Saturday, May 03, 2008

scorching weather!

honestly speaking, this campaign comes at a bad time

I'm talking about the 'NEA's 10% Energy Challenge', here.

"...The aim of the NEA's challenge is to encourage more households to cut their energy consumption. Households will be eligible for a lucky draw if they reduce their energy bills by at least 10 per cent..."

Haha... Given the scorching weather nowadays, I wonder just how many households will succeed in this.

The heat is expected at this time of the year, but as the temperatures rise to a new high, I wonder how many out there will want to switch from the air-con to the fan or use just 1 fan instead of two (I'm talking about a single person, here), keep opening the fridge for that chilled drinks or just to feel the blast of cool air on their skin and shower at least once more than usual 2 times (esp. at night).

I'm not surprised that those without air-conditioned homes will choose to go for long drives just so they be in the comfort of their air-conditioned vehicle interiors.

Come to think of it, those who eventually made an achievement in this campaign must have whiled their time away mall-hopping. You know, just hang-out at shopping centers and use the facilities there.

No points for guessing why.

Just how often have you rushed from the heat outside to seek solace from the air-conditioned comfort of shopping malls, tell me?

Like right now, I choose to come to the office, despite it being the weekend.

Oh, hello. I got work to do, okay? Not because I want to utilise the air-con here.

Yes, I'm blogging now but I'm just taking a breather from my work. Pfft!

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