Friday, May 23, 2008


i got my bibimbap!!!

Like, finally.....!

Yes, ah!

I had a measly portion of tau-suan for lunch just to create room for this. Cos' everyone knows how filling this dish can be.

My Beef Bulgogi Bimbimbap is the one in the foreground. Soon to be heaped with scoops upon scoops of Korean bean & chilli sauces.

In fact, the container of chilli sauce was empty by the time we left. =P

That's Fried Mixed Mushrooms & Fried Prawns in the background.

Do you know what's the best part about eating bibimbap? To finally finish the dish just so one can get to the charred remains of the rice at the bottom of the iron bowl. The 'kerak nasi' as the malays call it. Just like when eating claypot rice.

What I usually do is to pour in the Kimchi Soup that comes with the bibimbap, then proceed to scrape out the burnt rice and eat with the soup, ala porridge.

Ahh... Such bliss!

This is my cousin Sue's order of Beef Bulgogi Hotplate.

Her veggies got charred. Haha!

Ended the night with a slab of ice-cream bought from the ah-pek at Jurong East bus interchange.

And the journey back home on bus 506, which brings back much fond memories of my days in poly....

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