Saturday, May 31, 2008

bro 29th bdae

happy 29th bdae bro!

Oops, did I just release ur age, there?

Nvm, guys shouldn't worry about how old they are. Unlike us ladies who're eternally obsessed about how young we'd rather be.

The cover of his birthday card(s).

Since he started skimming, he's been a crazy about these surfing dudes champions, Kelly Slater & Andy Irons.

I made 2 of them cards cos' I have my own, personal words for him on this special day.

Something... I'd rather that my parents not read.

This is inside the card to be signed by my parents.

A family photo taken during our Langkawi trip last year.

Here's the card I prepared for him.

It starts with, "Hola, Birthday Boi!"

Followed by:

"Sigh. This is the last time that I'll be celebrating your birthday as ur little sister, huh?

So weird, you know..."

Something in those words sounds sad, somehow. But it's the truth, isn't it?

I hope he won't cry.

Wait till' he get the letter that I'm gonna write him right before my nuptials....

So bro,

I'm glad you're in a career path that garnered your interest, somewhat. Although I know that ma would prefer that you work somewhere more....

...I dunno. I bet she'd rather that you stay away from the sun. Your complexion reminds me of the unagi I love to eat!

Anyway, wish you much success in you career, aite? Take care of your health, ok? And please, lah. Time for you to get yourself a decent girl. Gimme' a sis-in-law!

And take care of our parents ok?

much love,
your little sister



What I got my bro.

Since it's what he wanted, and now that he got a new (hopefully better) job much further west, that'll wararnt some pretty excruciating travel time on the nightmare called the MRT.

(ok, fine. MRT IS a 'nightmare' for the likes of me who simply detests it)

Just something to keep him occupied...

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