Saturday, May 03, 2008

labour day

Labour Day with Mum & Dad

This is where I spent Labour Day with my parents.

Nice, eh?

Where do you think this was..?

Look at that blue sky. The coconut palm fronds swaying in the breeze....

....The blue sea. The fair, sandy beach.

Pictures taken with just the modest handphone camera, ok??

No, we're not part of the hoardes of Singaporeans going abroad over the (self-declared) long weekend.

We stayed put in this tiny island.

We went to East Coast, actually.

How..? Impressed..?

Well, I was.

Not that I look down on our local beaches. Just that...

...ahem, I've seen better.

That day, there ain't as many day-trippers as expected. The weather was extremely warm (as expected) but the sea breeze that was in abundance help lessen the impact of the heat.

We went cycling.

Yesh, my mum can't ride a bike on her own.

We did try to teach her once but that time she fell face-down on the track, toppled sideways... etc.

One amused Caucasian fella back then even commented, "Women riders....!"

We watched people fishing at the jetty....

.....and even people wakeboarding cable skiing.

My parents on the banks of the lagoon where the cable-ski is.

We always stop to do this with EVERY time we go cycling at ECP.

Without fail.

Shyba can attest to that. Right, Shyba...?

We even make time to have lunch at the food-centre.

Then my dad can't resist the sea breeze and had us return the bikes 15 mins early.

I tell you, we paid 2hrs for only 1hr worth of cycling, going by the number and length of stops we had.

Then I went to the car to get all our cushions (inc. my Mashimaro headrests) and the picnic mats.

My parents slept awhile on the beach as I blast music thru' my headphones while reading the newspaper under the shade of the ketapang trees..

Ahhhh.... Such bliss!

As the day got hotter, we hurried to get to Parkway Parade (my family's fave mall) for the solace of their air-conditioned environment.

Saw that Isetan had a promotion and my dad and I decide to get my mum her mother's day gift.

Pot and pans.

What..?! Not just ANY pots and pans, can?

Stainless Steel stuff from Germany, ok?

They slash the price from $699 to $199, ok??? $500 OFF!

Who can resist, you tell me...? Certainly not my mum...

Then we proceed to get my dad his caffeine fix.

He'd get giddy when he didn't have his cuppa.

Usually we either head to Delifrance or Ya Kun.
This time we head for the latter.

And ordered the usual.

I call them the 'cholesterol-bomb' set.

2 half-boiled eggs + 2 kaya (more eggs!) toasts + coffee with (condensed) milk.

But they're darned good!

The brown bread... Sigh, I just can't get enough of them.

Even tried their ice-cream toast??? A slab of ice-cream sandwiched between those crispy toasts.

Superb, I tell you!

So there. My day with my family.

Honestly, I blog this just so I can look back on the days I spend with my family.

Thanks for reading, if you actually did read all the way till' here.

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