Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Call me silly, call me ignorant, call me whatever you want.
I am very much aware of the sombre nature of my previous entry but
I Have To Get This Off My Mind!
Anybody seen this guy around in S'pore?
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Yes, all 1.8m of him with his 6-packs (in case you see him bare-bodied). He came down here from NYC for some job stint and has been here for a month. Will be going off in mid-April, which means that I am running out of time!!! You dun' expect me to look for him in NYC, dun you? It's already hard enuff' in tiny S'pore.
Pls, pls tell me where it is possible for me to see him-in flesh.
It'll be a kinda' good relief you know, from all that stress at work. Just a smile from him to make me squeal, lift me above the ground and bring my head high up above the clouds.
Beat any drugs, hands down. And no, I have NOT tried ANY drugs (aside from those prescribed by the doctor, that is).
Oh, by the way, his name is Jon Jonsson.
Wipe off that drool, ladies.

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