Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day

beefing about on Mother's Day

I didn't know they have a Mother's Day Special when I went there yesterday.

I thought it was a pretty good deal, all that for $27??

...I should have known better.

Some things are just too good to be true.

This was where my mum and I brought my maternal grandma for Mother's Day.

We went to the branch at Yishun SAFRA Country Club.

(L) The appetiser: Crab claw, prawns & strawberries on a bed of salad and yoghurt dressing.


Easy peasy. No need for vinaigrette. Spoon out some ready-made strawberry yoghurt easily available from stores.


On the right was the minestrone soup. Not bad, that one.

My dad's choice: Grilled Boneless Chicken w/ Slipper Lobster (a.k.a Crayfish), topped w/ Green Pepper Corn Sauce.

I dunno what THAT sauce was about. The taste ain't distinctive.

Check out the dismal veggie on the side.

What does that remind you of...?

Frozen mixed vegetables? -_-

There's also some (limp) potato slices.

What gramma, mum and I had: Grilled N.Z Ribeye with Golden Mushroom Wrapped w/ Chicken Bacon.

The 'Golden' mushroom turn out to be Enoki instead. I forgot it's also called the 'Golden Needle' mushroom. A tad on the limp and bland side. And the chicken bacon could have been crispier.

And that same 'mixed-veggie' on the side.


My dad ordered this too, initially.

Somehow he must have thought that too many steaks on the table may make us seem barbaric somehow, so he got the chicken instead.

I asked for our steaks to be 'medium-done'. The waitress repeat my order with only the word, 'medium'. I guess, they don't have much variety when it comes to cooking the meat.

Pretty strange for a steak house.

Maybe I watch too much of that show, "Licence to Grill".

Oh well. Not everyone can do a Robert Rainford, I guess.

Anyway, being vaguely 'medium', our 3 different plates of steaks were done in 3 different ways (no surprised, here).

My mum had hers Medium-Done. My gramma had Medium. I had Medium-Rare. The latter being a tad on the bloody side.

My mum was worried about her mum's steak being less done than hers but I told her that it would be easier for her to ingest all that meat so it shouldn't be much of an issue.

True enough. My grandma cleaned out her plate. All the cutting of the meat, courtesy of her 'lady-in-waiting', of course.

The dessert: White Chocolate Mousse w/ Mango.

I'll make the comment about this short.

They.should.refrigerate.this.before. serving.


I'm sure some of you are baulking at the fact that my 75 year-old gramma eats steak?

More than year back, we didn't know that either.

When my gramma stayed w/ us sometime last year, we ate out at the Eastpoint branch of this restaurant.

I can't really remember what we ordered for her but I believe it's something which can be easily consumed by her. Something to suit her palate, it being 'western' cuisine and all.

But she kept eyeing my mum's rib-eye steak so my mum gave her a small piece of the meat.

The small piece led to a big chunk and my mum eventually shared her piece of steak with my gramma.

And yesterday, she actually recognise the place to be where she had her steak more than a year back. She must have noted the green checkered table cloth.

But she did remark that it's not 'the one on the upper level in the crowded shopping centre'. Haha!

I admit that the food was not as satisfactory as I want it to be. Having patronised them a number of times, I know they're capable of something much better. But I guess at that price, I shouldn't have expected much.

They even forgot the Mother's Day gift that was listed in the set.

And I wasn't being cheap to have ordered the set for my family. I'll gladly order ala carte, knowing that the food would have definitely been better. Problem is, the regular menu ain't available for that Mother's Day weekend.


And I was looking forward to gobbling down that whole baked potato!

I guess I really have to come down again for some REAL portion of quality grade steak and baked potato.... Tsk.

But then again, the lunch is still a success cos' my gramma's happy, my mum's happy that her mum's happy and I'm definitely smiling.

That's what Mother's Day should be about, rite?? ; )

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