Thursday, May 22, 2008

mixed berry pavlova

mixed berry pavlova

Those unknowing, Pavlova is a meringue dessert named after a Russian ballet dancer.

Nice, eh...?

Wait till' you learn why I put up this picture... ;D

As of now, despite having less than 4 hours sleep after watching the team I least favoured lifting the much coveted Champions League cup, I'm depriving myself of the much needed cup of coffee for that caffeine boost. I'm also abstaining from chocolates.

I feel like I'm suffering, like that.

I even remarked to my colleague that I want to eat ice-cream. No coffee and chocs but ice-cream...? hah!

Well anyway, I was reading a certain foodie's blog and he mentioned 'Pavlova'. I suddenly got reminded of that dreamy meringue cake from The Patissier that I had recently. That got me into a frenzy in the search for pavlova recipes.

And I obtained that picture above. I'm totally loving it! Cos' it's just soooo reminiscent of my situation right now.

Those that didn't get the drift, well, it's my 1st day of menstruation 'the red flag'. And the gooey, crimson berry sauce dribbling down the sides of the meringue kinda' remind me of my bloody mess.

And I'm craving for something sweeeeettttttt!

Well, if you're not grossed out after all that, you might want to get the recipe HERE.

Now, how about Ritz Apple Strudels...? Anyone game for that...?

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