Wednesday, May 21, 2008

k-drama weakness

korean tv rules my world (again!)

Ok, so I've succumbed to the powers of Hallyu yet again. Darn them drama series on KBS!

So take note, people! Mon-Thu, 9-10.15pm.

I WILL NOT be free!

Please don't take to heart if I decline your invitation for a night out.

Oh, and also on Wed-Thu, 11.15pm-12.15am. (Update: This one ended just yesterday.)

This is what I'm tuning to:

Formidable Rivals

Title: 강적들 / Powerful Opponents
Also known as: Powerful Opponents / Rivals / Adversaries
Chinese title : 强敌
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-14 to 2008-June-17
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:00-22:15 (9:55 Korean time)


Young-Jin, a 27-old-lady with natural born pride and desire to succeed and be recognized is not backed up at all by her poor family; rather she needs to take care of all of messes and fusses that her grandfather, father, and younger brother committed.

Having nothing to trust except for her own body and soul, she exerts herself to finally be appointed as a body gourd of the Blue House of Korea. At the Blue House, Young-Jin meets Kwanpil, a smart, excellent, cynical and charismatic colleague, who by instinct recognize each other as formidable rivals.

They bump into each other at every course of training, extremely competing to beat the other, and what a mischievous fate! They end up being partner to protect Suho, the only son of Mr. President.

Suho is an unstoppable rascal with high intelligence and violent nature. Suho is the key person who discloses the past of Kwanpil and realizes the true virtue of family and love.

By describing two vivid characters Youn-Jin and Kwanpil, [Formidable Rivals] shows the life of body guards who by nature cannot be spotlighted. This is the story of the others, non-heros, who support protagonists. They also have their own way of life, own value of family and love.


Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin
Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho
Choi Ja Hye as Jung Yoo Min
Lee Jong Hyuk as Ryu Gwan Pil
Go Myung Hwan as Byung Wook

My take on this:

I can't resist Lee Jin Woo's character! The rebellious yet kind-hearted (and stylish!) Kang Suho a.k.a President's son.

I have such weakness for characters with this image. All that charisma seem to lie in that brooding nature of theirs. Such charm!

And Chae Rim. My dear, dear Chae Rim. Everyone watching this show are turning their noses (pun intended) at your (latest) nose job.

What were you thinking??! I really like the way you look in Dalja's Spring but here, your face simply screams, "PLASTIIIC!"

And puh-leez. What's with the wearing of those heels, despite the job of a bodyguard? Just beacause you're a female...?

3 Daddies & 1 Mommy

Title: 아빠셋 엄마하나 / One Mom and Three Dads
Also known as: Three Dads and One Mom / 3 dads 1 mom
chinese title : 三个爸爸一个妈
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-02 to 2008-May-22
Air time: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:00-22:15 (9:55 Korean time)


Song Na Young and her husband, Jung Sung Min, desperately want a child but her husband is unable to get her pregnant. Her husband’s friends decide to help them.

But Na Young suddenly loses her husband in an accident and she gives birth to her daughter but does not know which of her husband’s friends fathered her child. The father of Na Young’s child can either be Han Soo Hyun, Choi Kwang Hee, or Hwang Kyung Tae.

Su Hyun is a competent fund manager and most successful among friends, but most narrow-minded and stingy.
Kwanghee is a handsome cartoonist with good taste of fashion, but an ultimate cynic.
Kyung Tae is a young and good-looking detective, but too shy to speak in front of girls.

Three guys at first feel burdensome when Na Young asks for support. As time goes by, however, they start to feel a deep emotion toward the baby and to Na Young as well.


Eugene as Song Na Young
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Soo Hyun
Jae Hee as Choi Kwang Hee
Shin Sung Rok as Hwang Kyung Tae
Kim Bin Woo as Park Seo Yeon
Joo Sang Wook as Jung Chan Young

My take on this:

This story is reminiscent of the US drama, 'Three Men & A Little Baby'.

You know, when you can hear the baby narrating some parts, as if she's talking...?

I admit one reason I enjoyed this is because of Jo Hyun Jae. He IS handsome. But his character is such a big turn-off.

And Eugence is still one of my all-time favourite actress.

Oh, another reason I'm liking this??

Is THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't she just sooooo cute?

And the mystery being whose child the baby actually is. That's a real draw. Especially when they guys start pointing fingers whenever the child shows little signs of having their traits.

For example, when she starts doodling on the walls, they looked at Kwanghee cos' he's the cartoonist, rite? And so on.

Man, this show sure is addictive!


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Anonymous said...

LOL at Chae Rim's nohz.But she didn't take another plastic surgery after DJS. The nohz is the same. LOL.