Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm still not asleep yet??

Erk! I'm still not asleep yet??!

Been around (virtually) and noticed other ppl giving their a/c of them experiencing the tremors the morning before.... Better get my own a/c over & done with just so that I can just sleep...
...Was brushing my teeth when I thought I felt the ground shaking. Brushed it off, thinking I was just too sleepy (my bro caught me asleep with the TV watching me instead of vice versa) or that I was too 'high' (yes, I DO get a strange kinda 'high' when brushing me teeth...)

My fone was off by then. After the countless snoozes this morning, I finally switched the darn fone on, only to receive messages from my friends at ard 12+, asking if I felt 'the tremors'. Huh? I brushed that off too (maybe I'm still sleepy...)

My boss's wifey came into the office all excited, asking, "Did you feel the quake yesterday? My bed was practically shaking-with US (her & my boss) on it!"

I gave her this incredulous look, "You mean the one at ard midnight?" Duh!

"Yah!" She's excited to know someone else felt it too...

Oh, so all that swaying/shaking/vibrating while brushing my teeth WAS caused by tremors from an earthquake. Sheesh! And I tot' I was sleepy.....
Niwae, saw a sombre sight on CNA just now. The footage was at ground zero of the Sumatran quake zone. They showed the locals fleeing the area, hours after the quake. 2 men were on a bicycle. The pillion has a big package on his lap. I first thought it's his stuff that he brought along while fleeing. After giving a 2nd look, I realized it's an embalmed body, apparently laid on a plank to stabilise it......

With 2000+ deaths, how do you expect to feel?

Monday, March 28, 2005

Dad's B'dae Dinner (A Day later)
25th Mar '05
May sound cheapskate but it's such a waste to ignore the 15% disc. slip for a meal at Sofra Turkish Restaurant given by Singtel. Besides, my parents & I were almost hyperventilating after seeing episodes after episodes of Anthony Bourdain (A Cook's Tour) enjoying his mediterranean meals in Morroco, Tunisia...etc. That coupon can never come at a better time.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Food is nice, though my parents find it hard to adapt to the 'extra-carnivorous' fare (my family~with the exception of my bro, is into the 'go healthy' lifestyle. More vege, less meat). Not to mention the overload of sugar in the beverages & desserts. The bread, salad plate & pide is fantabulous, though. Great service, too (maybe helped by the fact that they know it's dad's b'dae).

Topped the evening off by doing some late-night shopping at Mustafa with my uncle & family. Followed by supper.

Gosh, I sure felt stuffed... I can't sleep after just eating so I ended up sleeping late. Had to wake up early the day after for the family picnic/BBQ/camp, held in conjunction with my dad's & his sis's b'dae.

Well, that-shall be told on another day. I'm dead beat. Gotta catch up on the lost sleep or I'll end up with my head on the keyboard in the office tomorrow....
Image hosted by
My bro tried on a wig in Mustafa. Classic. Been a veeery long time since I last seen him with hair on his head...

Friday, March 25, 2005

3rd Time Lucky...

Image hosted by

I remember watching this show on the Indonesian Channel-SCTV, 2 years back.
Yes, all you who watch this show on Suria, this 'sinetron' was first shown 2 years back. Kinda' long ago, huh?

Everyday I rushed home after work, to catch this series. Thank goodness it was the fasting month then, so I was let off early by my boss.

I actually recorded the theme song on my handphone to keep me occupied, should I begin to feel bored in the office. The song was played in loop in my head daily.

When I found out that I won't be able to watch the last episode due to that it's already Hari Raya & my family will hardly be at home, I ....
NO, I did NOT cry. I FREAKED out. I create a ruckus. I fret. Mumble mumble. Babble babble. I actually watched this show religiously everyday (yes, it's even shown on weekends) only to realize that I won't be able to watch the last episode?!!! What the...?!

Last year they showed it again but it's on weekdays, in the afternoon. I contemplate about taking leave just to watch it. Yes, despite the fact it's been a year, I'm still bent on catching that last 'un. My mum secretly watched the ending without telling me, for fear I will waste my leave (Now, I still have 1 week leave in excess).

When I found out Suria is showing it every Thu, I fret. I watched that show EVERYDAY for a whole month and Suria is only showing it weekly? How long will it take? Little that I know, Suria showed 1 1/2 hrs of the show weekly. It wasn't long before the ending comes. Jeng jeng jeng...

Tomorrow is a holiday and I have the chance to meet up with pals and catch a movie or two but I choose to stay at home, my butt fixed in front of the tv and wait. Then it dawn upon me that I've gotta send mum to work, meaning I will miss 1/4 of the show. Shucks!

Then, you know what happened?
My mum offered to go to work by herself, meaning she will have to walk. I was taken aback, so I said, wait till the ads, I will then send her. She said it's allright. She's watched the ending so I should watch it too. I felt really really bad for favouring a tv programme over my her but my mum, having borne me & brought me up, knows me inside out. She knows how desperately I need to watch this 'un.
Hey, I waited 2 darn years for this moment!

I muttered a guilty "Thank You" when kissing her hand. Gosh, I SO LOVE MY MUM!!!! *muacks!*
Gonna treat her someday. To a spa, perhaps? Hmmm, maybe a shopping spree. Anything. Just to show how much that little sacrifice of hers means a lot to me...

2 years.. I'm finally free.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Went to Mr Brown's blog and apparently, he's gotten quite a number of ppl on this: "I'm too sexy for my blog" thingy, where ppl will publish pictures with their tounge sticking out and declaring themselves 'sexy' as they did it.

Thought of giving it a shot but my digicam's with my pal and my attempt at getting a good one with my Nokia 6230 doesn't really work. Plus, my face is already slathered with night cream (the whitening kind) so the result came out: NOT GOOD.

Sheesh. So I dug around 'My Pictures' folder and found a dated one. Tiny tounge ala guppy-the-fish but the bonus is my bro's face in the background...

Image hosted by
Call me silly, call me ignorant, call me whatever you want.
I am very much aware of the sombre nature of my previous entry but
I Have To Get This Off My Mind!
Anybody seen this guy around in S'pore?
Image hosted by
Yes, all 1.8m of him with his 6-packs (in case you see him bare-bodied). He came down here from NYC for some job stint and has been here for a month. Will be going off in mid-April, which means that I am running out of time!!! You dun' expect me to look for him in NYC, dun you? It's already hard enuff' in tiny S'pore.
Pls, pls tell me where it is possible for me to see him-in flesh.
It'll be a kinda' good relief you know, from all that stress at work. Just a smile from him to make me squeal, lift me above the ground and bring my head high up above the clouds.
Beat any drugs, hands down. And no, I have NOT tried ANY drugs (aside from those prescribed by the doctor, that is).
Oh, by the way, his name is Jon Jonsson.
Wipe off that drool, ladies.
Anybody watched THE CONTENDER on cable-AXN (ch 19) yesterday?

Those who watched will know how tragically that episode ended. Read HERE to know more.

Najai "The Nitro" Turpin was already dead by the time they broadcast the episode which showed him being eliminated after he lost to Sergion "The Latin Snake" Mora.

The irony was that it was Najai who volunteered himself for 'the big fight' that day. He was prepared-physically & mentally and he's the one who chose Sergio.

What actually drew me to support him is his sheer determination. He does exude some mysterious aura, though. Something about his confidence or self-esteem did intrigue me. You should see the way he refused to look at Sergio in the eye when choosing him (it sure helps, the fact that Sergio is much taller).

Another reason is his 2 yr-old daughter, Anyae. She's soooo cuuuuteee! So chubby with big, big eyes. She oozed innocence in such a way you wish you were there just so you can pick her up and hug her. The way she calls, "Dada." They way she waddled around the room, playing with her daddy. The way she slept during her daddy's match. The way she made her 'Dada' smile and laugh again despite losing the match, when he played chase with her in the locker area...

Najai Turpin

Image hosted by
---Yes, peeps. He's only 23---

Sunday, March 20, 2005

All day I dream about...

All . Day . I . Dream . About . Sale...err... Sports.
Met my paternal cousins & nieces. The idea was to plan for our BBQ that'll take place over the Gd Fridae weekend. I think we did more than just that...

Image hosted by
There was an ADIDAS warehouse sale at Expo Hall 4. Not much stuff but the bargains were pretty good. Got a new pair of shoes ;)
Went to the Pesta Makanan Halal at hall 6.
Bought a bounty of food for our 'mini picnic' (when you brought along kids, you need to make things fun) @ the airport later on.
One of my cousin disappeared amidst all the ruckus. Turned out, she paid $5 for some facial-cum-makeover session. Kinda' pissed off when we actually ended up having to wait for her 'beauty session' to be over.
Were prepared to give some sorta' tounge lashing for all that waiting but the anger diffused immediately, upon seeing her face...

Image hosted by
Look at that! Wouldn't you laugh?! Macam wayang pek-ji!
Oh, by the way she's only 15.

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Ni, lah gamba orang2x jakun. Takde tempat lain ke, nak picnic?!
Airport..?! Sheesh!
Down @ my aunt's

Paid my maternal aunt a visit, to see how she's doing after her bad fall which caused her to have a fractured wrist.

That's when I saw moi cousin. Or so I thought...
Doesn't he look somewhat familiar???
Can't figure it out? Look at the top of my blogpage...

Image hosted by
Seen the similarity? And I wonder all this while why I'm so infatuated with The Crow. I actually had one within my midst. It kinda' run in the family, I guess...

Image hosted by Image hosted by
More antics with him and his wifey... Kecoh!
Malaysian GP 2005

Fernando Alonso/Renault won - again!!!!
Image hosted by Image hosted by
Call me silly but I'm never one to jump onto the bandwagon. As much as I admire Mike Schumacher with his racing skills and Ferrari for their superb machines, I'm just sick & tired of them winning. It's like there's no one else.

I know it's too early to tell after just 2 races but I'm gunning for Team Renault!!!

Ok, so that's the weekend - gone. Yet another Monday...

Wait! It's gonna be a 4-day week! Woo hoo!!!!...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Your Dominant Intelligence is Spatial Intelligence

You've got a good sense of space and how the world around you looks.
You can close your eyes and "see" images. You have innate artistic talent.
An eye for color and shapes, you're also a natural designer.
Since you think in pictures, visual aids and demonstartions help you learn best.

You would make a good navigator, sculptor, visual artist, inventor, architect, interior designer, or engineer.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Why do people become...Devils in the driver's seat
Write words By Philip Lee

Image hosted by

I read this columnist article in The New Paper dated 17th Mar'05. Very interesting. Fellow drivers will unanimously agree with what was written.


Here are excerpts of what was written...
...ROAD rage seems to be, well, the rage of the week.
A rash of angry confrontations on the roads were reported in newspapers both here and in Malaysia recently. Some of the Malaysian incidents ended with the victims being beaten to death...
...Why are people's emotions so volatile the moment they are behind the wheel?
I know of gentle friends, who, when they are in the driver's seat, morph into impatient and foul-mouthed demons....
...We hardly see pedestrians becoming so vexed when they get into one another's way.
But make a gaffe on the road and the erring motorist gets horn blasts, lewd finger signs, or worse....

Why? (yeah, why? enlighten me!)

If I had to make a guess, I would say that the mood of many motorists here has long been soured by accumulated annoyance.
Just drive for a week here and any motorist would be irked by:
-A car behind trying to overtake you the moment both approach a 'merge' lane.
-A car in front suddenly making a turn into a side road, or changing lanes, without signalling.
-Cars and taxis blatantly stopping by roadsides marked either with zigzag or double yellow lines, and blocking your way.
-Cars stopping in yellow box junctions and obstructing your way when the light is in your favour.
-A car behind suddenly speeding up when you signal to change lanes.
(at this point, I was fiercely nodding my head..)

...Motoring keeps the driver tense all the time, whether he is aware of it or not.
He is strapped down to perform boring tasks such as braking, keeping in lane, being alert to traffic conditions and to lousy drivers. He is also on the lookout for speed cameras...
....Any driver remotely appearing to threaten his treasure on wheels gets him all hot and bothered...
...Then there is this mindless egomania - that of territoriality (hint-hint... all you luxury car drivers out there..)

...He is never in good cheer and the resultant bad behaviour fouls the mood of others.
So, in the end everyone gets mean

As I see it, the Singapore motorist has unwittingly become a victim of his own boorishness... (tsk..tsk.. I couldn't agree more)

I dunno if this columnist is a male chauvinist but what's with the musculine form of reference for the drivers?!
'He/His'..... Whatever happened to 'They/Them'?! Now THAT'S general.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Gonna change my blogskin soon. I think some ppl got freaked out by the 'dark' layout. Fancy devoting this blog to a dead guy. I admit it looked like a freaking tomb, actually. Ok, I will change to something more cheerful ;)
I must have been so damn free (not exactly, I just FELT free) till that I set up an account with MULTIPLY. Yeap, I'm officially multiplied. For someone who's hardly committed, I can actually juggle to maintain 3 email accounts, 1 friendster, 2 blogs (one in hibernation) and now a Multiply a/c. Internet savvy? Naaayyy.... I'm far from the 'geek' factor.

Anyway, the thing about Multiply is that one has to register in order to be able to communicate with another Multiply user. Sheesh! Well, the registration is free, anyway.

Here's my Multiply account: I'VE MULTIPLED !!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The one about going to Thailand...

This weekend, I've been telling myself that I wanna blog about a certain something. However, being the procrastinator that I am, I never really get into doing it. Sigh....

After getting some transactions done on my IB, I resort to some blog-hopping. I told myself that I'm getting sleepy and will be logging of soon(it's Monday tomorrow). That was at 2230hrs. It's 0000hrs and what am I doing?

Yes. Blogging. Sheesh!
--- --- --- --- --- ---
What in the world happened?

Simple. Will tell it cave-man style....
Me blog-hop. Me read and read. Me go to Mr Brown's blog. Me read. Mr Brown in Bangkok. Mr Brown go shopping. Mr Brown talks of being sweaty. Mr Brown says he felt out of place somewhere. Mr Brown...

Ok, ok. Enuff' of Mr Brown. Now... The thing bout' feeling out-of-place...Where have I been thru' that before...? *ponders*

Duh! He said he's in Bangkok! Doofus!
I remember that clearly. My collegue & I (yes, just the 2 of us...) had gone to Chatuchak earlier in the day, dumped all our shopping in the hotel room and rushed out again, this time to MBK. In our pursuit to purchase a HRC tee (original), we stumbled into Siam Centre. Now, this building speaks one word. No, make that 2 words. Swanky + posh. Very Paragon.

And of all places to have a loose bladder, it had to be in this bldg. Shucks.

There we were, lining up amongst these ladies(real ones) who more these chic mules and strappy heels (I saw Gucci & Ferragamo), slinky tops(err.... some Italian/French designer stuff) and these tight, low-hung jeans(not just some Levi's but ridiculously expensive all the same). We were all flushed, hot and sweaty (kinda' dusty/grimy after walking along the roads), wearing capri, tees and Teva look-alike sandals. Oh did I mention dirty & sweaty?

Wait, I'm missing one part. Did I mention the fact that we look so much like Thais (not the tall, thin Mtv VJ type) that no vendors approached us with their wares like they did to other 'fellow' tourists?? It sure dun' help, the fact that I practiced so hard on those basic Thai that I sound like them (nasal & all).

From Bangkok to Phuket, all of them gave the same apologetic look after we said the so oft-mentioned phrase, "We're not Thai." They then said, "Oh, I tot u Thai people." After just smiling politely they said, "You look like Thai people." Ok, ok. Enuff' said. Whatever!

Then they proceed to bug us to buy their wares. Dang!

Suddenly I missed looking like a Thai. It sure helped though when we go out at night. We practically blend into the crown. No hassle. Ppl ignored us and mind their business. We try not to speak a lot. We smiled a lot (yes, Thais love smiling).
However, till now, I'm determined to get back to Siam Centre. This time I'll be dressed to the nines(casual-wise) and blend into the chic crowd there. Maybe I'll even stand out. Hmmpf!

Wait, there's something I missed. We look so much like 'Thai people' that we were even mistaken for 'social escorts' in Phuket. Incredulous, you say?!
We ordered some take-aways at this restaurant. So as not to look silly waiting inside while everyone else is dining, we waited outside(they prepared this cute bench in front). Our conversation was rudely interrupted by this middle-aged american man with this thick moustach. He was directly in front of us (goodness knows how long he's been standing there..)

You know what that perve-of-a-man said? "You one of the escort???"

Ooooooh, I betcha' my eyes were as wide as saucers then. I exclaimed with, "I'm sorry?!" (made sure my English sounded posh and un-'escortish'). I swore I could have stomped on his feet and screamed this into his face, "Do I look like a blardee, f***ing escort to ya??!"

Pardon that expletive. I was THAT angry. Luckily the restaurant fella' came out in time with the bill. I fished out my card from the purse. No, make that, FLASHED my card. Made sure he saw that I AM NOT AN ESCORT!

He looked sheepish as he walked away. In my anger, I forgot to ask after him, "What, no apologies??!"

Goodness, it's been a year and I'm still seething from anger with regards to this matter. Somehow, my collegue and myself managed to laugh the matter off soon after that. We joked about what we could have said and done in response to that lewd enquiry. Hee... What would YOU have done??

Heh. I does seem funny.

So much for responding to 'Mr Brown feeling out-of-place' in Bangkok... Sheesh!
Image hosted by
In D'ma Pavilion Hotel, Bangkok~We were soooo busy shopping, we only took 4 pics in Bangkok and all were taken in the room. Pathetic!

Image hosted by
Banthai Resort, Phuket.

Image hosted by
Banthai Resort, Phuket~Pool

Image hosted by
Snorkelling at Loh Samah~Koh Phi Phi

Image hosted by
Beautiful Scenery~Maya Beach

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bayern.M :: Arsenal (:P)
Juve :: R.Madrid (:>)
Liverpool :: Leverkusen (:>)
PSV :: Monaco (:>)
Chelsea :: Barca (:P)
AC Milan :: ManU (:>)
Lyon :: Bremen (:>)
Inter - Porto

Monday, March 07, 2005

Take note:
~The last time I went to J.B in a car was almost a decade ago.
~I've always preferred buses. It's more fun. More people to see. More 'adventurous'.
~Even if I was with my relatives, we would have chartered a passanger van. That will put us through the same ordeal as those who took the bus. Get off, queue up at the customs, go up-go down...bla bla...

And yet....

Yesterday I actually DROVE there??! You have got to be kidding, man.
I remember my cousin telling me bout the 'box where you insert your cash card to pay'. He can say all he wanna but I SIMPLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT.
When having our passports stamped, I have the cheek to ask the customs lady this...
Me: (Tinkering with the LED lights on box) What is this box for?
Lady: For Cash Card payment.

Now, where have I heard bout this Cash Card thingy? Hmm... *ponder*

Doofus! Of course! So this is the 'box' that my cousin was talking about! Sheesh! *hurriedly look for card to pay*
Have you seen the way M'sians drive? It's a funny sight- when you're a passanger.
When you're behind the wheel? It's simply infuriating. All I can do is rant and rant (can't curse cos' parents are in car).
And all those horror stories I heard & read about those road bullies that simply despise S'porean drivers held me back. I would soooo love to give them a taste of their own medicine.
And the parking at Angsana sux to the core, man! The poor layout of all the ramps+ impatient+lazy+kiasu drivers=massive jam-within the multi-storey carpark. Silly, rite?

There was this instance where those who were coming down the ramp have to squeeze thru' this idiot who insist on inching his car up and this blatant imp who refuse to budge. The car in front of me had to reverse back 3x before barely scraping thru'. My mum was already reciting her prayers when it's my turn to do so. My car was less that 2cm from the wall when I squeezed thru. Phew! I betcha' a Merc, BMW or Jag won't be able to make it.
So much for my first time.
I wonder if M'sian even have this thing called, BASIC THEORY? Hmm...Break across chevrons, no signals, overtaking from the wrong side etc....

Highlight of the day:
Cheap food, cheap street-wear selections, cheap groceries, cheaper petrol and an empty highway on the way to the Tuas 2nd link. Woo-weee!!!

Amazing sight:
~Me head-to-head with a double-decker tour bus on the highway. I was going at 110kmph.
~Guys squatting on their bikes while having a race down the highway. Crazy.
My uncles asked if I would wanna do this again. Funny. Just before that, I asked my dad if we can drive to my relative's house in Selangor for this upcoming wedding that they invite us to.

Shiok, man!
PS: It's advisable to park ur car head-in with your tires turned to one side. That way, car thieves can't tow away your car.
Yes, peeps, some ppl dun bother to pick the lock. They just tow your precious car away. Sick, rite??!

Friday, March 04, 2005

hEyA peeps!

I changed my skin! Yeap, yeap, yeap.

I know that the previous skin was kinda 'pixelated' (terms used by fellas to described what we regularly called, 'blurred' image). Somehow I already lost my mood to commit to another one so bear with it.

Anyway, had supper with my bro and can't sleep. Browsed through my stored pics & noticed that I've amassed a great collection of Brandon Lee/The Crow pics. Therefore, I wanna make a 'mini-tribute' to him, also known as the son of the legendary Bruce Lee, founder of Jeet Kun Do.

It's a pity he died young. No, wait. THEY both died young. How tragic.

Did I hear someone mentioning something bout' an ol' curse?
Geez, I don't know.
You decide.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

I feel like such a doofus. I so confidently wanted to process some bill payment for my dad only to realize upon logging in that I forgotten his internet banking's user id. Yeap, not the password/pin but the user id. How dumb is that?! FYI, I have full authorisation from my dad to access his internet banking, ok?

Until now, I'm still figuring out the various names I could have used for his user id. From the simplest to the stoopidest. Really, I'm at loss. I wanna get this payment over and done with for my poor memory always did me injustice and in no time at all, I'm gonna forget about this whole hoo-ha. Darn!

Maybe the fact that I have lesser oxygen getting into my brain is the cause to this problem. Cos' I caught the flu bug. After weeks of dreary, hot weather, the sky decided to pour out all the rain it held back. My physical self somehow became intolerant towards this sudden pattern of the weather. Yea, yea, poor immunity and all...

As of yesterday, my throat became all scratchy, I sweat heavily despite the chilly weather, my brain became all fuzzy & I officially breathe though a single nostril. If it's not the right, it's the left. Never both. Yeah, thus the lack of oxygen.

When I sleep, I have to resort to leaving my mouth open. Thank goodness, I slept on my side. Should I sleep face up.... Urgh, nevermind. Anyway, I have a new new addition to my entourage of sleeping companions (read: 4 big pillows, I small mashimaro pillow & 1 large mashimaro). That being a tissue box. A frilly one at that. My nose is dripping like nobody's business. A leaking tap, definitely. My nose is all bruised from all the constant abrasions caused by tissue papers. I dunno how often blow my nose throughout the night but I woke up to see this pile of soggy tissues beside me. Ugh!

What in the world am I doing? Griping? Goodness, before I start to type in some hapless crap, I'd better stop. Gosh, I feel sooo *duhhhhh...*


*heads for the bed*