Monday, May 05, 2008


i miss my hair, suddenly

The days just dun cease in getting hotter, don't they?

I can't take the heat no more. And being the *ahem* good daughter that I am, I asked my mum if she wanna join me for a trip to the hair salon (just the neighbourhood ones will do. lazy to park at the shopping centres).

I kinda' regret asking her somehow.

Cos' she just don't understand why I wouldn't want to PERM my hair. Again.

My hair's been curly since.... mid last year...?

Suddenly I forgot how my hair was like before that.

I wonder if my mum was secretly disappointed that I was born with straight hair.

Like, hello?

My mum and her bro were the only ones with STRAIGHT hair in the family. Both my grandparents have curls.

Even my dad is the only guy with the STRAIGHT hair amongst his siblings.

So not only did I have much shorter hair now, it's also PERMED!

I almost thought I look like an 'ajooma' (korean for auntie).

Thinking back, I can make it look funky if I put in a bit more effort styling it after stepping out of the shower in the mornings (despite me always being late for work like, EVERYDAY).

And for the 1st time ever, I had to ask permission from someone to have my hair cut short, seeing that he openly told me he 'prefers long hair'.


Of course I told him that it's my mum who wants it, despite the hair being on MY head.

Ok, yeah. So my mum wants the PERM and I'm the one who wants the CUT but at least that helped to convince him to agree.

Nothing that the mere mention of a future mum-in-law can't help.


I had to browse thru' pics of my holiday trips from years back to see my head of hair that was longer and NOT permed.



Both from 2006

Arrrgh! I miss all that hair!!!!!!!

Oh, you want to see my new hairstyle...?

Sorry but the hairdresser told me that it'll look 'more natural' only after 2 washes.

2 washes not due yet so... till then! =P

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