Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm still not asleep yet??

Erk! I'm still not asleep yet??!

Been around (virtually) and noticed other ppl giving their a/c of them experiencing the tremors the morning before.... Better get my own a/c over & done with just so that I can just sleep...
...Was brushing my teeth when I thought I felt the ground shaking. Brushed it off, thinking I was just too sleepy (my bro caught me asleep with the TV watching me instead of vice versa) or that I was too 'high' (yes, I DO get a strange kinda 'high' when brushing me teeth...)

My fone was off by then. After the countless snoozes this morning, I finally switched the darn fone on, only to receive messages from my friends at ard 12+, asking if I felt 'the tremors'. Huh? I brushed that off too (maybe I'm still sleepy...)

My boss's wifey came into the office all excited, asking, "Did you feel the quake yesterday? My bed was practically shaking-with US (her & my boss) on it!"

I gave her this incredulous look, "You mean the one at ard midnight?" Duh!

"Yah!" She's excited to know someone else felt it too...

Oh, so all that swaying/shaking/vibrating while brushing my teeth WAS caused by tremors from an earthquake. Sheesh! And I tot' I was sleepy.....
Niwae, saw a sombre sight on CNA just now. The footage was at ground zero of the Sumatran quake zone. They showed the locals fleeing the area, hours after the quake. 2 men were on a bicycle. The pillion has a big package on his lap. I first thought it's his stuff that he brought along while fleeing. After giving a 2nd look, I realized it's an embalmed body, apparently laid on a plank to stabilise it......

With 2000+ deaths, how do you expect to feel?

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minerva said...

Hey Bayya,
Glad U r ok.

Take care & best wishes always,