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warning: pretty long-winded food review

I had told my mum of this place. Naturally, it got her all excited.

I guess I underestimate my parents' eagerness to try the food.

I had planned to head there for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. And yesterday's visit was of no occasion. Just picked my bro up from Bedok Camp and head there.


I had asked my dad in the afternoon, where we're heading. He mentioned, "That Italian Restaurant." Of course I thought that he had called my mum and she's the one who insist on eating there.

I came back that evening and discovered that my mum had no inkling about us wanting to eat out, initially. Well, my dad only told her when he came back.

No points for guessing then, whose MAIN idea it is to go there.

Now, about the place:

I was apprehensive at first. You know being a real-deal Italian restaurant and all.

And I thought that the place was closed. It looked pretty dark from where I came from. Turns out that their lighting is just dimmed to make for a cosy ambience.

I know how many had raved bout the interiors and how it's so chic and all but we just can't resist dining alfresco, seeing how the weather last night was pretty fine and the seating was in the middle of such an open space.

Not long after we got hold of the menu, one of the staff came by and asked, "You need some help with the menu..?"

That, my frens, was the start to one of the best service my family ever had while dining.

We ordered the combo bruschetta, some sauteed calamari dish and mushroom soups for my parents and myself for starters.

The bruschetta came in 4 different varieties. Mushroom, ham & tomato, prawns and plain tomato. All appealed to our tastebuds.

The calamari came off as a bit on the bland side. You know, as in, need-more-seasoning. When the staff came over to inquire about the food and we mentioned it, they thought we need more spice so they offered to bring in their 'special chilli oil'.

Oh, that chilli oil was awesome. Chilli padi soaked in oil. Power, lah!

And the bottle of "Magic Pepper Sauce' that they provide kicks more a** than Tobasco.

For the main course, my dad had this red snapper with orange-sauce dish. You should see his face light up when he took his first bite. He loved it! The citrus sauce really did it for him.

My bro will only eat cream-based sauce, so I ordered the one of the seafood variety. With penne, his favourite pasta. The sauce was thick, unlike the previous ones we ate (somewhere else), where they didn't strain the water off properly and eventually dilute the whole dish. And the seafood that were in abundance were all fresh. From the prawns, calamari, fish, clams to the mussels.

My mum and I had the ravioli. Since we want to know what it's like, we each took a different variety.

She had this Crab & Lobster Tortellini. I had the Panzerotti w/ Porcini Mushroom.

Thousand apologies for conveniently forgetting the actual names of the dishes. I misplaced the receipt, la.

Each ravioli was done just nice - al dente (not overcooked and soggy) and the fillings are of the right proportion. And generous portions too. We both loved the tomato-based sauce. The tartness of the tomatoes balanced with a slight tinge of sweetness.

Halfway through the meal, we were asked, "How's everything so far?" We can only manage some nodding. At the end of the meal, we were asked, "How's the food?"

All of us gave the thumbs up.

And we discussed about the food we ate and we mentioned in passing, about coming back here for the pizza and desserts. But right then, we're just too full.

After they cleared our plates, one of the staff, Mr Saufi (the one serving us most of the time) came and ask, "Do you guys still have room (in our bellies)?"

We were like, "Huh?!" That's what happen when you're (too) full. Things just register much slower.

"Oh, we want you to have some cakes. It's on us."

Of course we agreed! Full tak full.... Kalau free, jangan tolak!

He soon came out with a platter of 6 different 1 inch x 1 inch cakes. There's strawberry, chocolate fudge, blueberry, oreo cheesecake, marble cheesecake and black forest.

Despite each being so small, each of us took 1/4 of every variety (tiny, I know). And all agreed- the blackforest totally rocks our boat! So much so that my mum wanna order it for my wedding.

I wanna apologise to the peeps there for the weird way that my family talk esp. when it comes to the food. This is the result of watching too much of the Asian Food Channel (AFC).

We know so much about the food and yet it's the 1st time we had them. It's like finding out the answer before doing the workings in maths.

Never underestimate the things you learn and the information one gathers when watching AFC.

We made so much inquiries about the pizzas that they serve and made so many suggestions that they offer to make our pizza the way we want it (and charge accordingly, la).

Eh, we ask for the authentic Italian style ok? Plain tomato base and shaved parmesan cheese. Then topped with fresh basil leaves when out of the oven.

Sorry, ah. I didn't take pics.

Didn't bring my camera and I'm more curious about the food than to take pics. And my camera phone ain't up to notch. Will do the the food injustice, for sure.

Pics of this place HERE, HERE, HERE.

Price-wise, I estimate per head to be a little less then $20. So it's quite worth it!

This is a place worth recommending. Go and try!

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