Thursday, May 01, 2008

new blog layout

so what's with this new layout..?

Oh hey, I think I know what you're thinking.


My biological clock ain't ticking. =P

I was just thinking about the time I have left with my family, what with me moving out to live with my in-laws once I'm married and all...

My parents only have my bro and myself. And my bro's work kept him away from us most of the time so my parents and I are always left on our own to to find activities to amuse ourselves and keep us occupied.

Yes, we're the sort who can't stay still at home.

Those who know me, will also know my 'part-time job' as a weekend driver, with my parents being the bosses. Saturdays, I do spend time going out on my own but Sundays are strictly for my family.

Even then, some Saturdays, we tend to drive up to J.B.

And there's the wedding reception on Sundays. If there's none, we'll either eat out, go shopping, visit relatives or chill elsewhere.

Meanwhile, with my bro, I enjoy keeping late nights.

I would fetch him from work and we'll either go for supper, or midnight movies or shop at Mustafa.

Or all of the above on that one night.

Sometimes, I'll go shopping with him and we'll hit places like Arab and Bugis Street, Peninsula Plaza and even Chinatown.

Yes, he Loves shopping. I Don't. Somehow, it's bearable when with him.

We even drove into J.B. after midnight with my cousins just for supper a couple of times.

My other half, meanwhile, is the homely sort.

With everytime he called me on weekends, I'm never at home. And he can never understand it.

Just like how I can never understand how one can stay in so much. -_-

So I'm going to cherish every moment spent with my family as I count down the days to my nuptials.

And I'm going to blog every moment of it. With pictures and all.

Cos' something tells me that things are going to be pretty different after March next year.

And I'm going to miss every minute of now.

tick. tock. tick. tock.

And this is NOT inspired by that song from Madonna & JT.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, Bayya!
Yea, think it's best that you try and take things 1 at a time, enjoy the days as they roll on by & appreciate dear ones who've been there for us during the hard times of old..

Been missin' your posts actually, and finally managed to steal some time aside to drop by. Do keep writing, yea. ;)
Take care & Stay cool, as always.
Luv & Hugs, us*

CT said...

A big HELLO to u both!

I miss ur comments cos' u just have have a way with words. It's like they're weaved so beautifully, it's soothing.


Yes, taking the days as they come is the way for me. Now it's easy to say but as the day looms near, I daren't think if this mindset will work the same.

Oops... *Think positve.. think positive....*

Thank you lots for dropping by!