Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Anybody watched THE CONTENDER on cable-AXN (ch 19) yesterday?

Those who watched will know how tragically that episode ended. Read HERE to know more.

Najai "The Nitro" Turpin was already dead by the time they broadcast the episode which showed him being eliminated after he lost to Sergion "The Latin Snake" Mora.

The irony was that it was Najai who volunteered himself for 'the big fight' that day. He was prepared-physically & mentally and he's the one who chose Sergio.

What actually drew me to support him is his sheer determination. He does exude some mysterious aura, though. Something about his confidence or self-esteem did intrigue me. You should see the way he refused to look at Sergio in the eye when choosing him (it sure helps, the fact that Sergio is much taller).

Another reason is his 2 yr-old daughter, Anyae. She's soooo cuuuuteee! So chubby with big, big eyes. She oozed innocence in such a way you wish you were there just so you can pick her up and hug her. The way she calls, "Dada." They way she waddled around the room, playing with her daddy. The way she slept during her daddy's match. The way she made her 'Dada' smile and laugh again despite losing the match, when he played chase with her in the locker area...

Najai Turpin

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---Yes, peeps. He's only 23---

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