Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Gonna change my blogskin soon. I think some ppl got freaked out by the 'dark' layout. Fancy devoting this blog to a dead guy. I admit it looked like a freaking tomb, actually. Ok, I will change to something more cheerful ;)
I must have been so damn free (not exactly, I just FELT free) till that I set up an account with MULTIPLY. Yeap, I'm officially multiplied. For someone who's hardly committed, I can actually juggle to maintain 3 email accounts, 1 friendster, 2 blogs (one in hibernation) and now a Multiply a/c. Internet savvy? Naaayyy.... I'm far from the 'geek' factor.

Anyway, the thing about Multiply is that one has to register in order to be able to communicate with another Multiply user. Sheesh! Well, the registration is free, anyway.

Here's my Multiply account: I'VE MULTIPLED !!!


mrkiasu said...

Aiyo, we already use multiply long long time liao la.

CT said...

heh.. I know this thing is available since I get invites to join. But 'bo-chap' me ignored those invites till the day come for me to reply to my cousin's journal entry... Have to subscribe, lah.

saRah said...

nothing beats tabulas(www.tabulas.com). you can post to your blogger and xanga account etc from there. easy to manage.