : son pair.

Meet Tini, my longtime friend (since kindergarten!) and her almost 6 months-old son, Danish IzzMatin.

If he is always like what he is just now, Tini, I have no issues about you bringing him everytime we go out!


Tini had wanted to eat 'Creamy Seafood Pasta' and I contemplate bringing her to Badoque.

But we had other plans, post dinner so we decide to go for something cheaper and push the saved moolah to indulge later on.

So I brought her to Gemelli instead.

As always, I can't quote the actual name of the dish (it's something Italian!).

It's this 'Spaghetti w/Prawns & Rucola Salad in Tomato Cream Sauce'.

Very rich. Very delicious. Very filling.

My order of Beef Lasagna.

I like the cream sauce that's usually missing from the lasagnas ordered elsewhere.

Gives the dish more taste & character, other than it being, 'a slab of pasta slices with meat in bolognaise sauce and cheese'.

Makes the dish tste rich, too.

Oh well. Which cream sauce doesn't taste rich, tell me??

The plan we had was to head all the way to Serene Centre, near Bukit Timah Road for some ice-cream indulgence.

I had recommended this place to Tini when she was still preggers with Matin, after I had my first taste of Island Creamery ice-cream.

Since then she kept coming back with her hubby, most often for their Nutella flavour.

And since her hubby's away for reservice and I'm sorely missing my Reverse-O, I gladly brought us there.

I guess I forgot to mention that both of us also missed their mudpie (right).

That's the Reverse-O (left) that I LOOVE so much!

It's chocolate mixed with Oreo cookies. Double whammy!

Tini was patiently waiting for the next tub of Nutella ice-cream to defrost.

And when it finally did, she hurried to get herself a scoop. With a cone.

She asked if I want anymore. I looked through the whole selection and I still came back to ...

... the Reverse-O.

With a chocolate-coated cone studded with peanuts, no less.

My mum's gonna scream if she knows. My gym instructor's gonna glare.

But I'm happy. =D

That's the thing with girlfrens. They're just the best companion when you wanna indulge in desserts.

Guys just don't understand!

Oh, well...

....With the exception of my 2 sweet-tooth guy-pals.


Fans of onion rings, go get the one in MacD now!

It's the real deal! 100% rings from onions, coated with batter & fried. Last time I had that was in Bali. Reminiscent of the ones in Calfornia Fried Chicken in Jakarta.

I guess it's only sold like that in Indonesia.

I think it'll be around for a short period only. It's for the Kung Fu Panda promotion, I think.

My mum's gone crazy for it, too!

Monday, May 26, 2008

farhan's wedding

a sorta' reunion

So one of us got married. Not the first anyway. He's like... the third?

First was Fendi. Then Fadhil. Now Farhan.

Hey, all the 'F's are hitched! =)

And they're from the other classes (there're 3 classes in my course). First one amongst us who's from my class that's getting hitched will be... me, I guess.

Unless one of them guys decide to jump on the bandwagon, ahead of myself (a miracle!).

Anyway, I dunno how things were planned that day. Kai was the one with all our invites so we assumed that he'll be the one organising things (as always).

But he got so busy that he only got to know at the last minute, that the bridal couple will be at the venue from 2pm onwards. By then, Fendi and Fadhil had already confirmed that they'll be arriving at noon.

Khamz will have an interview so he may not make it.

Bas is (still) in Perth.

So that leaves me and Kai.

It got weird, suddenly. It wouldn't have mattered before but this time....
I mean, me and Kai arriving together.....? Those unknowing may just get the wrong idea.

And there'll be a lotta' unknowing people.

And my fiance's not working that day.
Easy-peasy. Just ask him along, rite?

Hah! Thing is, my he detests weddings. He didn't even attend his own relatives' wedding, even HIS friends'. Much less that of MY friend...?

I didn't bother beating-about-the-bush and just told him of my dilemma. He agreed to come along (after a little hesitation, naturally).

Anyway, upon arriving at the venue, guess who was the first person I (somewhat) know that I saw...?

They very person I had a crush on, back in those days...
(oh well, I don't thing I wanna go into detail bout' this part, so... *SKIP!*)

And guess what...?

When I called Kai, he said he's currently waiting for Fadhil AND Fendi.
Meaning, these guys decided to come at the same time as us, after all...! Pfft!

At this point I sheepishly looked at my guy and said, "I seriously didn't know that they have a change of plans....."

He might have thought that I've conned him into coming with me! Gah!

Not only was it pretty unnecessary for him to come along, that surely was one heck of a wedding that I brought him to.

It was a loud, crowded and a definite full-blown Hindustani event, man! Reminiscent of scenes in the Hindi movies I've seen (when I bothered to watch, that is).

There's belly dancing, ballet, modern dance and of course, BANGHRA.

I was worried that this might have traumatised him somewhat. For someone who hardly attend weddings, this might have set him back a little bit. But since he kept his cool, I'm relieved.

And something ironic happened, upon our arrival. They were having this prayer recitation so the hall was slightly quiet less noisy. After it's done, the deejay announced, "And now, we have the next performance... Belly dancing!!"

What the...?

Belly dancing right after a prayer recitation..? Riiiiight...!
I can see almost all the senior citizens shaking their heads....

Food was great. Just too bad the caterers had people SERVING us, despite it being a buffet spread. I sure wouldn't mind more of that black-pepper prawns....

Desserts were superb! The amazing variety is enough to drive me nuts!

And since the bridal couple left to change (maybe to the bride's side), we stayed on to wait until they reappear.

And even Khamz managed to attend. Hailed a cab soon after he left his interview at Sheraton. I managed to warn my other-half to not be alarmed by Khamz's antics, cos' he's a really pretty loud person by nature.

After all, Khamz didn't manage to make it to my engagement party so they weren't properly introduced.

And so my guy got to see all my pals. And he's amazed that there's no ladies, with the exception of Fendi's wifey, who happened to be my senior back in those days.

And in all, his response to the whole reunion..?

Despite him being quiet (mostly), he admit that he didn't feel awkward around my mates. *Phew!*

Sunday, May 25, 2008

ayat-ayat cinta

post Ayat-Ayat Cinta

Yesterday must have been the first time in many, many years that my mum finally entered a cinema.

I can sense the excitement in her. Felt kinda' bad that I've never thought of doing this before.


There's something about that movie.

I just-can't-get-it-out-of-my-head!

Even when meeting my cousins at a wedding reception yesterday, I always came back to the topic of what happened in the movie, despite us discussing about something VERY much different already.

Frankly, the storyline is a tad cliche. But I adore the cinematography, the sound effects and OSTs. Despite it being more or less like other Indo movies, the location that it's set in kinda' makes all the difference. Like more exotic, liddat.

And last night, I woke up at almost 4am and almost instantly, scenes from that movie came flooding into my mind. Somehow, it seemed that sleep had given me some solace from thinking about the movie.

This has happened before. Last time it occured was after I watched a certain Korean movie. How this fad will be another passing phase. And it better fade soon!

I must have been so haunted by the chemistry between Rianti Cartwright & Fedy Nuril, in their portrayal as the husband and wife.


Could be due to that gorgeous setting for their wedding.

Such a dream...!

Or maybe it's just the actor, Fedi Nuril.

He had looked so blah! in his other movie/drama.

But here, he was all charms.

Yes, I was smitten! Just like all the other female characters in the movie.

Anyway, I guess I'm not the only one. I recommended that my cousins watch this and they eventually did.

And they sure are raving bout' it now. *evil laugh*

Friday, May 23, 2008


i got my bibimbap!!!

Like, finally.....!

Yes, ah!

I had a measly portion of tau-suan for lunch just to create room for this. Cos' everyone knows how filling this dish can be.

My Beef Bulgogi Bimbimbap is the one in the foreground. Soon to be heaped with scoops upon scoops of Korean bean & chilli sauces.

In fact, the container of chilli sauce was empty by the time we left. =P

That's Fried Mixed Mushrooms & Fried Prawns in the background.

Do you know what's the best part about eating bibimbap? To finally finish the dish just so one can get to the charred remains of the rice at the bottom of the iron bowl. The 'kerak nasi' as the malays call it. Just like when eating claypot rice.

What I usually do is to pour in the Kimchi Soup that comes with the bibimbap, then proceed to scrape out the burnt rice and eat with the soup, ala porridge.

Ahh... Such bliss!

This is my cousin Sue's order of Beef Bulgogi Hotplate.

Her veggies got charred. Haha!

Ended the night with a slab of ice-cream bought from the ah-pek at Jurong East bus interchange.

And the journey back home on bus 506, which brings back much fond memories of my days in poly....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

mixed berry pavlova

mixed berry pavlova

Those unknowing, Pavlova is a meringue dessert named after a Russian ballet dancer.

Nice, eh...?

Wait till' you learn why I put up this picture... ;D

As of now, despite having less than 4 hours sleep after watching the team I least favoured lifting the much coveted Champions League cup, I'm depriving myself of the much needed cup of coffee for that caffeine boost. I'm also abstaining from chocolates.

I feel like I'm suffering, like that.

I even remarked to my colleague that I want to eat ice-cream. No coffee and chocs but ice-cream...? hah!

Well anyway, I was reading a certain foodie's blog and he mentioned 'Pavlova'. I suddenly got reminded of that dreamy meringue cake from The Patissier that I had recently. That got me into a frenzy in the search for pavlova recipes.

And I obtained that picture above. I'm totally loving it! Cos' it's just soooo reminiscent of my situation right now.

Those that didn't get the drift, well, it's my 1st day of menstruation 'the red flag'. And the gooey, crimson berry sauce dribbling down the sides of the meringue kinda' remind me of my bloody mess.

And I'm craving for something sweeeeettttttt!

Well, if you're not grossed out after all that, you might want to get the recipe HERE.

Now, how about Ritz Apple Strudels...? Anyone game for that...?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

k-drama weakness

korean tv rules my world (again!)

Ok, so I've succumbed to the powers of Hallyu yet again. Darn them drama series on KBS!

So take note, people! Mon-Thu, 9-10.15pm.

I WILL NOT be free!

Please don't take to heart if I decline your invitation for a night out.

Oh, and also on Wed-Thu, 11.15pm-12.15am. (Update: This one ended just yesterday.)

This is what I'm tuning to:

Formidable Rivals

Title: 강적들 / Powerful Opponents
Also known as: Powerful Opponents / Rivals / Adversaries
Chinese title : 强敌
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-14 to 2008-June-17
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:00-22:15 (9:55 Korean time)


Young-Jin, a 27-old-lady with natural born pride and desire to succeed and be recognized is not backed up at all by her poor family; rather she needs to take care of all of messes and fusses that her grandfather, father, and younger brother committed.

Having nothing to trust except for her own body and soul, she exerts herself to finally be appointed as a body gourd of the Blue House of Korea. At the Blue House, Young-Jin meets Kwanpil, a smart, excellent, cynical and charismatic colleague, who by instinct recognize each other as formidable rivals.

They bump into each other at every course of training, extremely competing to beat the other, and what a mischievous fate! They end up being partner to protect Suho, the only son of Mr. President.

Suho is an unstoppable rascal with high intelligence and violent nature. Suho is the key person who discloses the past of Kwanpil and realizes the true virtue of family and love.

By describing two vivid characters Youn-Jin and Kwanpil, [Formidable Rivals] shows the life of body guards who by nature cannot be spotlighted. This is the story of the others, non-heros, who support protagonists. They also have their own way of life, own value of family and love.


Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin
Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho
Choi Ja Hye as Jung Yoo Min
Lee Jong Hyuk as Ryu Gwan Pil
Go Myung Hwan as Byung Wook

My take on this:

I can't resist Lee Jin Woo's character! The rebellious yet kind-hearted (and stylish!) Kang Suho a.k.a President's son.

I have such weakness for characters with this image. All that charisma seem to lie in that brooding nature of theirs. Such charm!

And Chae Rim. My dear, dear Chae Rim. Everyone watching this show are turning their noses (pun intended) at your (latest) nose job.

What were you thinking??! I really like the way you look in Dalja's Spring but here, your face simply screams, "PLASTIIIC!"

And puh-leez. What's with the wearing of those heels, despite the job of a bodyguard? Just beacause you're a female...?

3 Daddies & 1 Mommy

Title: 아빠셋 엄마하나 / One Mom and Three Dads
Also known as: Three Dads and One Mom / 3 dads 1 mom
chinese title : 三个爸爸一个妈
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-02 to 2008-May-22
Air time: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:00-22:15 (9:55 Korean time)


Song Na Young and her husband, Jung Sung Min, desperately want a child but her husband is unable to get her pregnant. Her husband’s friends decide to help them.

But Na Young suddenly loses her husband in an accident and she gives birth to her daughter but does not know which of her husband’s friends fathered her child. The father of Na Young’s child can either be Han Soo Hyun, Choi Kwang Hee, or Hwang Kyung Tae.

Su Hyun is a competent fund manager and most successful among friends, but most narrow-minded and stingy.
Kwanghee is a handsome cartoonist with good taste of fashion, but an ultimate cynic.
Kyung Tae is a young and good-looking detective, but too shy to speak in front of girls.

Three guys at first feel burdensome when Na Young asks for support. As time goes by, however, they start to feel a deep emotion toward the baby and to Na Young as well.


Eugene as Song Na Young
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Soo Hyun
Jae Hee as Choi Kwang Hee
Shin Sung Rok as Hwang Kyung Tae
Kim Bin Woo as Park Seo Yeon
Joo Sang Wook as Jung Chan Young

My take on this:

This story is reminiscent of the US drama, 'Three Men & A Little Baby'.

You know, when you can hear the baby narrating some parts, as if she's talking...?

I admit one reason I enjoyed this is because of Jo Hyun Jae. He IS handsome. But his character is such a big turn-off.

And Eugence is still one of my all-time favourite actress.

Oh, another reason I'm liking this??

Is THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't she just sooooo cute?

And the mystery being whose child the baby actually is. That's a real draw. Especially when they guys start pointing fingers whenever the child shows little signs of having their traits.

For example, when she starts doodling on the walls, they looked at Kwanghee cos' he's the cartoonist, rite? And so on.

Man, this show sure is addictive!

Saturday, May 17, 2008



I've heard gripes about the jarring sound effects so I come prepared. I wore headphones to protect my sensitive ears.

Despite that, it still hurts. That bad, I know.

Orang kita cakap apa..? 'Berdempeng'...? Gitulah.

If the director think that such sound effects are what bring out the fear-factor in a horror movie, he ain't even half-right. It's more of those one-off stillness and silence that hangs in the air, leading to the the scary parts that brings out the fright, if you ask me.

The start of the movie was promising enough. The introduction to the game of congkak, of it's supposed origins and the the myths behind it. Then the first few scary moments. The rest was pretty much dismal, if not predictable.

It's supposed to be either a drama movie with horror aspects or a horror movie with dramatic aspects but it's neither. You'll wonder where the story is going.

Most of the audience definitely left the theatre unsatisfied. Especially with such a campy ending and I believe, most viewers already figured out the twist midway.

... It seems like the director or writer had underestimated the audiences' intelligence, somewhat.

I totally agree with THIS review.

Oh and check out that 'makcik misai'..!

Friday, May 16, 2008



warning: pretty long-winded food review

I had told my mum of this place. Naturally, it got her all excited.

I guess I underestimate my parents' eagerness to try the food.

I had planned to head there for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. And yesterday's visit was of no occasion. Just picked my bro up from Bedok Camp and head there.


I had asked my dad in the afternoon, where we're heading. He mentioned, "That Italian Restaurant." Of course I thought that he had called my mum and she's the one who insist on eating there.

I came back that evening and discovered that my mum had no inkling about us wanting to eat out, initially. Well, my dad only told her when he came back.

No points for guessing then, whose MAIN idea it is to go there.

Now, about the place:

I was apprehensive at first. You know being a real-deal Italian restaurant and all.

And I thought that the place was closed. It looked pretty dark from where I came from. Turns out that their lighting is just dimmed to make for a cosy ambience.

I know how many had raved bout the interiors and how it's so chic and all but we just can't resist dining alfresco, seeing how the weather last night was pretty fine and the seating was in the middle of such an open space.

Not long after we got hold of the menu, one of the staff came by and asked, "You need some help with the menu..?"

That, my frens, was the start to one of the best service my family ever had while dining.

We ordered the combo bruschetta, some sauteed calamari dish and mushroom soups for my parents and myself for starters.

The bruschetta came in 4 different varieties. Mushroom, ham & tomato, prawns and plain tomato. All appealed to our tastebuds.

The calamari came off as a bit on the bland side. You know, as in, need-more-seasoning. When the staff came over to inquire about the food and we mentioned it, they thought we need more spice so they offered to bring in their 'special chilli oil'.

Oh, that chilli oil was awesome. Chilli padi soaked in oil. Power, lah!

And the bottle of "Magic Pepper Sauce' that they provide kicks more a** than Tobasco.

For the main course, my dad had this red snapper with orange-sauce dish. You should see his face light up when he took his first bite. He loved it! The citrus sauce really did it for him.

My bro will only eat cream-based sauce, so I ordered the one of the seafood variety. With penne, his favourite pasta. The sauce was thick, unlike the previous ones we ate (somewhere else), where they didn't strain the water off properly and eventually dilute the whole dish. And the seafood that were in abundance were all fresh. From the prawns, calamari, fish, clams to the mussels.

My mum and I had the ravioli. Since we want to know what it's like, we each took a different variety.

She had this Crab & Lobster Tortellini. I had the Panzerotti w/ Porcini Mushroom.

Thousand apologies for conveniently forgetting the actual names of the dishes. I misplaced the receipt, la.

Each ravioli was done just nice - al dente (not overcooked and soggy) and the fillings are of the right proportion. And generous portions too. We both loved the tomato-based sauce. The tartness of the tomatoes balanced with a slight tinge of sweetness.

Halfway through the meal, we were asked, "How's everything so far?" We can only manage some nodding. At the end of the meal, we were asked, "How's the food?"

All of us gave the thumbs up.

And we discussed about the food we ate and we mentioned in passing, about coming back here for the pizza and desserts. But right then, we're just too full.

After they cleared our plates, one of the staff, Mr Saufi (the one serving us most of the time) came and ask, "Do you guys still have room (in our bellies)?"

We were like, "Huh?!" That's what happen when you're (too) full. Things just register much slower.

"Oh, we want you to have some cakes. It's on us."

Of course we agreed! Full tak full.... Kalau free, jangan tolak!

He soon came out with a platter of 6 different 1 inch x 1 inch cakes. There's strawberry, chocolate fudge, blueberry, oreo cheesecake, marble cheesecake and black forest.

Despite each being so small, each of us took 1/4 of every variety (tiny, I know). And all agreed- the blackforest totally rocks our boat! So much so that my mum wanna order it for my wedding.

I wanna apologise to the peeps there for the weird way that my family talk esp. when it comes to the food. This is the result of watching too much of the Asian Food Channel (AFC).

We know so much about the food and yet it's the 1st time we had them. It's like finding out the answer before doing the workings in maths.

Never underestimate the things you learn and the information one gathers when watching AFC.

We made so much inquiries about the pizzas that they serve and made so many suggestions that they offer to make our pizza the way we want it (and charge accordingly, la).

Eh, we ask for the authentic Italian style ok? Plain tomato base and shaved parmesan cheese. Then topped with fresh basil leaves when out of the oven.

Sorry, ah. I didn't take pics.

Didn't bring my camera and I'm more curious about the food than to take pics. And my camera phone ain't up to notch. Will do the the food injustice, for sure.

Pics of this place HERE, HERE, HERE.

Price-wise, I estimate per head to be a little less then $20. So it's quite worth it!

This is a place worth recommending. Go and try!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


k-food craving

Those who watch korean dramas will know that they have a penchant for showcasing their cuisine to the viewers.

Naturally, that'll get their viewers drooling.

It's easy for their local viewers. After the show they can just head out to the nearby eateries for supper.

But us located at other parts of the world...?

...Even my stock of kimchi has run out.

Wah, today must head out to Zingdo, liao!

I don't care if I have to travel all the way to Jurong East from my office in Ubi. Must get my bibimbap fix!!!!

Does this get you drooling...?

Problem is, can I make it back in time for my 9pm show on KBS???

Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day

beefing about on Mother's Day

I didn't know they have a Mother's Day Special when I went there yesterday.

I thought it was a pretty good deal, all that for $27??

...I should have known better.

Some things are just too good to be true.

This was where my mum and I brought my maternal grandma for Mother's Day.

We went to the branch at Yishun SAFRA Country Club.

(L) The appetiser: Crab claw, prawns & strawberries on a bed of salad and yoghurt dressing.


Easy peasy. No need for vinaigrette. Spoon out some ready-made strawberry yoghurt easily available from stores.


On the right was the minestrone soup. Not bad, that one.

My dad's choice: Grilled Boneless Chicken w/ Slipper Lobster (a.k.a Crayfish), topped w/ Green Pepper Corn Sauce.

I dunno what THAT sauce was about. The taste ain't distinctive.

Check out the dismal veggie on the side.

What does that remind you of...?

Frozen mixed vegetables? -_-

There's also some (limp) potato slices.

What gramma, mum and I had: Grilled N.Z Ribeye with Golden Mushroom Wrapped w/ Chicken Bacon.

The 'Golden' mushroom turn out to be Enoki instead. I forgot it's also called the 'Golden Needle' mushroom. A tad on the limp and bland side. And the chicken bacon could have been crispier.

And that same 'mixed-veggie' on the side.


My dad ordered this too, initially.

Somehow he must have thought that too many steaks on the table may make us seem barbaric somehow, so he got the chicken instead.

I asked for our steaks to be 'medium-done'. The waitress repeat my order with only the word, 'medium'. I guess, they don't have much variety when it comes to cooking the meat.

Pretty strange for a steak house.

Maybe I watch too much of that show, "Licence to Grill".

Oh well. Not everyone can do a Robert Rainford, I guess.

Anyway, being vaguely 'medium', our 3 different plates of steaks were done in 3 different ways (no surprised, here).

My mum had hers Medium-Done. My gramma had Medium. I had Medium-Rare. The latter being a tad on the bloody side.

My mum was worried about her mum's steak being less done than hers but I told her that it would be easier for her to ingest all that meat so it shouldn't be much of an issue.

True enough. My grandma cleaned out her plate. All the cutting of the meat, courtesy of her 'lady-in-waiting', of course.

The dessert: White Chocolate Mousse w/ Mango.

I'll make the comment about this short.

They.should.refrigerate.this.before. serving.


I'm sure some of you are baulking at the fact that my 75 year-old gramma eats steak?

More than year back, we didn't know that either.

When my gramma stayed w/ us sometime last year, we ate out at the Eastpoint branch of this restaurant.

I can't really remember what we ordered for her but I believe it's something which can be easily consumed by her. Something to suit her palate, it being 'western' cuisine and all.

But she kept eyeing my mum's rib-eye steak so my mum gave her a small piece of the meat.

The small piece led to a big chunk and my mum eventually shared her piece of steak with my gramma.

And yesterday, she actually recognise the place to be where she had her steak more than a year back. She must have noted the green checkered table cloth.

But she did remark that it's not 'the one on the upper level in the crowded shopping centre'. Haha!

I admit that the food was not as satisfactory as I want it to be. Having patronised them a number of times, I know they're capable of something much better. But I guess at that price, I shouldn't have expected much.

They even forgot the Mother's Day gift that was listed in the set.

And I wasn't being cheap to have ordered the set for my family. I'll gladly order ala carte, knowing that the food would have definitely been better. Problem is, the regular menu ain't available for that Mother's Day weekend.


And I was looking forward to gobbling down that whole baked potato!

I guess I really have to come down again for some REAL portion of quality grade steak and baked potato.... Tsk.

But then again, the lunch is still a success cos' my gramma's happy, my mum's happy that her mum's happy and I'm definitely smiling.

That's what Mother's Day should be about, rite?? ; )

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Celebrity Mum Series

Celebrity Mum Series

Here's my tribute for Mother's Day.

I compile pics of hottie-mamas with whom I have such (unhealthy) obsession with and upload them. Most pics are from my fave site: Celebrity Baby Blog.

*click on link to view album*

Kick starting the series is singer Gwen Stefani.

Followed by my ultimate favourite brood, the Jolie-Pitts and most recently, supermodel Heidi Klum and her adorable family.

Monday, May 05, 2008


i miss my hair, suddenly

The days just dun cease in getting hotter, don't they?

I can't take the heat no more. And being the *ahem* good daughter that I am, I asked my mum if she wanna join me for a trip to the hair salon (just the neighbourhood ones will do. lazy to park at the shopping centres).

I kinda' regret asking her somehow.

Cos' she just don't understand why I wouldn't want to PERM my hair. Again.

My hair's been curly since.... mid last year...?

Suddenly I forgot how my hair was like before that.

I wonder if my mum was secretly disappointed that I was born with straight hair.

Like, hello?

My mum and her bro were the only ones with STRAIGHT hair in the family. Both my grandparents have curls.

Even my dad is the only guy with the STRAIGHT hair amongst his siblings.

So not only did I have much shorter hair now, it's also PERMED!

I almost thought I look like an 'ajooma' (korean for auntie).

Thinking back, I can make it look funky if I put in a bit more effort styling it after stepping out of the shower in the mornings (despite me always being late for work like, EVERYDAY).

And for the 1st time ever, I had to ask permission from someone to have my hair cut short, seeing that he openly told me he 'prefers long hair'.


Of course I told him that it's my mum who wants it, despite the hair being on MY head.

Ok, yeah. So my mum wants the PERM and I'm the one who wants the CUT but at least that helped to convince him to agree.

Nothing that the mere mention of a future mum-in-law can't help.


I had to browse thru' pics of my holiday trips from years back to see my head of hair that was longer and NOT permed.



Both from 2006

Arrrgh! I miss all that hair!!!!!!!

Oh, you want to see my new hairstyle...?

Sorry but the hairdresser told me that it'll look 'more natural' only after 2 washes.

2 washes not due yet so... till then! =P

Saturday, May 03, 2008

labour day

Labour Day with Mum & Dad

This is where I spent Labour Day with my parents.

Nice, eh?

Where do you think this was..?

Look at that blue sky. The coconut palm fronds swaying in the breeze....

....The blue sea. The fair, sandy beach.

Pictures taken with just the modest handphone camera, ok??

No, we're not part of the hoardes of Singaporeans going abroad over the (self-declared) long weekend.

We stayed put in this tiny island.

We went to East Coast, actually.

How..? Impressed..?

Well, I was.

Not that I look down on our local beaches. Just that...

...ahem, I've seen better.

That day, there ain't as many day-trippers as expected. The weather was extremely warm (as expected) but the sea breeze that was in abundance help lessen the impact of the heat.

We went cycling.

Yesh, my mum can't ride a bike on her own.

We did try to teach her once but that time she fell face-down on the track, toppled sideways... etc.

One amused Caucasian fella back then even commented, "Women riders....!"

We watched people fishing at the jetty....

.....and even people wakeboarding cable skiing.

My parents on the banks of the lagoon where the cable-ski is.

We always stop to do this with EVERY time we go cycling at ECP.

Without fail.

Shyba can attest to that. Right, Shyba...?

We even make time to have lunch at the food-centre.

Then my dad can't resist the sea breeze and had us return the bikes 15 mins early.

I tell you, we paid 2hrs for only 1hr worth of cycling, going by the number and length of stops we had.

Then I went to the car to get all our cushions (inc. my Mashimaro headrests) and the picnic mats.

My parents slept awhile on the beach as I blast music thru' my headphones while reading the newspaper under the shade of the ketapang trees..

Ahhhh.... Such bliss!

As the day got hotter, we hurried to get to Parkway Parade (my family's fave mall) for the solace of their air-conditioned environment.

Saw that Isetan had a promotion and my dad and I decide to get my mum her mother's day gift.

Pot and pans.

What..?! Not just ANY pots and pans, can?

Stainless Steel stuff from Germany, ok?

They slash the price from $699 to $199, ok??? $500 OFF!

Who can resist, you tell me...? Certainly not my mum...

Then we proceed to get my dad his caffeine fix.

He'd get giddy when he didn't have his cuppa.

Usually we either head to Delifrance or Ya Kun.
This time we head for the latter.

And ordered the usual.

I call them the 'cholesterol-bomb' set.

2 half-boiled eggs + 2 kaya (more eggs!) toasts + coffee with (condensed) milk.

But they're darned good!

The brown bread... Sigh, I just can't get enough of them.

Even tried their ice-cream toast??? A slab of ice-cream sandwiched between those crispy toasts.

Superb, I tell you!

So there. My day with my family.

Honestly, I blog this just so I can look back on the days I spend with my family.

Thanks for reading, if you actually did read all the way till' here.

scorching weather!

honestly speaking, this campaign comes at a bad time

I'm talking about the 'NEA's 10% Energy Challenge', here.

"...The aim of the NEA's challenge is to encourage more households to cut their energy consumption. Households will be eligible for a lucky draw if they reduce their energy bills by at least 10 per cent..."

Haha... Given the scorching weather nowadays, I wonder just how many households will succeed in this.

The heat is expected at this time of the year, but as the temperatures rise to a new high, I wonder how many out there will want to switch from the air-con to the fan or use just 1 fan instead of two (I'm talking about a single person, here), keep opening the fridge for that chilled drinks or just to feel the blast of cool air on their skin and shower at least once more than usual 2 times (esp. at night).

I'm not surprised that those without air-conditioned homes will choose to go for long drives just so they be in the comfort of their air-conditioned vehicle interiors.

Come to think of it, those who eventually made an achievement in this campaign must have whiled their time away mall-hopping. You know, just hang-out at shopping centers and use the facilities there.

No points for guessing why.

Just how often have you rushed from the heat outside to seek solace from the air-conditioned comfort of shopping malls, tell me?

Like right now, I choose to come to the office, despite it being the weekend.

Oh, hello. I got work to do, okay? Not because I want to utilise the air-con here.

Yes, I'm blogging now but I'm just taking a breather from my work. Pfft!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

new blog layout

so what's with this new layout..?

Oh hey, I think I know what you're thinking.


My biological clock ain't ticking. =P

I was just thinking about the time I have left with my family, what with me moving out to live with my in-laws once I'm married and all...

My parents only have my bro and myself. And my bro's work kept him away from us most of the time so my parents and I are always left on our own to to find activities to amuse ourselves and keep us occupied.

Yes, we're the sort who can't stay still at home.

Those who know me, will also know my 'part-time job' as a weekend driver, with my parents being the bosses. Saturdays, I do spend time going out on my own but Sundays are strictly for my family.

Even then, some Saturdays, we tend to drive up to J.B.

And there's the wedding reception on Sundays. If there's none, we'll either eat out, go shopping, visit relatives or chill elsewhere.

Meanwhile, with my bro, I enjoy keeping late nights.

I would fetch him from work and we'll either go for supper, or midnight movies or shop at Mustafa.

Or all of the above on that one night.

Sometimes, I'll go shopping with him and we'll hit places like Arab and Bugis Street, Peninsula Plaza and even Chinatown.

Yes, he Loves shopping. I Don't. Somehow, it's bearable when with him.

We even drove into J.B. after midnight with my cousins just for supper a couple of times.

My other half, meanwhile, is the homely sort.

With everytime he called me on weekends, I'm never at home. And he can never understand it.

Just like how I can never understand how one can stay in so much. -_-

So I'm going to cherish every moment spent with my family as I count down the days to my nuptials.

And I'm going to blog every moment of it. With pictures and all.

Cos' something tells me that things are going to be pretty different after March next year.

And I'm going to miss every minute of now.

tick. tock. tick. tock.

And this is NOT inspired by that song from Madonna & JT.