Monday, March 28, 2005

Dad's B'dae Dinner (A Day later)
25th Mar '05
May sound cheapskate but it's such a waste to ignore the 15% disc. slip for a meal at Sofra Turkish Restaurant given by Singtel. Besides, my parents & I were almost hyperventilating after seeing episodes after episodes of Anthony Bourdain (A Cook's Tour) enjoying his mediterranean meals in Morroco, Tunisia...etc. That coupon can never come at a better time.

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Food is nice, though my parents find it hard to adapt to the 'extra-carnivorous' fare (my family~with the exception of my bro, is into the 'go healthy' lifestyle. More vege, less meat). Not to mention the overload of sugar in the beverages & desserts. The bread, salad plate & pide is fantabulous, though. Great service, too (maybe helped by the fact that they know it's dad's b'dae).

Topped the evening off by doing some late-night shopping at Mustafa with my uncle & family. Followed by supper.

Gosh, I sure felt stuffed... I can't sleep after just eating so I ended up sleeping late. Had to wake up early the day after for the family picnic/BBQ/camp, held in conjunction with my dad's & his sis's b'dae.

Well, that-shall be told on another day. I'm dead beat. Gotta catch up on the lost sleep or I'll end up with my head on the keyboard in the office tomorrow....
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My bro tried on a wig in Mustafa. Classic. Been a veeery long time since I last seen him with hair on his head...

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