Saturday, May 17, 2008



I've heard gripes about the jarring sound effects so I come prepared. I wore headphones to protect my sensitive ears.

Despite that, it still hurts. That bad, I know.

Orang kita cakap apa..? 'Berdempeng'...? Gitulah.

If the director think that such sound effects are what bring out the fear-factor in a horror movie, he ain't even half-right. It's more of those one-off stillness and silence that hangs in the air, leading to the the scary parts that brings out the fright, if you ask me.

The start of the movie was promising enough. The introduction to the game of congkak, of it's supposed origins and the the myths behind it. Then the first few scary moments. The rest was pretty much dismal, if not predictable.

It's supposed to be either a drama movie with horror aspects or a horror movie with dramatic aspects but it's neither. You'll wonder where the story is going.

Most of the audience definitely left the theatre unsatisfied. Especially with such a campy ending and I believe, most viewers already figured out the twist midway.

... It seems like the director or writer had underestimated the audiences' intelligence, somewhat.

I totally agree with THIS review.

Oh and check out that 'makcik misai'..!

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