Friday, May 30, 2008


Tini & Matin

My first outing with the mother : son pair.

Meet Tini, my longtime friend (since kindergarten!) and her almost 6 months-old son, Danish IzzMatin.

If he is always like what he is just now, Tini, I have no issues about you bringing him everytime we go out!


Tini had wanted to eat 'Creamy Seafood Pasta' and I contemplate bringing her to Badoque.

But we had other plans, post dinner so we decide to go for something cheaper and push the saved moolah to indulge later on.

So I brought her to Gemelli instead.

As always, I can't quote the actual name of the dish (it's something Italian!).

It's this 'Spaghetti w/Prawns & Rucola Salad in Tomato Cream Sauce'.

Very rich. Very delicious. Very filling.

My order of Beef Lasagna.

I like the cream sauce that's usually missing from the lasagnas ordered elsewhere.

Gives the dish more taste & character, other than it being, 'a slab of pasta slices with meat in bolognaise sauce and cheese'.

Makes the dish tste rich, too.

Oh well. Which cream sauce doesn't taste rich, tell me??

The plan we had was to head all the way to Serene Centre, near Bukit Timah Road for some ice-cream indulgence.

I had recommended this place to Tini when she was still preggers with Matin, after I had my first taste of Island Creamery ice-cream.

Since then she kept coming back with her hubby, most often for their Nutella flavour.

And since her hubby's away for reservice and I'm sorely missing my Reverse-O, I gladly brought us there.

I guess I forgot to mention that both of us also missed their mudpie (right).

That's the Reverse-O (left) that I LOOVE so much!

It's chocolate mixed with Oreo cookies. Double whammy!

Tini was patiently waiting for the next tub of Nutella ice-cream to defrost.

And when it finally did, she hurried to get herself a scoop. With a cone.

She asked if I want anymore. I looked through the whole selection and I still came back to ...

... the Reverse-O.

With a chocolate-coated cone studded with peanuts, no less.

My mum's gonna scream if she knows. My gym instructor's gonna glare.

But I'm happy. =D

That's the thing with girlfrens. They're just the best companion when you wanna indulge in desserts.

Guys just don't understand!

Oh, well...

....With the exception of my 2 sweet-tooth guy-pals.


Fans of onion rings, go get the one in MacD now!

It's the real deal! 100% rings from onions, coated with batter & fried. Last time I had that was in Bali. Reminiscent of the ones in Calfornia Fried Chicken in Jakarta.

I guess it's only sold like that in Indonesia.

I think it'll be around for a short period only. It's for the Kung Fu Panda promotion, I think.

My mum's gone crazy for it, too!

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